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  1. I'm glad you asked this question as I've just emailed Groundspeak for more information on starting a GeoTour in my area. I'm curious about what costs are for so hopefully I'll find out. It might be prohibitive as the tourism council here is very small and does not have a large budget.
  2. I just got a samsung galaxy 5 and can't find a geocaching app. ??? Anyone know of any??
  3. I used to use GSAK but haven't cached in a while. I want to get back into it but can't afford a smart phone or new GPS so the question is - what is the best way to go paperless (or even semi-paperless) with an eTrex Legend?
  4. I enjoy how the original question got off on the definition of "quirks". I am the newbie waymarker who originally asked the question to Rose Red. So my definition of "quirk" is a problem, a "bug", a difficulty in the software program, etc. Oh! the world of words and semantics can drive us all crazy and definitely does add some great reasons for humor. Now on to the original question. I received great advise from Rose Red to change the pixel to 600x450 before uploading and this worked the first time but I have tried since to upload other pics for other waymarks and I am getting an error msg (at the end once it has presumably uploaded but is doing it's final connection) that unable to find DNS Server so no pic is uploaded, there was another error msg but forgot what it was. This is not happening every time but enough that it is frustrating. Thanks for any reply to the "quirks" that I am experiencing. Carla 4JCSeek&Find
  5. You just need to edit your profile. You should see this: <img src="http://www.world66.com/myworld66/visitedStates/statemap?visited=CAFLVA"> Just add the new state code to the end of the CAFLVA string. For example, if you've been fortunate enough to have been to Texas, the full string would be CAFLVATX Remember that you need to enter your password when editing your profile, or it won't take. Thank you to everyone that replied with suggestions!! That was way too easy
  6. I put the map of visited states on my gc page and now I'd like to add a state - I tried going back to the site and starting over - cut and paste the new map code (per the instructions) didnt' work I then tried viewing 'Source' and pasting the new code in place of the old but it did not save - then I tried editing the code on my page and it still didn't work what am I missing?? HarKanGeo
  7. Thank you! I KNEW I'd seen it
  8. I know there's a way to do this 'cause I remember seeing it - but can't seem to find it this morning I want to search for a new geocacher whose name I know (geocacheer name)..... they have't found or hidden caches yet but have signed up on GC.com thanks!
  9. Thank you for doing this and being supportive. Hope you get some good suggestions - thought aboutlooking on web sites?? I've found a few examples of policy of USFS sites.
  10. Hi All - is CITO day a national event? Is there one contact person for it?? Right now I'm a tad upset as I received (through channels) an email that originated at the National Forest level (Stanislaus National Forest Wilderness Coordinator) requesting permission (from whom I don't know) to find and remove caches in designated Wilderness areas. I did email his and suggested perhaps working with the geocaching community would be the way to go ... I'm wondering what is involved in CITO day and if it's informal or how it works as I'd like to contact the FS and try to work out a happy medium (I live near 2 National Forests) thanks!! and happy caching
  11. inadvertently downloaded a duplicate photo to my travel bugs page - can't seem to figure out how to delete one of the pictures? suggestions?
  12. This is all a DONE DEAL now......I restored my computer back to a point BEFORE I downloaded GSAK and magically everything is just fine now!!! thanks to all who helped HarKanGeo
  13. OK, I see where you get it. It's when you click on the .loc link; it says the file type is GSAK. My window shows TopoGrafix Data File. I don't know why and have never paid much attention to it. What matters is the next step when you click on "SAVE". What file name is showing in that next window? It should have a .loc extension. Then, just save it in the folder of your choosing and use EasyGPS or MapSource Beta to open it. It that don't work, try the .gpx link. You'll be downloading a bigger file but only GSAK can display the other info. The next screen after I click SAVE has filename: and save-as type: and the only 2 options for type are 'gsak' and 'all files' no .loc anywhere
  14. OK Here's exactly what's happening. I go to GC, pick a cache, click to download the waypoint and the next screen is the File Download screen. It says: Name: geocaching.loc Type: gsak, 346 bytes From: geocaching.com
  15. The software I'm using is what came with the GPS - MapSource. I think my problems started when I downloaded GSAK. Now when I try to download a waypoint to my computer it downloads as a GSAK file not LOC. I've uninstalled GSAK but for some reason it's still associated with those files. I tried Ed's suggestion but to no avail.
  16. Thank Thrak - I did make those changes but I realized a few minutes ago that when I download waypoints from geoaching.com it saves them as gsak files awk I've uninstalled (yes I did it the 'correct' way) gsak utility but ........
  17. I've discovered (DUH) that since downloading GSAK - even though I've since uninstalled it - when I try to download from geocaching.com it 'wants' and does create .gsak files! how can I change that? grrrr i"ll get to the bottom of this
  18. hddd.mm.sss or hddd.mm.ss.s ?
  19. Wellll, have an eTrex Legend C and when I first started Caching everything went just fine BUT I've apparently been fooling around too much 'cause all the waypoints I've recently put on the GPS show the caches in the OPPOSITE direction (East instead of West etc.). My GPS settings are: position format: hddd.mm.ss.s map datum NAD83 I'm using MapSource (came with the GPS) settings there are: Grid UTM and Datum NAD83 Does anyone have any idea what's going on??? it's very frustrating. The older waypoints on the GPS are fine (the ones I put on it BEFORE I messed around!) thanks in advance HarKanGeo
  20. Welll, I think about not going out caching BUT I go anyway - drive a diesel truck (have horses - could you'all in ittybitty cars tow a trailer?) and it costs $60+ to fill BUT I do get great mileage for a big vehicle. Anyway there are plenty of caches within a reasonable distance so I combine hunting with errands.
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