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  1. Maybe you should call in a report Jollybgood!! You never know!! At least the loser will not be sucking up our tax dollars anymore. He took care of everything himself.
  2. What differance will it make. Everyone complains about golf balls too, but I still see one in every cache. Too many rules and regs. Too many people wanting to make the game fit there own beliefs and rules. Things are getting ridiculous. Just enjoy the time out and get off the little things that bug you. No matter what you do not want to see in a cache, I bet you'll see it!! Get over it.
  3. Cmon now, everybody knows that when you tell someone not to do something, it's gonna be done one way or the other. Someone out there, who knows who, is gonna attempt it. I have not been around the forums lately, exactly for this reason. It has turned into everyday society in many ways. When I came to it, people more willing to help, now more people and less help. More like a Judge and Jury. Hang them!!! Throw them to the dogs. Everyone has to worry about everyone else. Pay attention to your own short comings. Such as hiding a cache where you would have to bother anyone at any time! Come on, who really likes parking on a city street, and walking down a sidewalk lined with houses built the same, looking for a playground with a tupperware bowl in it. Come to the country and see what it's about. And if you have to hunt them at night, have fun!!
  4. Seeker BP

    Se Ohioans?

    The perfect guide for you would be "Rubbertoe" Have not seen his name around alot here lately though. I think he was from Lancaster. I am assuming you are in Athens. Just got back from Nelsonville myself. Believe me, if you like to get out in the woods and water, see odd and unusual things, get into the history of your own State, and like the idea of treasure hunting, then just run down to walmart, and start out with an E-Trex. $99.00 dollars plus tax Or go onto E-Bay. They are everywhere now. Good Luck and enjoy Seeker BP, 44805
  5. I have to agree with wavehopper! Some people have limited times to get out and cache. I personally have aquired caches at improper times also! Only because it is there to find, and it is the only time that I have. So many people want to make the rules up as they go, just go with the flow. Start thinking a little harder where your caches are because not everyone is on the same schedule. Again, thats my opionion, and everyone else has there own.
  6. Well, its been awhile, but I would like to think I have been a proffesional cacher. I used to trade up with some really good trinkets, but anymore there isnt any thing worth trading for. Geocaching is still # 1 in my book, but now it's strictly for the search, the find, and the area it takes me too!! Seeker BP
  7. Hello, I am back in circulation, and I have some caching to make up!! Seeker BP
  8. Come on guys. You cannot let some wise guy keep you from doing what you enjoy. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about. Somethings gonna get you some day anyway. Hey Toe! Been awhile since I have seen your logs, wondered if you were still out there. This year has been so busy, I have only had time to check out the forums. Been ugly lately!! Seeker BP
  9. Concrete and stone work is my trade. Also do all aspects of general construction. Self employed helps me cache whenever possible. A very busy year has kept me to a minimum of hunts though!! Cannot complain.
  10. Seeker BP


    You could always spend a good weekend at Mohican State Forest. Plenty of caching up this way. Try zipcode 44805.
  11. If you bug someone long enough, it will drive them crazy and they will just finally click the archive button.
  12. Seeker BP

    Cache Map!!

    Is it just me, or did the cache map dissapear!! Maybe I am just not seeing it!!
  13. Ohio is still in the dark ages. All the other states around us have concealed carry, but not us. Still waiting for all the red tape to clear!! Seeker BP
  14. Seems like every day there is a new place that will not allow something to take place! Such as: No Caching here, No mushroom hunting here, no ATVing here, no fishing here, no hunting here, no parking there! And all of these have been because of irresponsable people doing stupid things. Sooner or later all the good places will be off limits, and all the good people will just have to stand off at a distance and wish they could go there!! What a great thing!! Seeker BP
  15. Well, I told you I would let you know how it went. Your advice was excellent, The pewter z cache was great. It was officially number 200. We had a blast with this one. It was everything that I like in a cache. We actually enjoyed this area so much, we spent about 6 hours playing around, and studying the flora and fauna. Thanks again for the advice. Seeker BP
  16. Personally, I think it depends on the cache location. Some caches are just plain boring. Some are to out in the open to spend the time logging, and trying to be discreet. But the ones that are out of the way and hidden from view get a little more descriptive logs. Thats just my theory!! Seeker of Fine Caches!!!
  17. Will DO!!! Cache on everyone. Seeker BP
  18. Decision is Made, will be trying the "Pewter Z Cache reccomended by BVCY Swim. Will have that cache in my targets this weekend. Thanks for the referrals!! Will let you know how it go's. Seeker BP
  19. What ever happened to the complaint dept??
  20. Hello Bjorn. Yes, I have been to the Lonely Hill 2 Cache, but not the other. I will check it out. As for getting a list of caches found by others, go to the cache search page, and scroll close to the bottom. You will see search caches found by user name. You must type the exact user name in for it to properly search. I did mine, and it came right up with a total listing. Thanks for the response!!
  21. Well, I assume that there are no good secluded caches that anyone claims in Ohio. Guess I'll just pick one and go for it. "No Pride" Seeker BP
  22. I quit smoking 4 months ago, and its the best thing I have ever done. To each there own I guess. But it is amazing how smokers sure do smell like ashtrays!! And I have to agree that most fishermen seem to be the main contributing factor to shoreline trash!! Go figure!!
  23. Secluded #5!! I want to know who boast the most secluded, scenic cache in Ohio, or its borders, and I want to hunt it for my 200th!! Who has it?? Seeker BP
  24. My Dog has been to almost as many as me!!
  25. Just under 200 caches and have never had a case of foul play !! I guess if your not really carefull you could probably get your booby trapped in the lid of an ammo can!! Cache On!! Seeker BP
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