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  1. I think the Garmin program is called XImage -- it's on their website. I think it's on thesupport page for 60CSx under Downloads, "other software."
  2. Sure, if you don't want to be able to use the maps on your PC to plan routes. Or to be able to make a backup copy.
  3. Depends on the deductible and type of coverage. We only carry liability coverage on one of our cars (the 'beater'), so if anything gets stolen out of it, it's not covered. And the other car has a $1000 deductible for comprehensive/collision, so if my 60CSx gets grabbed out of that one, it's not covered either.
  4. Well, yes, mostly. The spec is 5vDC. Whether it'll fry your device depends on the manufacturer's interpretation and implementation of "5 volts." Do they take it to mean 5v +/- 0.5, or +/- 0.1 ??? I'd think as long as it has a brand you recognize and trust it's probably OK.
  5. Leatherman needs to put this in their ads -- Now with 1002 uses!
  6. Here's an IRS-style worksheet to print out: 1. Determine how many additional unlock codes you need 2. Get pricing from Garmin for this many unlock codes, write it here: _________ 3. Check into prices for used copies of latest Metroguide (2008? or v.8? I can't remember) for use on as many GPS receivers as you want. 4. Add $6.00 to Metroguide price (for purchase and download of MetroGold from Geodude.nl) to allow auto-routing, total here: _________ If #4 is less than #2, buy used copy of Metroguide and MetroGold.
  7. Here's a link to the hardware: Partfoundry and here's a link to one software developer - voice your requests! Monster and Friends. They say the hardware will ship in Feb 2008. Without seeing any product, I think the OpenMoko folks have a better shot at a useable GPS application for a touch-screen smart phone, since they're working with open hardware and software. With the iPhone / iPod Touch, you run the risk of an Apple update bricking your device.
  8. When you plug it in to the computer, does XP react at all? Does it play the "hey, I found a USB device" sound? Even if you don't have the drivers installed, you should hear that (at least I did when I first got my 60CSx and plugged it in without installing the driver). Does anything else work off that USB port?
  9. I had the same problems with an iPod and a camera - they wouldn't work with my USB hub. It'll work unpowered, and has a 3VDC-in-jack to work as a powered hub. I hooked it up to an old phone charger, and the iPod and camera now work on the hub, in any port on the hub.
  10. I'd really like my GPSr to save my settings several ways. One setup for driving, one setup for hiking, etc. e.g.: When looking for a cache, I keep the GPS Accuracy field up, but I don't care about that when I'm driving. (I've mentioned this in other 'what-would-you-like' threads) And something else, I guess you could call it "macros" or "hot-keys." Like a one-button-press-and-hold to activate something that normall takes menu, scroll, select, scroll, select. Like to switch from 'track up' to 'north up,' for example. I'd like to be able to set a default city, or metro area. So every time I want to 'Find an Address' in my home city, I don't have to first spell out the city name. And why does saving a track to my memory card strip it of the "meta-data" ??? I've got plenty of memory there, so keep it! More hardware-related: How 'bout a dashboard or windshield mount that automatically plugs in external power?
  11. When you say you have taken multiple readings, have they been at different times/days? That's one thing to try - go 2 or 3 times in one day, record coords 3-5 times each visit. Repeat on 2 or 3 separate days. Another option might be to find a local cacher with a more sensitive unit, and borrow it to place your cache.
  12. That's pretty good, depending on what shopping options you have locally. Fry's is good (as mentioned above) but shipping will negate any savings. And just in case you think the $20-$25 range is steep, just go into a Ritz Camera - I saw a 2GB MicroSD card there this weekend for <drumroll........> $59.95!!!!
  13. I seriously doubt that line of reasoning would hold up with Garmin or in a court of law. One man's "correction of a flaw" is another man's "ongoing product improvement cycle" or somesuch. Of course, if your line of reasoning were to hold up, we'd all be entitled to a free copy of the latest Windows or Mac software just by sending in our Win95 or OS9 discs, so GO FOR IT!!!
  14. Verizon has this service with some of their phones. You can set up zones and be notified when the phone you're watching goes into or out of a place you put in. It can notify you, for example, when your kids go to and/or leave school.
  15. If you feel like doing it yourself, just remember that 60 seconds= 1 minute, 60 minutes = 1 degree (so 3600 sec = 1 degree) Take deg.min.sec deg+(min/60)+(sec/3600) will give you decimal degrees or you can just use fizzy calc...
  16. Just search the forum for "metrowizzz" and start waving bye-bye...
  17. Yup - same here. I sent the first one back for free replacement because I thought the orange peel was a problem. The second one wasn't as bad (really only noticeable because I was thinking it was supposed to be perfectly smooth), and I would do it again.
  18. Keyboard would be nice. I've got a 60CSx and I really wish it had a "save settings" feature, so I could have one set of settings for driving, one for on foot, one for on the bike, etc. Rather than having to go to the Map page, change the fields I want displayed, then go to the tracks settings and change them, change lock on road, blah blah. Just give me ~3-5 stored unit states to play with. I'd like to see the hand-held be part of a larger modular system. The 60CSx is great for hand-held use, but kinda small for the car. If I want a bigger screen, I can use nRoute, or some other product on a laptop. Not the greatest solution. So why not be able to plug it into a small LCD (one that's bigger than the one built-in) and display NAV that way...
  19. According to pinouts.ru, the two outermost contacts of the 5 in the connector are for 5v dc power. You'd need either some pretty small probes or some alligator clips - just clip a needle or other small wire in each one. (edit- if it's a name-brand Motorola charger, I wouldn't bother checking) 5v may be industry standard, but I hesitate to trust that everyone follows it, especially the makers of cheap no-brand stuff...
  20. Well, voltage on a USB connector should be 5v, but there's nothing about the plug to guarantee that. There's no telling what some wacky engineer will do. That's why it's best to check the spec on the device from which you're re-purposing the charger. (or just check it with a meter) A cheaper adapter might have lower voltage tolerances, allowing greater spikes and sags (say when you start the car). If your device's voltage regulation circuitry isn't capable of handling such spikes (because the manufacturer intends you to use it with their adapter only), it can get fried. Short answer: use a quality adapter and check the spec.
  21. OK, then, here's NewEgg's return policy on a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx: If you buy it and it's broken, you can get a new one within 30 days. If you buy it and don't like it, tough cookies. I can personally attest to this policy -- it's the one they use on laptops, too.
  22. 1. Depends on how much work you want to go to. City Navigator NT is the "best" product for the 60CSx according to conventional wisdom. You can load the entire North America set onto a 1GB microSD card. Unlock code allows you to use it on one GPS receiver only without paying extra. I don't thing Topo maps do routing, someone may correct me. If you don't mind a little legwork, you can use MetroGuide and add auto-routing to it with a free program called Metrowizzz or its $6.00 counterpart MetroGold from geodude.nl It's very easy to do, and there's step-by-step screenshot directions. You can use a used copy of Metroguide, which doesn't use unlock codes and auto-route just like you had bought City Navigator. (if you buy City Navigator used, and the previous owner unlocked it, you have to pay Garmin for an unlock code) If you buy City Navigator, buy the DVD, not the memory card. 2. 60CSx is compatible with Garmin City Select, City Navigator, Metro Guide, Topo, Roads & Recreation, ... 3. If you use topo and street mapping products, I think you have to build your mapset in Mapsource from all the maps you want to use, and send them in one shot. If you do topo, send to GPSr, then streets, send to GPSr, the Topo will be gone. Each mapset can be turned "on" or "off" in the GPSr. HTH! Enjoy your new toy!
  23. Money no object, the best place would be a locally-owned merchant (or at least not mega-corporation) who'll let you come in and try stuff out, return it if you don't like it, etc. etc. Whole Earth Provision Company here in TX is one example. Factoring price in, I dunno 'bout the best place, but I would not buy one from NewEgg, due to their restrictive return policy on GPSrs. For that matter, I'd check the return policy with any online merchant before I buy anything.
  24. Depends - how cheap are you? There's a free program called Metrowizzz (and a $6.00 version called MetroGold) that will allow you to add auto-routing to Metroguide maps. Metroguide doesn't have Garmin's restrictive unlocking mechanism, so you can use it on as many GPS receivers as you want. A used copy of Metroguide is a lot cheaper than City Navigator...
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