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  1. Thanks! I had already looked at those sites, and several others. Much like the other person, this one will be tough to activate, it seems.
  2. All of the USCGA coins were mistakenly minted. While the upstate area is comprised of 10 counties, a line was accidentally added in, cutting Spartanburg in half!
  3. So...I am at home recovering from hernia surgery (double...at that!) I am taking the time to look through the Crown Royal bag at some coins and activating a few, and I ran across one that looks very much like this one: Geocaching Germany I have looked all over the cellophane sleeve and all I can find is the label, "Made in China." I am almost certain that isn't the code! Any help? Thanks!
  4. It's also a place where certain geocachers (avroair) have us research pages upon pages of Harry Potter in order to spend days on end answering bizarre tidbits of obscure trivia in order to win a coin that hasn't even been designed yet! BTW, did you ever make them?
  5. Just curious... Are any of these pictures offensive? The Birthday Suit Cache
  6. If any of you notice...Atrus DOESN'T LOG CACHES!!!! He only logs notes... What part of "Reading Comprehension 101" did you miss?
  7. Wow. I'm mortally offended. While that *was* pretty darned funny, I must admit that it was also pretty off-topic. Besides, us God-fearing, Mama-loving, deer-hunting, snuff-dipping, catfish-eating, beer-drinkin, Nascar-watching, textile-mill-working flag-waving, Americans don't have the time to waste on the likes of you...or your beliefs! Edited to add that we also love Charlie Daniels and Ted Nugent, just in case you were wondering... (By the way...I wear work boots. Someone has to support all of you on welfare.)
  8. How about this test: Did you HONESTLY chuckle when you first saw the picture? If so, then, to you, it isn't objectionable.
  9. Interesting... Some of you need to untuck your panties! As Atrus posted...he didn't "log" a find. That throws the ALR arguement out, and the topic wasn't about that, anyway. And I have seen much worse pictures posted in logs. (naked cachers come to mind)
  10. I don't find the picture offensive. As for Geocaching.com's decision...Oh, the irony of it all.
  11. That is one wickedly cool coin! Crossing my fingers...
  12. I would like to share what I posted on the USCGA forums with y'all. It was in response to a question whether Earthcaches were included in this latest bill. The following is my opinion, only! The regulation only seems to address the placing of geocaches, but doesn't specify whether Earthcaches are to be included. Honestly, I'm not sure if many in SCDNR know the difference. We all know that an Earthcache doesn't physically have a container left behind, so I can't imagine that they would be included. However, I also can't understand why "hiking" was listed as a prohibited act. I honestly don't think that "hiking" is truly illegal, but admit that there are some habitat that probably has been or could be damaged by foot-traffic. I am sure that those pieces of land are in the minority in the grand scheme of things. It was suggested to me, and I pass along the same advice: Contact the local specific steward over the property. For example, in Spartanburg there are caches placed with permission of the local land management, the folks that actually maintain the property. While they may get support some from SCDNR, and the DNR may have signage up that states that it is their property, it is, in fact, the property belonging to a local landowner who has given easement rights to protect it from future development. The bill has left open the door for local adjustments, or changes to the regulations. Currently, a letter is being drafted requesting that a possible solution to this issue could be to establish a permit-type system, such as the one in place for SC State Parks. SC State Park Geocache Rules]SC State Park Geocache rules The success of this system could be a good example and also show our shared commitment to the good of the land. Commenting about our commitment to CITO and using Leave-no-trace ideals to other geocachers, as well as friends and family couldn't hurt, either. Once this has been completed, I'll submit it here for evaluation, editing and adjustment to your own particular needs. This isn't the end of the world, but an opportunity for us and geocachers to show our commitment to being good stewards and to show our desire to work with the SCDNR to achieve a common goal.
  13. I have two virtual armchair "smilies" that, until now, I was fine with, because that is the way that the cache owner had originaly set them up. I will change those logs to "notes" to not appear hypycritical. It's interesting how some people try to justify their dishonesty. From armchairing to logging your own to out-right lying, it's yet another way that sociaty has changed and dishonesty is becoming the norm. It's a sad reflectiopn on how some people are, and what they show others, including kids. My request is that the site be changed in such a way as to allow us the ability to hide our finds from casual view. Why? Because my numbers only matter to only me. Thanks!
  14. Any of the Athena's caches by Shymtnman or Tube Torcher II in Western NC are well worth the trip...
  15. That is a great looking coin, and one with much-needed ideals in our times! Congrats to all of the recipients!
  16. In line with the topic, shouldn't the Earth cache "listee" actually visit the site before listing the Earthcache? The reason I am asking is that I have seen one that the listee cut and pasted a description from another persons personal web-page, as well lifted the photos, and listed it as an Earthcache, but has never actually been there, themselves. Just wondering the general consensus on this...
  17. I concur. EXCELLENT response!
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