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  1. No problem meeting the requirements but when I hit the 'request a virtual' in the mail I received I end up on https://www.geocaching.com/play/request/virtuals2022 with on the bottom the mention 'Thank you for your entry! If you are randomly selected, you will receive a draft Virtual Rewards 3.0 cache page on March 1, 2022.) Didn't have to fill in anything, it's just that. Would that be enough as a request ? I'd imagine there would come a place to fill in the GC-name and stuff like that. Or is it's linked directy to the GC-name when opening the file ?
  2. I used to llike creating mystery caches - not too difficult and solvable for everybody who wanted to do them. But in recent years here in Belgium and Holland is had become custom that a mystery that was out for two or three days has its solutions spread over a big number of websites and many people just go there to take down those without ever have had a glimpse at the puzzle. So I've stopped making them all toghether - sadly as I still had many ideas ...
  3. OK, thanks for the quick reply. I more or less expected the answer but thought/hoped I was overlooking something. No worries for the cache, it can go ahead but having the name would have a nice addition.
  4. Hay Folks I'm working on a new puzzle cache, the puzzle itself won't be difficult but I'm working on the layout of it.. Can’t say a lot about the cache itself yet but what I’d like to do is addressing the cacher on the site personally, so starting with “Hi [geocaching name]”, than followed by the text of the mystery. Somebody who is logged in on the site has his/her geocaching name on the right on the top of the page and I’m wondering is there’s a HTML-way to pick up that name over there and reproduce it again in the welcome… Thanks for helping out (if possible at all ofcourse)
  5. That's a bit what I was wondering - I would guess that the GC-rules apply rather generally and not by the preference of the local reviewer. I can ofcourse easily understand that a Need Maintance in October on a geocache in Canada or the North of the US can only be attented in April or May the next year (covered by snow...) but 5 DNF's, a NM and a last found back in June 2013 should trigger some action I would say. Anyway, it's just question, I'll filter those geocaches out through a Pocket Query so hopefully won't spend time on those - there are enough active around to keep us busy
  6. Just wondering. I'm from Belgium and here we wait one month after a 'need maintenance', than we get a reminder from a reviewer and if no reactions follows the cache gets archived - in total it takes about 2 to 3 months and that's fine by me, stands to reason. We're now preparing a trip to Canada and I rather often come across geocaches that are 'need maintenance' for a very long time, like GC3HB07 that is going so since 2013 with no reaction whatsoever.... How does it work ? Are we too strict in Belgium ?
  7. https://translate.google.com/ Copy the text and paste.Makes the odd mistake sometimes but it works well..
  8. Hay I'm preparing a little mystery-series here in Belgium and ran into a little silly problem. The caches have been created but at the moment of creating them on the form I only had the real hiding location and the parking coords. The idea was to add at the end the coordinates that people will get to see when they look at the cache, on a little matrix. I'm ready to do so now but seem to get stuck on adding the extra coords, the visible ones to everybody.. I know it's silly and most likely it's easy but my inspiration seems to have gone.... I guess I have to go to Admin Tools / Waypoints / Add a new Waypoint but the options I have there have been tried without result (so far) Help ?
  9. Easy : go to 'Your Profile' and than to 'Statistics'. There you'll find them...
  10. Check a local cache that has been released recently. That release (the first log - 'publish listing') is always done by a local reviewer and so you can contact him...
  11. Hij staat er toch echt Ik heb de site even op Nederlands gezet (standaard staat ie hier op Engels). Je moet dus wel premium member zijn, gaat dan naar 'Profiel' (bovenaan) en daar op klikken (dus niet naar het openklapschermpje kijken). Halverwege de pagina aan de rechterkant zie je dan 'Notificaties instellen' staan. Een welgemikte klik daarop en je krijgt het scherm 'create a new notification' (het gaat dan weer in 't Engels precies. Klik op de 'create' en je kan aan je instellingen gaan sleutelen, dat wijst zichzelf wel. Hou er wel rekening mee dat je per cachesoort een nieuwe 'create' moet doen, dus eentje voor de traditionals, eentje voor de unkown caches (mysteries), eentje voor de multi's enz... Succes !
  12. What I have done before when I placing caches in a neighbourhood with some very difficult mysteries that I'd never be able to solve (and thus not being able to find their coordinates) is just asking the persons that I suspect they have a cache in that area if they are willing to give me their final coordinates. This obviously with the promise of not logging their cache nor sharing the solution with others. It always worked out without a problem, people are generally willing to help out.... And knowing the fellow-cachers in your area ofcourse helps to build up trust...
  13. OK, bedankt voor de info ! Nu is ie er inderdaad weer gewoon !
  14. Heb ik iets gmist ? Ik krijg Geocaching.be niet meer te zien, alleen nog een zoekmachine.. Is ie weg of wat ?
  15. Je le vois assez tard mais j'utilise toujours Kompozer. C'est surtout pour des pages simples et fonctionne très bien; si tu voudrais faire une page assez difficile il vaudrait mieux chercher un peu plus loin. Kompozer est un programma gratuit donc tu peux toujours essayer un peu...
  16. OK, we got it sorted out. Looks lik a GPS needs loads - but really loads - of time to relocate. Thanks for the advice, our first cache in Vietnam was found this afternoon !
  17. Indeed, seems you all were right. I took the GPS to the huge Ho Chi Mingh-square here in Hanoi and gave it loads of time - didn't find anything after 20 minutes so we turned it off and went to visit the museum. When we came out we tried again and after another 10 minutes or so we got connected I never knew it would take so long for a GPS to relocate.. Anyway, we`re off now and found our first cache in Vietnam the afternoon Thanks for the help folks !
  18. Batteries are brandnew but I`ll give it a new show tomorrow trying to find a biger open space thant the (well, still big0 square I had today... Thanks !
  19. Yes, I did make two threads as I completely would understand if the one in the Asian forum would only be replied to in a couple of days - there aren`t that many cchers over here - that`s why I'm betting on two horses at this moment as we`re only briefly here and won`t come back soon probably... As to trying to find more open space : we`ll, we`re in the center of Hanoi but I did take the GPS to a square nearby without much result. But I`m happy to give it a new shot tomorrow if we find bigger open spaces. Mabye it`s only that but trying to avoid other things that ;ight have to be chainged in the settings or so (don`t have this for too long). Thanks for both reactions so soon and hope I can confirm this was the solution tomorrow
  20. Hay I`ve asked this question also already in the Asian forum-part but since time is rather short I also put it here, hoping that somebody can help me out. So we're in Vietnam (Hanoi) now and ofcourse ready to pick up some caches along the way here. We have an Oregon 450T and I've loaded him back home with more or less every cache that might be on our way during our trip. But when we arrived today our GPS just doesn`t seem to recognize the fact that we`re here now and not back home anymore.. I have let him search for a long time but nothing came out of it, not even the coordinates of where we are right now.. Has anybody already come across this or knows a solution ? We`re only here a couple of days and ofcourse it would be fun to add a Vietnamese (and later on a Cambodian) cache on the list...
  21. Hay We're on holiday right now cruising through Vietnam and Cambodia. We arrived today at our first desination Hanoi and as there are some caches here the first idea was to find out if there was one near the hotel (no, we`re not addicted ). But my GPS, an Oregon 450T, just doesn`t seem to be able to find the locations here... Anybody an idea what to do ? We're here for a couple of days so I hope to get it sorted out in time and get some Vietnamese caches on the account
  22. We did use our car-GPS for the first few finds we had.. It's a challenge indeed but we did find every cache we went for - something that can't be said about the Etrex and Oregon 450T that followed afterwards But the difficulty we took upon us raised obviously so that makes sence.. So yes, you can use the TomTom; the biggest problem we had that the battery died upon us after roughly half an hour of geocaching... After about 20 founds or so we knew we liked the game and bought us our Etrex. The rest is history...
  23. Had the same here yesterday (working with FF) but after a couple of minutes everything returned to normal.
  24. Depends a bit but you don't HAVE to do it, it's normally up to the owner to maintain his cache. But ofcourse you can lend a hand if you have the right material with you, the owner will probably be most grateful ! What I would't to is take everything home, more people like you might turn up and find an empty cache...
  25. Precies wat het zegt : je hebt een cache ingediend en de revieuwers moeten nog kijken of ie in orde is.... Het kan zijn dat er ergens iets niet goed is en dan staat er helemaal onderaan je pagine een opmerking van heb (vb te dicht bij een andere cache, iets vergeten te vermelden, ...) En als alles goed is dan wordt de cache binnen de drie dagen (meestal wel sneller maar die mensen zijn ook vrijwilligers die het in hun eigen vrije tijd doen) vrijgegeven. *edit* samen met de Getzies geschreven
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