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  1. mine are at Ranau. I had two latest caches hidden there. and waiting for FTF
  2. More caches in Malaysia please! I'll hide more in Ranau and Shah Alam too!
  3. Welcome aboard! if you have the time, you can go up north to Penang and Cameron Highland or to the south, at Malacca. There are quite number of caches hidden there
  4. That would be great! Sent you an email through your page I haven't found any shop here that sells geocaching stuffs or any that would do the job perfectly. I guess that's the downside at a place where geocaching is very new. Anyway that is a good idea
  5. does anyone here know where to buy trackables here in malaysia?i would really like to have some.
  6. TBM=temporary benchmark. usually used during construction of a building if the benchmark stone/marking is too far away from the construction site.
  7. are you still in kota kinabalu? i've hidden 3 cache, 1 at kundasang and another 2 at ranau.
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