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  1. I go out with Puce today Puce found the cache My dog puce with her new coller... the Moustik 2007 geocoin
  2. Please, let me know whe you receive your order!!!!
  3. This people will receive their coins soon. Shipping tomorrow morning. Sears Tower Fishingfools Stuck onWGS84 GeoDreamCacher Larry739 CachingCoin CastleMan FSU*NOLES Phamtom RiverCity Shydog Chief20r2 Cinema Boxer Dorkfish Oshndoc DarrylW4 & Firefly03 The Cyr 911 Turbos Mr Bug LoriDarling Tasia Drie Scholl
  4. This people will receive their coins soon Bvnlj Brewer Chef AtlantaGal Degai DresselDragon DROO Elton FairyHoney Icydove Ferreter5 Fox-and-the-hound Hi Dude_98 Marky Merta Mommy Finder Oroborus RifleMan81 Southbayday TankHound Team HoneyBunnie Tom4Props Pengo Family Andouille Zazth I work hard for sent the other order very soon! Moustik
  5. Crowesfeat30: Don't worry, I have your coins I sent your invoice later. I take note than I sent you invoice, but I surely forget to do because I want to make a trade with you For the trade, I'll contact you soon. I don't know where I'll go this summer, and I want you coin. I have to check if I'll go to US and where I'll go. I don't sent the invoice at who order 5 coins and more and with who I made trade.
  6. I don't sent the invoice at people with who I made trade. I sent it later because I'll receive my LE coin next Wednesday.
  7. I work hard tonight!!! A lot of order leave tomorow. If you want to order Moustik coin, contact me at karineo@videotron.ca
  8. Thanks!!! I'll bring my dog caching soon and take picture
  9. I very like the look of your coin! I want it
  10. All the invoice is suppose to be sent except for who buy 4 coins and more. If your not receive invoice, contact me please.
  11. Cool coin! I want one please please please
  12. Sorry AG, I don't see you message before! I begin to sent my invoice tonight
  13. I'll receive my regular coin this week, and the LE coin soon, but a little bit later...
  14. I think I sent a reply at everybody who sent me a mail today. If your receive nothing, e-mail me please
  15. I don't began to sell at the GW5 because I'll just receive my coin at the mid june... but I make some trade
  16. I’m proud to present you the Moustik 2007 geocoin photo of the coins 175 nickel coins 175 gold coins 35 two-tone nickel and gold 35 two-tone gold and nickel The two-tone coins are only for trade for rare coins or coins on my seeking list. This is the back of the two-tone coins The coin are trackable on Geocaching.com and have their own icon. The coin are 9.50$ CAD each. The shipping is 2.00$ for one coin, 2.50$ for two or three coins for the U.S. I have to check the price for more coin. For other place world shipping, please contact me. 45 mm wide 3.0mm thick Sent me your order at: karineo@videotron.ca Geocacher name: Real name: Address: Paypal address: Qty: The coin will be available to sell on the web site of landsharkz too at mid june.
  17. Wow! cool the Koh Koh coin! I want one too
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