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  1. I have tried setting it to both. Both yield the same result of no plotting. Do you have track log recording turned on?
  2. There is not a way to lock the polling function on the unit, there is always the possibility of turning it off, although you do have to go in to the radio setup to change it. The units will update their position to other users one time approx. every 30 seconds during no radio transmission, or every time you use the talk button to talk to another user.
  3. It looks like Garmin is going to be selling exactly what you are looking for: Garmin Astro
  4. I do not want to argue semantics. The op was asking if he used the option in Garmin's unlock page asking to "purchase an additional region", if he would have the ability to unlock 2 units to the software again. The answer to that is yes, as Garmin views it as purchasing the software again, just without a coupon certificate. The second post by the op was referring to just buying the software dvd again to get a better price than what Garmin's additional region option would cost, which is more cost effective. In both cases he will get two unlocks, while the additional region option from Garmin's website will cost more but attained quickly and easily, whereas the software dvd purchase will cost less but take more time as he will have to wait and acquire the disc first. I guess the difference is paying for convenience.
  5. I believe the OP is referring to just buying another full version of the software on disc to save the difference.
  6. When you purchase an additional license for their software, it is basically like buying the software again as it comes with 2 more unlocks.
  7. The unit does not charge batteries while running off of external power, it just switches the power source. The batteries need to be charged in a regular battery charger.
  8. I see the same as NeoGeo in regards to my new 60CSx in comparison to older Garmin units in that the x unit may report 14-18 ft epe while my Legend reports 9-10, but the position shown on both is the same. Plus, I don't know where you are quoting the accuracy ratings from, as standard consumer grade gps units will only give 3-5m accuracy at best in most situations. Even in reading the 76CSx manual specifications, it states for WAAS 3-5 meters(10-16 feet) 95% typical, not <3m. I tend to think that the newer units are reporting a more conservative, yet consistent position and epe.
  9. I don't do rebates anymore. They are a business scam that may or may not pay off for the company or the customer. It is a calculated risk on the business' part, and since the business itself does not even directly handle the rebate, it makes it much harder for accountability.
  10. As the other poster said, all that does is enable the map for viewing on the map page, it does not move your location to that map area, you still have to either pan the map to that area, or use the easy way as the other poster mentioned.
  11. I wouldn't necessarily call it a design flaw as they are only doing what NMEA.org requires of the the standard as viewed on the NMEA.org website: http://www.nmea.org/pub/0183/index.html
  12. The temperature option is there so that if you have the unit hooked up to a fishfinder/depthfinder on your boat that has a temperature sensor, you can see that readout on the unit at the helm instead of needing to be in the the bow with the fishfinder to see the temp. The gps does not have it's own temperature sensor outside of the internal one used to monitor the temp. of the oscillator for time keeping purposes.
  13. Which is why, in the world we live in, even a simple weighing scale needs directions.
  14. All this is funny as it makes me think that all of the other folders I have in the My Documents folder must have been created by me in My Sleep.
  15. I'll add my own observations about the differences that different gps's show. I work in a building where we have a re-radiating antenna inside the building. I have used a combination of gps units and decided to compare a few of my friends gps's with two of mine. I have placed an Explorist 300, a Lowrance iFinder, a Garmin GPSMAP60cs and an eTrex Legend. At varying periods of the day I would record the location coords. showing on the unit and would typically see a variance of .001-.003 in lat and/or long. This even with the fact that I know that each unit has access to the same data from the one centralized antenna. At that point I realized that any comparison in the field was not worth the time unless it was to determine functionality or just to see how close they can get at a particular moment.
  16. Was sooo easy. ;-) I email Garmin about that funny observation too. I wonder how serious it could be for them? I mean is it possible they haven't noticed it before and will find it necessary to put a new screenshot or it just doesn't really matter? There are many possibilities to explain the glicth... if it is a real screenshot (I doubt or it was retouched for sure) then maybe it was taken just between 2 frames (are those LCD running at 30 frames/sec?). Maybe the unit doesn't add up time perfectly like an atomic clock :-) Or maybe the time display is in minutes/seconds, but the internal recording is minutes/seconds.seconds, e.g. 01:01.25, 09:40.29, rounds upto to 10:42.
  17. You can find the autozoom function in the unit by pressing menu 2 times and then selecting setup and map. Then choose the N(for north) icon. You will see the Autozoom option that you can turn on or off, turn it off to keep the unit from changing the zoom scale.
  18. The altimeter and compass are nice if you know how to use them(the altimeter in particular), but in either case, I always want to have a standard magnetic compass either for backup or for when a higher accuracy is needed in measuring an azimuth.
  19. The unit sounds very nice for motorcycle use. The information on Garmin's website does say that it uses the Sirf chipset. Zumo
  20. They have those fields available so that you can hook the units up to your fishfinder/transducer unit on your boat to see the data on the unit, like if the fishfinder is by the front seat, but you have the gps mounted by your driving seat.
  21. Along with the question as to how newer gps' might grade out from faster processors and more complex electronics, what would the effect be if everybody on a plane were operating a device such as a gps. Would that propagate the effects of the electronic rf and em?
  22. GSAK already does support Garmin's poi, or actually, Garmin's POI loader software supports gpx files.
  23. no, I don't have city select, thanks anyway That may be the problem. Without City Select, the only available routing the unit can offer is on the basemap of the unit(mainly highways and Interstates). In a situation like you describe the unit does not see you on any routable roads and tries to recalculate a route to the destination using the nearest available onramp/highway. To get real routing out of the unit you will need City Select, or your can just turn the on road navigation of the unit off and use off road to give you general direction and distance to the cache or location.
  24. My guess is that they wanted to implement it in 2.70, but wanted more beta time to test the new mass storage function. So instead of including it in the official software, released a new beta again. I like this.
  25. Boom, and just like that: Changes made from version 2.70 to 2.71: * Add feature to save active track log to file on data card. * Add ability to put unit into USB mass storage mode via the interface setup page to facilitate copying track files from data card to PC.
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