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  1. Anyone have any idea which cache has been found the most times? Just curious. :D


    For clarification - do you mean the most times or the highest daily average?

    For example, a cache is 6 days old and found 6 times versus a 6 year old cache found 60 times.


    I'm just wanting to know which cache has the most logs. :D


    I doubt if this one has the most, but it likely has the most people wanting to log it...


    Original Stash Tribute Plaque

  2. the mileage feature for TB's is currently not working (hasn't been for a few weeks). Some don't even have mileage in the history buttons, so yours seems to be working better than most. I'm sure that they are working on it, but haven't heard an estimate of when it should be fixed by. The big update on the forums seems to have kept everyone busy for a bit. The TB's time will come...

  3. you know - I had just had to respond to a note on a TB that I'm going to try to get it's partner in crime over to St. Louis to meet up with it and was going to see if anyone could give me a good starting point for caches in the area. So, I hopped on the forums and voila! the perfect thread. Especially since we also have a traveling geocoin that wants to follow Lewis & Clark's voyage - so that one cache should be PERFECT!! Corps of Discovery, thanks for the suggestions - I'm likely going to steal some of your hints as well. :mad:


    Our current plan is to end up doing a weekend trip later this month. But, if we get desperate, and end up doing the drive over from Evansville as a day trip just to drop the TB, are there any just really easy to get to and do TB motels near the highways? (I know I know, but searching out a TB motel when I don't know zip codes can take for ever, and if you happen to know, it's worth asking. if not, no biggie. I just wanna make sure I can definitely find at least one cache if we do that long of a drive to drop this bug off!) Ok, I'll stop stealing GO John & Carol's thread now - sorry!!

  4. So...what if the original cache owner is MIA?

    I am trying to adopt a terminally ill cache, the owner and I were in contact, and he told me he wanted me to take the cache over because he did not have time to take care of it. I replaced this cache and then wrote to him and asked him to fill out the adoption form, and I have not heard from him. Poof, he disappeared.

    Does that mean I'm outta luck then?


    try contacting your local reviewer. explain where you were in the process. (for now, put the cache on your watchlist, so that you get logs for what's going on with the cache, so you can keep an eye on it in the mean time). the reviewers can work around the system if the original owner is AWOL, and sometimes they can find the original owner. there's still hope.

  5. quote: The metal container *IS* glued in... the top is threaded and should be the only part that unscrews. Thanks for the heads-up, though... I'm going to run the cache-hounds out there this afternoon and take along some steel wool, just in case the threads have started to oxidize on me.


    just a thought - it's amazing how much a little piece of waxed tooth floss will do for keeping threads sealed and non-oxidized.

  6. Ok, I feel a little guilty asking for help with an avatar when I know I can't repay - I know absolutely nothing about graphics. beffums is just a nickname (take an older brother and add in alcohol... Beth Ann... Bethann... Betan... Befan...Befum...Beffums). But, if you could come up with ANYTHING with penguins and geocaching, I would love it. I leave penguins as trade items in any caches I can fit them in, so I would love to have one as an avatar... I just can't offer anything in return. :P



  7. also, while most cache hiders are pretty good about rating their caches, make sure you read both the cache description and some of the previous logs - just to get a better sense of the terrain.


    once you've found some caches, and have a better sense of the caches in your area, you might be able to try for a lot of the ones with terrain ratings of 1.5 or even a rating of 2, which might be a very short walk on a grassy area. It just depends on your physical skills and how cachers near you tend to rate their caches. you'll quickly get a better sense after you find a few.

  8. I have a sneaking suspicion that the entry in the FAQ thread called "Adding a Picture to a Forum Post" may make for good reading right now. It's even updated to reference the little image of the tree that you clicky-click on. :)


    wow - hadn't seen all the pretty updates til now. I like the tree. I bit thrown by signal being all mingled in with the smileys, but I'll come to live with that. but I like the tree. :blink:

  9. I keep the original size images on my personal website anyhow ;). I just would like to add a few select images to my personal profile's gallery is all :D Thanks for the tips, and I think I know what to do now...

    if you have the files on your personal website, then all you have to do is to link to them with the "img" button while writing posts. no need to insert them into your profile at all. It's just for posts, you need to have the picture be somewhere on the web already - a personal webpage, www.bananas.com, whatever (no, I don't think that's a real website, just a random example). you can't post a picture from your harddrive to a forum post. but if they are on a personal webpage, you don't need to move them to your profile as well. (unless you want them for use as avatars, etc)

  10. you can add one or two pictures straight to your profile, but I don't think you can add too many there (might be wrong though). other than that, um, if you own a cache, then your just adding to notes/logs for your own cache? maybe others will have other ideas...

  11. First, be aware that the Etrex Legend, as well as several other Garmin GPSrs, do NOT have an electronic compass but rather relies on the unit being in motion to derrive direction from the GPS satellites. Essentially, it averages several way points continuously to determine the direction your moving. More simply, try to walk in straight lines to navigate with your GPSr. Don't blindy chase the arrow on the navigation screen or you'll likely just take a path reminiscent of the flight of the bumble bee.


    Second, check your setting for the navigation screen by scrolling to the navigation screen and pushing to the left one time on the joystick and pushing in. The second option should read "Course Pointer" not "Bearing Pointer". If you have the set wrong, the GPSr will indicate your long term course, not the bearing to the waypoint you're going to. Make sure when you're looking for a cache that the "Navigation Options" reads "Course Pointer". Unless you change this setting, it should remain set for what you need.


    I hope this helps and hasn't been too confusing.

  12. I think the problem with the greater prevalence of allergies is due to the parents of children trying to isolate them from germs. Let the kid play in the dirt and eat it once or twice.  You don't have to scrub everything and everyone with anti-bacterial soap. The presence of a low level of background germs allows one to build up a healthy immunity.

    there's actually a growing theory (with some valid scientific data, but not nearly enough to "prove" it ever) linking the peanut allergies with the development of honey nut cheerios and other similar foods.


    When honey nut cheerios were first developed, they were produced in the same facility as regular cheerios (which many parents of toddlers are known to rely on as a wonderful snack food). this ended up giving the children exposure to nut products at too young of an age, and many developed allergies. since then, they've moved the production of honey nut cheerios to separate facilities, to minimize the potential impact. (logic as follows - we might never know of honey nut cheerios contributed or not, but why take the chance? sort of like there is 0 scientific evidence for caffeine causing birth defects, but since there's the possibility that it might, why risk it?) the thing is, some people will feed 1-year-olds peanut-butter...


    all we really know for sure is that the vast majority of peanut (and all nut) allergies are due to being exposed to nuts at too young of an age. and that there was a tremendous spike in the number of nut allergy cases soon after honey nut cheerios entered the US marketplace. (and that a similar spike was not seen in other countries where the product was not for sale). however, it is also quite possible that we a) are simply better at identifying cases, or b ) have a 3rd factor that we haven't identified.


    edit: to remove it's conversion to smileys

  13. I think hermit crabs has a point -- I know that my interest in them is dropping...


    If it's possible to implement a code so that the TB's logs are treated like cache logs - you can see only a few, or can opt to see all of them at once, I think it would make the majority happier. then you can pick which way you prefer. you're not locked into one or the other. if you like short and sweet, you got it. if you want all the sordid details, you click and read. it would seem a simple solution, since the code already exists.

  14. wait - didn't mean to start a panic. :rolleyes: not a change for all caches. (especially not micros -- it's more a "hey, why you putting that big bomb-looking thing down there...")


    just a note that if you are in an area where they prefer the see-through option for larger caches, the lock-n-lock is almost equal to the ammo can, and is see through, so a great choice.

  15. one advantage of the lock-n-lock's over even ammocans: in some states (I think Illinois might be one?), there is a move toward requiring see-through containers for geocaches. the lock-n-lock is almost as good as an ammocan, about the same price as the ammo can, and meets the see-through criteria. it is FAR better than most gladware. (you don't have to worry about "is it *really* closed" or any of that. it seals tight, and is sturdy.) but, if there is an increase in requirements for see-through caches, then with these, you'll already be ready.

  16. c37f0e7b-0c74-4957-b2b7-f952467933eb.jpg


    I know a lot of you guys get antsy when I go too long without uploading an image of myslef at my latest GEOCACHING in INDIANA adventure, so here's a hot of me at the Monument Island Cache area.


    Lead Dog, who definitely should not be allowed out of the house without adult human supervision is sitting on the sandy beach on Monument Island, which is in the middle of Lake Salamonie, but you can walk to it now, since the lake is a dam controlled flood control reservoir.


    ANyway he notices these ATV tracks going from the shore to another big island so he says,"Patrick we're hiking over there! Well, when we got there, the "ATV" tracks turned out to be a deer herd trail. "It's OK, he says. If the deers can make it,we can"." Well, he didn't do the math a 200 pound deer divided by four feet is 50 pounds per foot. Lard a** Lead Dog has a lot more than that going for him. So we're walking out in the mud on this lake bottom and I've got four big clogs of mud on each foot, getting bigger and heavier with every step. The mud gets wetter in a hurry and...


    Lead Dog is stuck! It's like he's got his mickey boots stuck in concrete up to their tops,and he can't move. So now he's cussing up a storm, he out of his boots, in his stocking feet, tryuing to get his boots out of the mud, and moving around in circles each time his feet get too deep in the ooze.


    "I'm not leaving these boots here!" he's yelling now and digging holes around his boots, trying to pry them out. After about ten minutes, he gets them out, by now he's lost his socks, and is totaly worn out from his effort.


    I'm OK because I'm light and airy. He finally gets ready to head back to the safety of the beach, and he's too tired to carry these boots which now weight about ten pounds apiece with all the mud. So he's throwing his boots ahead of him, one at a time, then moving fore=ward to them. Finally he gets a second wind, and carries his bootsback to shore.


    I'm trying not to laugh at him, I've got my real serious face on --more later, he's coming.

    see, the tree is just demonstrating how you need to use multiple "legs" to support your weight... :D



  17. oh, when I read the original post, I interpreted it differently. but, what I thought they were asking has me wondering. Does anyone know if there is any thought to making a smaller TB dogtag? so that they might fit in smaller caches? Some of my TB's are quite small, so that the dogtag is the limiting factor (most aren't!) <_< , but I've always wondered if they'd ever consided a mini-tag for mini-TB's.

  18. also, as a side note. If you are not the FTF for the cache, and you are going through the swag, and there is an item, that's marked with a sharpie "FTF" (or however, but you just kinda think - "hey, this is the FTF prize"), you can now feel free to treat it like any other swag - trade even or trade up. it is no longer a prize - you should trade for it, but it is now tradeable. Sometimes you don't want/need the FTF prize, sometimes you just miss it in the cache! <_< but, if you see other logs in the book, and there's a FTF prize that you want to trade for, go ahead - they already had their chance.

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