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  1. Dragonswest indeed has placed 102 caches. It's no really half of the Russians one but it does come close
  2. I can't really imagine that a cache-owner would have a problem if a 'premium member-only' cache was logged by somebody who doesn't have that membership. Wouldn't think too much about it and go for it, most likely you'll never have a problem and in the unlikely event somebody would make a remark about it you can explain. (These premium memberships caches are mainly there to keep the 'unexperienced' away - those that come just by on Geocaching for a couple of times - and to keep a cache easier under control)
  3. Da's ook weer waar Heb het nu ook maar geïnstalleerd en het werkt inderdaad perfect !
  4. Misschien stom vraag (waarschijnlijk overigens) maar heb ik op het internationaal forum niet ergens gelezen dat dat illegaal was en tot een ban kan leiden ? Ik kan mis zijn hoor...
  5. Don't fully agree .. It just depends, if you like solving puzzles, go for it ! I like them and don't mind sitting on my butt solving them And yes, in the beginning some (probably even many) will be too difficult to solve but as your experience solving the easy ones grows, the easier the ones you thought were difficult will turn out to be.. I have no problem admitting that some mysteries are really too difficult for me, those I leave alone for the time being. And as said, you can always contact the cache owner for an extra tip, most of them are more than happy that somebody is taking the time and effort to solve their puzzle and will try to put you on the road... Enjoy !
  6. We do that though don't act pissed, just look normal. But the fact that you carry a clipboard gives you a meaning, that you're out there with a goal - any goal. Usually people will leave you alone but a couple of weeks ago we were reading the papers before really starting to look and a guy approached us. He didn't know what we were doing there, didn't ask for it but just kept us busy. When a bit later we walked off and turned a corner we saw some people running away in the distance. Looks like the guys though we were really officials, kept us busy for a while and gave the chance to others (probably illegals) to run away Something similar happened a couple of moths ago when we went to a bar with our clipboard for relaxing between caches. The owner met us outside 'by coincidence', talked for a minute friendly to us and found out we were geocachers and not officials. When we entered, all ashtrays had vanished but the smell of cigaretes was still there so the moment we were kept busy was used to clean the pub of illegal ashtrays (it's forbidden to smoke in pubs in Belgium but it still happens in the local bars...).
  7. If you like it to travel, why not get yourself a travelbug or geocoin or so, link them to a box with the things you want to send and ship it off in the wide, wide world ? Unfortunately it is bound to get lost somewhere sometime but with a little luck it can travel around quite a while... It's not really a cache than ofcourse but you still can keep track of it... Good luck !
  8. Why don't you contact the person who made the puzzle, asking for a hint ? I have made several mysteries myself and always already indicate in the mystery that anybody getting stuck can contact me for an extra hint. Quite a few people use that option and I'm always more than happy to help them out. And it also works the other way around, when I'm stuck I don't hesitate to contact the organizer and so far always got extra clues that (at least partially) helped me out
  9. Tough luck if for instance you're living in the northern part of Chile. There are less than 50 visitable caches in a 1.500 miles radius... At that rate, no new caches could pop up there... I agree with most : it's a matter of common sence and with a big international game you're bound to have people entering and leaving the game after having tried it, hiding or seeking. My first cache that I hide was when I had less than 50 finds (38 I believe) and now I have 15, all of them active and running well.
  10. We used our car-GPS for the first 10 or so caches we did. It's one of the cheaper on the market but worked out rather well frankly, though we didn't use it in the bushes or so. Our main problem with is was that the battery runs out after a good half hour so that didn't leave us much time for looking around, but it worked ! Once we we sure Geocaching was our thing we bought a handheld GPS and indeed it's a lot better and easier.. But if you're just starting and are going for the not too difficult ones it does work...
  11. Yeah, the fact that you were going to put it online would keep me away too... I'm sure there are some great videos around of me looking for caches in eg teh centre of Brussels but I know they won't be published so that doesn't bother me.
  12. Same here. We always carry the paper version of the cache and once found write something on them that starts off the little story when we log when back home. I also own a couply of caches and do get the TFTC sometimes. I'm not really bothered by them, I'm always happy if somebody makes the effort of going to a cache I placed. So it's just something that I personally never do but don't loose sleep over it when somebody else does so - for wathever reason.
  13. Ginirover


    Not on a bridge normally - at least I never had that. A GPS can go crazy in a city with all the metal of the surrounding buildings, that did happen a couple of times...
  14. Well, the rules themselves a simple : in order to have a 'real' log, you have to sign the book. That said though, in my eyes it's all about having fun doing what you like to do, I don't care if you amend the rules a little for yourself in order to make the adventure of finding a cache a bit easier (for whatever reason). I also own a couple of caches and am really not looking like a watchdog at them to see if somebody really signed the book or not. If somebody logs it, I asume they found it and don't think any further about it. Makes me happy not having to worry about it and I hope (and am sure) that the vast majority of those passing by and logging did the job of signing. And if somebody didn't or just take a picture of it I'm happy too... Geocaching is fun and I'm really not going to take it to a level where I have to start worrying about it .
  15. Just noticed the same While looking though I found some posts on another forum (geocaching.nl) complaining about it being gone back in July and than it returned soon afterwards so maybe they have some problem that is being sorted out or so ? I have it running on a couple of mysteries I have out there and will wait until the weekend to see what's happening.
  16. Een hele tijd geen antwoord gehad dus ik hoop dat je 't nog leest, of misschien heb je 't al gevonden.. Afijn, je kan dus de caches die je al gevonden hebt uitsluiten : op de kaart zie je links staan 'Personlization' en daaronder 'my finds' (met de smiley) en 'my hides' (misschien staat die er niet bij als je nog niks verborgen hebt, dat weet ik niet). Door op de smiley van 'my finds' te klikken (dus op de smiley zelf) verdwijnen alle caches die je al gevonden hebt. 't Is maar wat je wil natuurlijk, persoonlijk vind ik het wel lollig om de smileys te zien staan maar ieder zijn goesting nietwaar
  17. It's a combination of my first and last name and that of my wife. We have used the name Ginirover since we're online (round 1996) in every forum or other thing we participate in on the internet. Sounds international enough for a Belgian and not too difficult to pronounce
  18. Haha - well I did forget about the big geocache gatherings - was more thinking of the occasional search where you end up with other geocachers Those gathering though do look pretty spectacular !
  19. I'm sure most people had it happen : you're out finding a cache and while searching another team turns up at your location with the same goal as you have... Recently we were out caching here in Belgium near a lovely castle and saw while approaching a whole bunch of people at the location we estimated the cache to be. Turned out that 12 persons in 5 teams had arrived at exactly the same time at exactly the same spot We did all ofcourse had a laugh and managed to find the cache with combined forces Anybody beating our 5 teams ?
  20. Enjoy and let us kow how it worked out ! As eusty said : start with an easy one, that's encouraging and so you can build your way up....
  21. I don't have that many hidden caches (yet) but as long as the finder really did find the cache it's fine with me. Didn't get a blank log yet but my first assumption would be that it's a newbe (easily to be checked and contacted to explain how it works). Apart from that I suppose that using their time to find my cache is great, getting a nice comment is even greater but I can live with silence
  22. Ginirover signing in We're (= me and my wife) from Belgium, have started Geocaching about a half year ago and do it the calm way, say roughly 4-8 caches a week. We have really hunderds (probably way over a thousand) caches to be found in a 50 mile radius from home so plenty to discover... We do like traveling so will try to make some time available on our next trips to find a couple of local caches - next trip will be to Chile but it doesn't look to be a great Geocache country. Well we'll find out when we're there In the meantime I've also taken up placing caches myself and like that part too - finding the right location (not always easy as there are already so many in our region) and figureing out an enigma to complicate life of the catchers a bit is great !
  23. Onze GPS geeft aan welke de volgende dichtstbijzijnde cache is. Het is dan zaak om de eerste goed te bepalen en dan ga je vanzelf naar de volgende dichtstbijzijnde enz..
  24. Tja, beginnersfoutje allicht - aangezien het intussen aangepast is zullen we 't maar met de mantel der liefde bedekken éh Ik ben zelf ook eigenaar van enkele geplaatste caches en het is inderdaad wel leuk om de commentaren van de vinders te lezen !
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