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  1. I have just received the answer from Garmin now. They say... I'll give it a try tonight when I get home and see how it works. Thanks to all who answered my question. Edited: I installed last night Roadtrip and it picked up the maps converted and installed prior without any problems. It looks different than Mapsource and I haven't tried to upload any maps yet on my GPS but at least I can see everything on my Mac. Thanks again to all of you.
  2. I consider myself well above the average person when it comes to computers (well.. PC's until three days ago). But I either do something wrong, or I I have a missing link somewhere. I converted my maps (Metro Guide Canada/USA/Europe) into the Garmin format using the MapConverter I installed MapManager on my Mac and installed my new Mac-compatible maps. I installed Basecamp on my Mac and the only thing that I see is the default map of USA without any other details. I deleted MapManager and MapInstall and reloaded, going again through the install process. I still cannot see my maps in Basecamp. What am I doing wrong? I have to admit, I have not installed RoadTrip yet. Do the road maps work with RoadTrip only and not with BaseCamp? As a last resort, I would buy Parallels and install Windows, but I heard people saying that they installed their maps on Mac and can now work with them. That's why I would not give up so quickly. Any answer is much appreciated. Laurentiu
  3. Parallels is on my purchase list. Thanks for all your help. L
  4. Thanks, I saw this yesterday, but I was under the impression that this was dedicated to topo maps only (that's what confused me... well... it was pretty late at night too). Can this be used to upload maps onto my Garmin too? Or is it only for managing waypoints, tracks and routes? Garmin, as usual, makes wonderful products but does not excel in explaining things to their customers.
  5. Hello there, I am the happy owner of a brand new iMac and I was wondering if there is a MapSource version for Mac? I know about converting the existing maps into a Mac format (did that), but I cannot find anywhere a MapSource Mac-compatible. When I installed the MapInstaller on my Mac, it imported the maps and then prompted me for a device to upload the maps. I don't want to do that! I want to be able to see the maps on my screen, create waypoints, search for addresses or POIs, select the maps that I need for the trip and then upload only those to my Garmin. Am I talking science-fiction here? Or is there something out-there that is Mac-compatible? I searched the forum but what I found was either non-relevant, or too old (2007) Many thanks in advance for your answers. Laurentiu
  6. Hey, Prime Suspect, You read my mind! That's why I was asking... I recently learned about geotagging. I was surprised to learn that I don't need an expensive camera or equipment to geotag my pictures: what I have is more than enough - a D80 plus a Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx. I already played a little bit and tagged a few photos, using the GeoSetter, which in my opinion works perfectly! I was wondering, though: what Interval setting do you use on your GPS for recording tracks? I have mine on Auto but I fear that probably I would hit the max number of points that can be recorded (which is 10,000). Should I change this to distance?! I realize that if I put, let's say, every 0.01km (which is every 10m - say... 3ft), this would be enough for 100km (~60 miles). If I am on foot, that is more than enough, but if I travel by car, definitely not! If I change it to Time and set it to every 10 seconds, then I would cover >27 hours. Probabky this would make more sense, since I was thinking about saving each track at the end of the day and start a fresh one the next day. Then, I remembered this option, which, BTW, I have it enabled anyway! I wanted to know if this would allow me to record longer tracks. Since I carry my GPS with me almost everywhere, I could make use of this. This way I won't ask myself, five years later, where was I when I took this picture?!
  7. Hello, I was wondering, what is the benefit of logging the track to data card? The manual says: 'Using this option allows you to record a large number of track points', but it doesn't say how many. Normally, the unit can record tracks up to 10,000 points. Does it mean that if I enable this option I can record tracks with more than 10,000 points, up to the capacity of my card? Anyone using this on their GPS? Thanks, Laurentiu
  8. Laurontario

    True VS Magnetic

    1. I prefer Magnetic vs. true - exspecially when you have a compass with you 2. Doesn't matter at all
  9. Has anyone used one of these for a Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx? I was wondering if this fits the screen perfectly or needs to be adjusted - I have alway had trouble with other products, since the screen of my GPS is not square, but has a lot of curve lines. Also, does it adhere properly to the screen or it comes off easily? I noticed that on another products it peels off easily and when this happens, that's it, it won't adhere back and I need to replace it. Thanks for your input. L.
  10. Try here: http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=61154
  11. Hmmmm.... I am strugling with the same situation here. Funny thing, the waypoint I downloaded from the elsinga web site show transparent; the ones I created myself have the magenta background on my GPS (60 Cx). I tried everything, 24x24, 16x16, 8 bits, 200x200, etc. It simply doesn't work, which drives me crazy! I cannot understand what am I doing wrong here! WHich program do you guys use to edit your bmp files? I tried Paint and IrfanView - is there anything else I can try to make this happen? Any kind of information or suggestion is welcome. Regards, L
  12. This one? With a lot of patience
  13. Copy&Paste will work (tried it myself). I am not sure if your receiver accepts custom POIs, If yes, you can upload the GPX file as custom POIs and you can have more than 1000 points (they say it's unlimited - I have on mine over 20,000 custom POIs)
  14. Even if it's not, you can add it as custom poi - see a list here: http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=67416
  15. Check and see if you don't have CN8 hidden.
  16. Well, yes and no. If it was laid out in magnetic, and declination was NOT accounted for, then YES...BIGTIME. If declination was accounted for, then no. I understand the importance of magnetic declination - where i live it's about 11 degrees. However, what I wanted to say is that when I'm on the road, the road leads me to destination. I don't need to know whether it it goes towards the true north or magnetic north - I have a road map in my car anyway. The roads have never been built like a straight line between two points. This thing with 'Take Hwy xxx North' is only in North America. In Europe, people say 'Take Hwy xxx towards <City>'. It doeans't matter whether you drive Norht or East or... whatever. Then, taking a winding road... Does it still matter whether your GPS is set up to Magnetic North or True North? I don't think so. What matters the most is when you are hiking and using a topo map - ten for sure you need to know where is what. That's why I prefer magnetic to true because I can alway take a bearing with by compass and project a waypoint in my GPS without the need to convert from magnetic to true. That's why I consider that magnetic is more important than true because, after all, all compasses point to magnetic north (well... at least those used in the northern hemisphere).
  17. Well... that's a really tough argument. Honestly, does it really matter if the road is laid out in true or magnetic? For me, always magnetic - my compass indicates the magnetic north always, so why bother and correct for declination when the GPS can do it?
  18. Same here. Yesterday, on my way back everything was back to normal. Today no problem either. Anyway, this was pretty scary...
  19. Is this a tricky question? OK, I have to admit... I didn't.
  20. I wonder if whatever_it_is affects the 60-series only I'll check it again on my way back tonight. Anyway, this is not funny... Assuming I was hiking and... Well... that's why they say, never rely solely on your GPS; always have some kind of backup.
  21. I cannot see any difference between the old version and this new one. I even uninstalled the previous version and I still cannot figure it out how can one do this, for example: Am I missing something here?!
  22. New batteries won't do anything. I already tried that with the same result.
  23. Hmmm... I am quite far from White House (Ontario/Canada). I hope that 'local jamming device' does not affect the entire world!
  24. I understand and agree with that. However, this is the same map I've been using for months now and on the same daily route and yet, I have never seen this situation before. So, this is not the case. I have seen though, that situation happening.
  25. Okay... it makes me feel better too. Something in the air?! Mr. President Bush... what did you do now? Forgot to tell us something? At first I though it was because of the batteries. I changed them but the problem persisted. BTW: This is the same unit I've had for over a year and I have never seen this happening before. So, JohnInDC, I don't think your problem is because the unit Garmin sent you back.
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