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  1. CenTex, What version of Mapsource do you have? I have 6.11.3 and mine doesn't do what you say. The route does tunr yellow, as you say but when I try to drag it it only draws a rectangle, nothing more.
  2. Hello, everyone, I've been here for a while but I guess this is my first post. This is a great thread, I must say... although it took me some time to go through it. I managed to upload some POI into my GPS (60Cx) based on your suggestions. Searching on the Internet I found this web site - http://www.elsinga.net/poi-icons.html - where you can find a whole bunch of icons that you can associate with your POIs (mostly for speed limits - signs are the European format, not the North American). Also, Garmin has a list of POI sources on their web site: http://www.garmin.com/products/poiloader/POISource/ And now, a question regarding geocache POIs. I read that one can include the hint into the description field. I downloaded a couple of loc files from www.geocaching.com for testing purposes but I can't find anywhere the hint. Is this available to premium members only? Or am I missing something in this picture?! Have a nice day, Laurentiu
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