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  1. My employer is sending me to Mt. Olive from 3/5 - 3/17 for some training.

    I would like to get some Geocaching in, and was wondering if there were any in that area that were a "must see".

    Unique, Beauty, or Weird caches are very acceptable. I will check out the North and South NJ cache websites as well as the WeirdNJ website. If you can suggest something cool, I would be most appreciative. Thanks in advance.

    - soup.

  2. A couple years ago I ran a geocache event that deployed a frightening cache container.. A sort of hybrid capture the flag game where the end result would be to open the locked cache container and take what is inside to the finishline.


    I thought it would be a quiet game, so I rigged the container to ignite several 4th of July "Flashers".. in addition I put a screamer alarm in a mug inside, which they had to grab and take to the finish. It was chaotic, but really fun.



    I still feel bad for mini-Wanderlost. That picture if him makes me feel awful...

  3. Personally, I had a good time at the Playtime event in Corvallis. I suppose its a difference in who is participating. You got geomuggles, you gotta tone it down. You dont want to scare them away. When you have the hardcore cachers, you gotta up the ante. They expect a higher degree of entertainment.


    If you are doing that many events (250??), I can imagine the work involved!! When fractal and I put something together, it takes us months (due to props, storyline, flame retardant materials, etc..).


    I have seen a increase in the quality of the events (here and elsewhere). It seems people are really embracing the potential of the event cache idea. Whoa!! That is good for the game, its good for the participants.


    We have a unique worldwide group. In the end, we are all on the same team.


    /cheesy :P


  4. Oh, and one quick note chamois-shimi. If you want to get a whole years worth of geocaching adventure condensed in ONE WEEKEND, make sure you attend this years Champoeg event. To put it lightly... its awesome!


    In addition to the PDX forums you are now familiar with, check out the Champoeg.com forums. They will heat up as the dates get closer.

    We be a nutty bunch... the gathering at the park only proves it!

  5. CFM is correct.. there used to be TONS of caches in Bush Park.. Really close to each other. It is my understanding that this was one of the primary reasons that Geocaching.com introduced the "minimum distance to another cache rule".


    Wanderlost: Am I right or am I wrong about that one? :rolleyes:

  6. So my name is the same as a famous actor. Everyone I meet recognizes this name and ALWAYS says something to me much like the following..


    So, how is Lois Lane?... huh huh huh

    Lookout, Lex Luthor is right behind you!!!... huh huh huh

    Was your horse made of kryptonite... huh huh huh

    Dude, I heard you died... huh huh huh (recent)

    ... and every other combination you can think of.. seriously!


    I have heard it all and it will never stop, ever. I am not kidding, its been going on for YEARS. :D


    Years ago I decided to embrace my destiny and accept my fate.

    I just shortened the name and spelled it "differently" for that kooky effect.. indeed.

  7. I would say that the drop off happened for me awhile ago. I think I am still under 200 finds, and have been caching since 2/01. What I eventually I stumbled upon was the almighty event cache. :o The meetings, pizza parties, bowling, ghost hunts.

    These simple meet and greets are fun, seeing a face attached to the name.


    What has become really fun are the extravagant event caches in the PDX and surrounding areas. Attending one of these, or spending months setting one up is awesome. It has allowed a sense of creativity I felt was lost in the typical cache hide. Plus, there is nothing like the feeling of having all your caching friends appreciate your efforts. :o


    Now, the extravagant events are spreading, and more people are becoming willing to put the time and effort into an extravagant event. This will be a very positive direction.


    In short, the extravagant event it has kept my interest intact. That and the occasional Anarchy cache.

  8. Strangly, I will be in town that day. I dont know where I have previously been, but I probably won't smell too good. :o


    I have not yet attended a Sethvent! It should be a excellent experience!


  9. As with last year, I believe we will be in attendance this year.


    And, with all the other intersting things in the area (including Charlie Chaplin's famous train crash nearby) I believe we could easily scare up something to do..

    We could even visit some of the remaining film locations and take our pix at each place (Anarchy Virtuals?). We could do some research, and make it a team event. That, my friend, would ROCK! I would help out with that..


    Plus, I think you should post this over to www.pdxgeocaching.com and www.gotcache.com as well. They'll go nuts! You will have 1000 intersted people in no time. OR at least 10. :unsure:


    And remember: Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell NO!

  10. I must say, this is an EXCELLENT location. Beautiful lands and fantastic hospitality. Alas, we were not able to stay, due to the long drive after the fireworks, but look forward to future events.


    I am at work now, exhausted from no sleep. THx TMG!. -soup

  11. Orcas Island has a State Park (Moran) with camping grounds and all the amenities ....

    This park BY FAR is my favorite.. I am the owner of the cache Morans Mug, and I would hazard to say, that it has the BEST view I have ever seen from a cache site..




    though I might be biased. :o

  12. 11 days remaining


    The time is almost upon us.

    The "devices" are almost complete from all parties.


    A Last minute Anarchy event includes a combination of karoke, dancing, and shooters.

    It has been dubbed "Champoeg Idol", and its gunna be a riot.


    only 11 days left.. :tongue:

  13. If you had been geocaching long enough you could've probably posted an event cache and had the stuff moved in a day  :D

    PDXMM... that is a FANTASTIC IDEA!!! I am moving my stuff out of storage in Hillsboro to lands unknown (Salem). It will be on Feb28 (day after my birthday). I offer pizza and beer to those who help with the Hillsboro side. *PLUS*: you might spy something in my junkpile that just might be part of an future event (shameless plug?).


    And, benhamtroll, as for loosing intest.. I think you might be surprized how addicting this little activity is... <_< Gimme a email sometime, I will cache with ya.

  14. So this Oregon cacher is staying in Sedona for 4 days in the March/April timeframe. I havent lived in Arizona for 10 years, and I seem to have forgotten what are the must see/cant miss sites in this area. We are heading to the Grand Canyon as well but would be interested in caching in/around the sedona/flagstaff area. Interests include scenery, unusual, and the like.


    You gots any ideas? Care to help a fellow cacher who is down on his luck? ;)

    Thanks in advance!! -Soup.

  15. I would have to echo Jay's words. Those Champoeg rangers trust us ;) and it would be a shame for them to see what type of hooligans we truely are. heh.

    I too got wrapped up in the forum clash! Plus, it would be like 6 yurts vs. 100 tents. THose nylonsiders wouldnt stand a chance... :blink:


    Seriously, a big water fight sounds fun (espically since I almost died of heat stroke last year).. but with the decorations, and the peering eyes of the camp staff, I think this could be better suited at another time. Fractal and I have something up our sleeves that might "quench your thirst". /cheezy

  16. I also wanted to remind people of the ongoing "contest" at Champoeg...


    We are still running the best Tent/Yurt design competition. Decorate/Create a design for your tent or Yurt. Last year showed flashing tents, tropical, and Halloween Yurts. It was in its infancy at the time, but had HUGE potential.


    A roaming panel of judges will decide the winner and will give "mad props" to those responsible.


    PLus, what about a "cook off".. I think it was posted earlier in this thread, but I am too lazy to research. ;) That could have delicious results.

  17. The parade sounds awesome! Other kiddy ideas could be..

    a nature hike through parts of the park,

    a visit to the Champoeg museum (I KNOW they have stuff there for the kids).

    a game of hide n seek or kick the can.

    at night, ghost stories or a good ol "snipe" hunt. ;)

    show and tell session? Every kid brings something they think is "cool"?


    Bring a TV and Xbox and leave em for the day. :)

  18. I am afraid the escalation of hostilities between the factions will form a sort of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). For, if we are attacked un-provoked...


    The "Yurtville Jihad" will ensure the evil land of "Tentenitus" will flood in a rain of 1000 loaded huggies diapers. Woe be to the nylon sided crusaders. :D


    .... or was that the "Yurtville's front of Judeah" or the "Judeahn Yurtvilles Front"??


    :blink: I cant spell. :D

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