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  1. Yep... they can be just about ANYTHING! When the kids and I are geocaching, we always check to see if that rock is really a rock, or that log is really a log, or... etc. Look in, around, under, over, sideways and up!
  2. There was a two-week lag between the time I got my GPS for Christmas and when I could actually use it (New Year's Day) because of work/family obligations. During that time, I read thru this website voraciously, and also watched just about every "how to" video posted on www.GeoSnippets.com. These short, tutorial videos hold a wealth of info and have really helped me out a lot. There are all kinds of topics posted there - including videos on geocaching containers and the like. Some of them are very sneaky and evil, hehe.
  3. Yep, finally! I even *edited* it a couple times, and it STILL cooperated. I think the trick is logging out of Geocaching.com AND logging out of the forums, both, and then re-logging back in. Although I'd done that multiple times before, with no luck, but if at first you don't succeed.... Eventually it worked, or SOMETHING worked. Thanx, everyone, for your help!
  4. It isn't just a newbie thing. I've seen caches hidden in plain sight, very near typical hiding places. A lot of experienced cachers spend a lot of time searching the typical hiding places (where they KNOW the cache must be hidden) before they stop to consider other possibilities. Yep, been there. Before I found out about lamp post skirts I DNF'd a cache twice at the local Wally World. Then I heard about LPC's and said, "AHA! Now I know where it is!". Next time I was in the area I went back for it and guess what? It wasn't there! It was under a fencepost cap about 10 feet behind the light pole! My kids usually find most of them, since I'm busy looking in all the odd, obscure places and totally missing the blatantly obvious.
  5. I have no experience with the others, but I am enjoying my magellan immensely.
  6. My sig line finally, mysteriously showed up...and I've been a premium member since almost the day I joined. Dunno why it suddenly cooperated, LOL, but voila - there it is.
  7. Sounds like the perfect excuse to plan another backpacking trip to me!
  8. I am avoiding them primarily because I am a brand-new cacher and have had no luck finding the little varmints, hehe. I'm saving them until the spring when it's warmer and when I have more experience. Also, I typically go geocaching with my small children. They are more apt to enjoy caches with swag that they can trade out, rather than a teeny-tiny thing with no nifty trinkets to swap. They are young enough so that even less-than-cool swag still excites them; I think it's just the "idea." they enjoy adding swag as well as finding something. My 7 year old has now officially started a keychain collection based on caching. He puts his new keychains on his old keychains; I figure we'll have a right long string of 'em 'afore too long.
  9. oooh, good point!!!!!! Thanx for the reminder!!!!!!
  10. I very rarely travel, but my oldest daughter is wanting me to take her to Savannah (GA) for her high-school graduation gift if we can swing it financially. I'm already plotting the caches in the area....... ;-)
  11. EXACTLY. Well said. I am a jogger, a book worm, a stamp collector, adore riding motorcycles, love to bake, love to write, do crafts, and geocache. I'm kinda into just about everything.
  12. Down here in ATL, we are currently paralyzed by a "real" snowfall. Hubby's office (and the schools) are closed fro the third day in a row. My office is opening at 11:00. Depending on how icy the roads are, I may or may not go in.... will have to see how that works out, LOL. Been rather frustrating, all this time off of work, and not being able to use it for caching (though all the extra SLEEPING has been nice!). The problem down here is that snow falls, melts some during the day, then re-freezes at night to become impossible-to-drive-on black ice. On top of that, it has sleeted and such, too. Been an icky, icky week all the way around. here's hoping for more normal, Southern-like weather SOON.
  13. I never served, but wanted to stop and say THANK YOU to all of you who have served or are currently serving. You are appreciated! My brother was in the Navy in the early 1980s; my oldest stepdaughter is currently in the US Army reserves; my great-great-great grandfather fought for the 34th Georgia Infantry during the Civil War on my father's side; on my mother's side, one of my ancestors fought for the Americans during the Revolutionary War.
  14. I haven't been able to talk hubby into doing any caching at all... not even any cleverly-disguised "nature walks" in the park. Me and the GeoKids and/or GeoTeens just head out and leave him to his paperwork or movies or whatever it is he'd rather be doing at the time. It gets us out of his hair for hours, the kids have fun, I accumulate more smileys, and all are happy at the end.
  15. I've lost countless hours of sleep thanx to Angry Birds, LOL. It's what I do when it's too dark to geocache, hehe. My alternate addiction.
  16. I adore my iPad, but I would be entirely too paranoid about using it for Geocaching. For one thing, it's not the sturdiest thing ever built. Plus, it's size makes it less-than-convenient ~ can't just shove it into my pocket or hang it on a lanyard. Hand-held GPSs are made much more durable and are easier to tote around. iPads are much better for the big-screen version of the equally-addictive "Angry Birds" game. ;-)
  17. I drove about 125 miles (one way) yesterday to participate in a "Cache Dash" at the Georgia Geocacher's Association January meeting. Technically not a "series" of caches, I suppose, but definitely the farthest I've driven for any caches, ever, hehe. That said, there is a cacher who has set up a whole series of caches near historically significant areas of Georgia. Once I'm more experienced (i.e, whenever it gets warmer, LOL!) I plan on spending a few saturdays wandering all over the place in pursuit of this series.
  18. Thanks!!!! That's always bugged the living daylights outta me, hehe.
  19. That's an AWESOME idea! There's a coin shop right down the road.
  20. The best I've managed to come up with so far (on a very limited budget) are several nicer/cute keychains (one of them is even a frog, hehe) and some earrings that were on sale (put immediately into a plastic ziplock bag for hygenic purposes, of course). :-) The rest of it is stuff I got from Dollar General - I got a 10-pack of kids' sunglasses, and a variety of other lill toys/trinkets that came in packs of 6 or 10 rather inexpensively. Like those little army parachute guys, those are my personal favorite, hehe. Was almost tempted to keep 'em, but the "Hey! You'll be 38 next month, not *8*!" boring grown-up voice won out. Drat. Hate it when that happens. LOL!
  21. Well, here in this part of the deep south (Florida) we say it geocashing, too. MrsB, on a side note about the Lieutenant pronunciation, heres the most widely accepted explanation: The word was initially used by the French. The letters U and V were not established prior to the 18th century. The old French variant of leuf for the modern French lieu, meaning "place" may explain the pronunciation difference. Since the original version of English did not make a distinction between "u" and "v", the word was originally used as "lievtenant", which may mirror more closely the original French form with the "f". There is a propensity of using French words in unusual ways, one of them also explaining why Brits use the word "loo", which was based on a version of the French "gardez l'eau", where they would toss their waste from the top floor. Now if you will excuse me I need to go withdraw some caysh from the ATM. Great...now can you riddle me this? Why is COLONEL pronounced KERNAL? That one has bugged me FOREVER, since I was a lill varmint watching M*A*S*H obsessively. ;-)
  22. Well, I can speak as to how we say it here in the Deep South (Atlanta) - it's "CASHING" here, too. Y'all.
  23. AAARRRGGGGHHHH! It didn't work. But thanks for trying to help! Kat <---- who is the supreme guru of non-techy-ness.
  24. This is a test. This is ONLY a test. Should this have been an actual post, and NOT a test, there may or may not have been a point to this post. This concludes the test. Thank you for your time.
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