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  1. I work at UE and would happily take it over for you - it's less than 100 feet from my office. I'll send an e-mail as well.
  2. Two new puppies, who for some reason can't log in on their own, have joined the Indiana caching community recently. They're only 4 months old though, so they won't be challenging Earthdog Patrick on find counts any time soon. Bo&Luke_TheGeopups Or, to see them "in action"
  3. Beffums


    Andrew and I are looking forward to the night trailmix - it looks doable currently for us, as long as he doesn't end up working overtime.oh, and since they're outside barking goodnight to us, let me introduce our new geopups (ok, we've had them about 5 weeks, but they just reached 4 months (and the maturity to go caching) this past week.) Say hello to Bo and Luke (blame JAPTKD for the name, not me!). From L to R, Bo, JAPTKD, and Luke (the slightly larger one who's *almost* looking at the camera).
  4. Daggy - I think it's great that you manage to go to a new state for each milestone. And, I also appreciate all you've done for caching in Indiana (and Kentucky). I know that many many others feel the same way. We know it's not all about the numbers for you (though it might have been somewhat about the trips to really cool and wonderful places that you got to make, all the interesting things you've learned, and all the wonderful people that you've met along the way; hmmm).
  5. Since I have Illinois, I'd vote for letting Sept1c_tank have Indiana, with me as a backup in the future if he needs cache maintenance, etc. I think the overall plan is great, and I think we basically have it set down. 1 cache per state (will revise if needed in the future) all hiders get auto-credit for their state (if need be, just make sure you have one other find in that state on *any* cache -- there, you cached in your state) all traditional hides - no multis no puzzles no mysteries (except the final) Final in DC area (have a hider for it and everything) Codes in each cache that add up to the final coords (hmm, anyone friends with a math person? where's fizzymagic when you need him/her). photo verification required for each cache no need to e-mail for the final coords, but maybe the only way to e-mail asking if you have the final coords correct is if you have photos uploaded for each of your 50 finds? And, on the final stage, a note that the series owners reserve the right to delete your find on the final cache if it is found that you did not personally complete each of the 50 legs? now to work out details. what's the name? do we have a max distance from a highway? (if so, US highway? interstate? state highway? just no 15 miles hikes from the closest road??) when are we hoping to start placing them? and is there an order of placement that BPR would like? (um, I'm sure there are plenty more details to be listed, but these are what I came up with so far)
  6. Congrats!! It sounds like you guys had a great vacation, and got to find several wonderful caches along the way. This one sounds like a wonderful 6000th cache.
  7. I agree with what Blue Deuce and Mary&Dave wrote. Just had one additional thought. You commented that the cacher had not responded to your e-mails. It's also possible that they never got them. Some e-mail systems will take all of the geocaching.com e-mails and dump them into a junk mail folder. So, don't think "oh no, now I've ticked them off and they'll NEVER move my bug - yikes!" If you've already e-mailed them, then at this point, I think the best you can do is wait. If they got the earlier e-mails and ignored them, then another likely won't make a difference. If the earlier e-mails got lost in a junk/spam folder, then this one likely will too. If 2-3 months have passed (i.e, mid-August), and your bug still isn't moving, then you can try searching for other cachers who might personally know them. I would wait a bit on doing that though - give them a chance to move it on their own first. Good Luck!
  8. Just a reminder about tomorrow's event, if anyone will be in the Princeton, IN, area. Looking forward to seeing everyone there (and introducing the new geopups - Bo and Luke). (hey - talk to JAPTKD about the names; I was just firm about not renaming the cats Daisy and Rosco)
  9. In the Evansville, IN area, we now have a fairly stable group. All cachers are welcome to attend any get-together/event we hold. ECO (Evansville area Caching Organization) We also try to remember to post new events to the forum thread in these forums... ECO forum thread
  10. I bet most of us like the signal eating popcorn smiley too. More seriously - I agreed with your entire list humanloofa, but it appears that already there may need to be some changes to it.
  11. I'll admit I haven't been at this very long, less than a year so far. But, already, I've heard from several people about how well he has preserved the O.C.B., how he travels around to events all over to let others find the O.C.B., how he has "done his part" to preserve the history of geocaching. Personally, I'm more concerned about what could lead him to need to sell this, since I'm certain it wasn't an easy decision. Hopefully whatever is the problem works out in the best possible way for you - and if that means that we lose the O.C.B., I'd rather we keep the cacher who cares enough about the sport to have protected it this long. Good Luck.
  12. I have to admit, I'd personally prefer nothing above a 3* terrain (and few 5* difficulties). Just wasn't sure what others thought, and didn't want to sound like the wuss I am. BTW - Blue Power Ranger -- I think you might wanna check your e-mail/PM's to see if anyone has PM'ed you (rather than responding here) about covering a state. Some are forum shy, but hide excellent caches.
  13. I like the simple addition idea. Oh, and I'm still available for Indiana and/or Illinois if needed.
  14. another thought - for the individual state caches, is there a goal for each? For example, mostly 1/1's? or no 5/5's? or ? I know people have said ammo can and "worth it" (ok, paraphrased there), and I am fine with that, but I think you might want to consider whether or not a 5/5 for one state would be desirable - what if someone got 49, but couldn't get the 50 because they don't know how to rappel or don't own a boat and that last cache is a not close enough to any rental options, or... personally, I think it might make sense to say no terrain over 4.5 -- i.e., anything that doesn't require specialized tools is fine, but don't put a scuba cache out as part of the series, etc. just my 2 cents
  15. Probably? -ajb ok, I've started to ask this three times already, but just deleted it. Can't resist though... When we have a cacher with the ID of Doobies, are you surprised?? :D :D (ok, I'll go ahead and ruin the image by pointing out that every time I've ever seen him, if he's drinking anything, it's milk. (don't even think I've ever seen him have water, let along coffee or something "stronger"). doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, ... yup. but, ya gotta wonder about the name! he *is* really good at rolling up those darn logs on nanos though).
  16. I'm not too far from the Lincoln Boyhood State Park, so that likely would be a good spot for Indiana; I'm also only 3 miles from Illinois, but the extreme SouthEast corner of Illinois just isn't allllll that enticing in the grand geocaching scheme... If you're in a pinch for either state, let me know. But, if someone else has a cool idea for an Indiana or Illinois cache, I'm find with being the finder rather than the hider! Question - if you are the hider for 1 of the 50, can you still find the rest of the series and claim the "big prize"? I'm guessing if you can maintain a cache in ___ state, that you've also found at least one cache in that state (or would be able to do so fairly easily), so if you found the rest, you *would* have found all 50 states.
  17. In my area, there aren't many puzzles. Closest is about 2 hours away, by Prariepartners. However, it's already becoming infamous in Indiana Insane Asylum This one even has it's own thread running in the Midwest Forums (or, it did, I'm assuming the threads still there somewhere...). Bean Blossom was very VERY happy when she tracked it down. I've heard a few hints about it, and I still have no idea where to start. If you are looking more for the adventure/hiking aspect, then the best within 250 miles of here that I've seen/been interested in is The Journal Another one that comes up frequently in the Midwest forums - usually in those threads that start "what is the most challenging cache..." (of course, you'll notice that I haven't found either of them, yet!)
  18. The type of antennae that your GPS uses does have an effect on obtaining coordinates under cover. The Legend does not support the addition of an external antennae which is the best way to obtain signal under cover, an external antennae makes a big difference. The GPS Map60 uses a quad helix antennae and has an antennae port for the addition of an external antennae, the Legend uses a patch antennae so the only thing you can do is make sure your Legend is flat (horizontal). Just wanted to clarify. We actually own an external antenna for our Etrex Legend. It simply does not support an external antenna that plugs in. An amplifying antenna works well with the Legend - you have the receiver for the external antenna (magnetic, and works well on a hat), a cable, and an end piece that sends an amplified signal to the GPSr. One rubber band to hold it in place, and voila! the Etrex and Legend both love the external like this. (sorry - no memory of where hubby found the one we have). I must agree with Tharagleb -- the Legend is not worthless in the woods (it's just a bit finicky). We found our first 250 caches with just a Legend, and many of them were in the woods. The suggestion to keep it flat is critical - where the little "globe" is painted on is the only receiving surface -- it must face the sky or you'll have crappy signal reception.
  19. Beffums, I have some severe concerns with your post, above. First, you casually desribe pouring excessive amounts of a cheap beer into your sibling to the point of intoxication; in other words, you are promoting and recommending alcohol and drug abuse, and you are even admitting that you have supplied such abusable wares in abusive quantities to a blood relative. I do not like this and I am afraid that I will need to cancel my account here, because you geopeople are probably all a bunch of alcoholics and druggies. Sigh! Now I feel bad. And, it is all your fault! Next, you mention having an older brother. How do you think that makes those of us feel who do not have an older brother? Or who do not have a brother at all? We are brother-deprived, aka borther-deficient, and yet you insist upon rubbing salt into our wounds. This was very insensitive on your part, and as a result, I plan to sulk for the rest of the day. It is all your fault! My sincerest apologies for discussing an imbibement of which you must be most unfortunately aware. While I did not encourage my brother's partaking of said liquid (in fact at the time, I was a poor starving student who could not afford to supply him with anything, and instead asked him to buy me foor and nourishment for the duration of his celebratory festivities), unfortunately, I also did not prevent it, and as such, could be said to be a contributor to the activities. Moreover, given my public discussion of such a horrid event, I must be said to be more than simply an enabler, and even possibly co-dependent with such activities. Alas, my shame has been exposed to the outer world. :D Serously, though - who said that having an older brother was a good thing though?!?! Now I am overcome with longing for the state of near paradise that you must have enjoyed, growing up without so much as one elder sibling of the masculine form. I can only dream of the blessitude to be encountered when entering a classroom and not hearing "oh, you must be ___'s little sister" The servitude required while washing his clothes, cooking his meals, and riding in the cars that he had recently washed... I must run away from the horrific memories. Now, I must huddle in the corner until these poor memories fade; hmm, or maybe I could sneak outside and check out the new cache someone hid about 20 miles from here! edit: I too have a "teh" affliction
  20. I get to blame my brother for mine. My real name is Beth Ann, and if you add enough Yuengling into his system, it becomes Betan, then Befan, then Befffffffums. It stuck about 9 years ago (ah the joys of his 30th birthday party), and just made sense as an e-mail address/web id for me. Besides - generally when I need a web id, beffums is available. And, heck, if you had the opportunity to razz your big brother every time you sent an e-mail, with nothing more than your e-mail address, wouldn't you??
  21. Um, Deermark, quickies?? (no, I'm NOT implying that you dirty-minded folks!!) Sorry, but after your descriptions of some of the hikes I've gone along on, I wonder what constitutes a quick and easy cache... one with just a 3 mile round trip and not much more than 1000 feet of elevation changes? (just kidding!) For those not along on Trailmix 2 - our "one big hill and then it's not too bad" for 3-5 miles round trip (at Clark State Forest) was a 7 miles, one direction, gruelling trek over many hours. While I think Deermark may have underestimated the difficulty a bit - it was well worth the trip.
  22. I think Snoogans meant that of the 600 his friend owns, about 30 of them go missing each month. That really sucks for the friend, btw. Are many people careless with TBs? yup - but that's the risk of sending out TB's. And, sometimes there's a really good reason why a log wasn't made in a timely manner. Does it annoy me when I see someone log a WAYYY backdated log on one of my bugs? yup. Do I get over it? yup Does it annoy me that one of my bugs was never logged out of an event (that I hosted) even though I saw exactly who walked out the door with it and they e-mailed back that yup, they had it? yes (Ok, I'll stop venting on that one now) Will I eventually get over it? yup Then, what do you do when someone puts one of your TB's in a cache you own,... and the cache gets muggled while it's there - curse the cache owner? yup, had that one happen too. That's when I decided that I needed to give other cachers a lot of slack with these things. It just made me less stressed if I didn't fret about it all the time. ICQ if it helps - lots of TB's go missing (I know, cold comfort there). But, sometimes they also reappear. Scan this forum for stories of TB's resurfacing years after they'd gone MIA. Maybe your TB's too will return someday - hopefully someday soon.
  23. if you got to "track travel bug" and type in it's number, it will show what cache the system thinks it's still in (i.e., where you got it from). Then you can go to the top of the TB's page, and log it out of that cache. No searching for where you found it necessary. Good to hear that you are feeling better - I'm sure the owner will understand considering the situation. Heck, the owner will likely just be excited to see their TB moving again!
  24. First - you'll likely get a lot more answers if you try either the "getting started" or the "GPS in Education" forums. But, I'll try... 1. You're not doing anything wrong - that's just the nature of a GPSr (they don't like lots of tree cover). Try to search out the little clearings in the woods and hang out in them until the GPSr regains a lock on the satellites. 2. um - you'll have to hope for someone else to offer up on this one 3. if you use the GC#, it generally works best (for me at least). It helps prevent the problem of - in my area, there are 30 caches that all start "Beavis and Butthead _____" with only 8 characters, how do you tell them apart? Similarly, I have a series of "Goldilocks and the Keebler Elves" caches (too small, too high, too ___). Again, it takes more than 8 letters to get to the name. If you use GSAK or EasyGPS to download waypoints into the GPS, you can have them auto download them as waypoint #'s (i.e., GC_ _ _ _). Hope this helps. Good luck with the kids.
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    See, I'm thinking that if they want another child, they want a daughter. and, I come pre-married, so they wouldn't even have to pay for the wedding!
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