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  1. I would very much like to take you up on your offer of a powerpoint presentation about UTM. Please send it to the following Email: kjustice@midviewk12.org. Thank you ! Dave (geocache name dbskysoldier)
  2. I've forgotten how to put a picture on someone else's gallery. Feel dumb!
  3. I'm having the same problem with cutting off the left half of the cache page, but, when I tried to option where you choose only the front sheet, without logs, it comes out all right. Help!!!
  4. I activated my geocoin here in Ohio, then traveled on vacation to NYC, where I left it in a TB motel. Since then, it has travelled around the country, as I desired, but the mileage and map show it's starting point as NYC. Is there any way that I can amend/edit this info to show it's starting point as Ohio, or isn't that factual?
  5. How do I acquire and then fill in those outline county and state maps that denote where one has found caches?
  6. Wandered all over the the mts and Central Plains of Vietnam as a platoon leader , using a compass and map, measuring distance by tranferring pebbles from one pocket to the other (50 steps per pebble). Recently talked to a Scout from Desert Storm, who used GPS. THat's CHEATING!!!!!! Dave, 173rd Airborne db173skysoldier@aol.com
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