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  1. I could have sworn this was brought up before, and HTML tags were stripped. I'm guessing it just slipped through the cracks. EDIT: I didn't see any image.
  2. Even better, have a user-customizable preference like Wikipedia does.
  3. It could also be the case that there are certain ideas being worked on that will ultimately fail, and they don't want to get people excited over something that won't work. There are plenty of reasons why they wouldn't disclose "what's in the works."
  4. Why? That's like history books leaving out all the battles lost in a war and just describing the victories.
  5. That's like taking a helicopter up to Mount Everest. A helicopter that litters every ten feet. HTML is easy enough to learn; by using an editor you produce bad code and don't learn the right way to do it. EDIT: As to the OP, I don't think you can do much more within the framework of a cache page.
  6. In any case except for the cache being on private property and/or dangerous, nothing's stopping you. Do some maintenence while you're there and give the cache owner a report of its condition. I've had a couple caches where the owner re-enabled them after I reported they were OK (new owner from adoption).
  7. Great rhymes there - but it's about 7 lines longer than most people who don't recover as found would read.
  8. You posted it to the Internet. What did you expect? I agree completely. Even if there were no Google, there is 99.9% certainty that anything you post to the Internet can be found.
  9. Which ones worked and which ones didn't? (although I can already guess)
  10. Can you give an example? I not sure I quite understand what you mean - are waymark creators logging their own waymark? If so, I agree: it doesn't make much sense.
  11. You got it right - so why post such a stupid hint??
  12. I think's there's some way around this, but I don't remember exactly. What happens if you include a blank line between the lines?
  13. Micro. I've never seen one with any trade items or anything more that a typical micro scrap of log folded up in a plastic bag.
  14. When I set up the cache, I kept imagining people's surprises to a large plastic spider on the lid in a dark hole. Most people have indicated a little surprise, but this was the best yet!
  15. Did you notice the checkboxes at the left of the page and the check all button at the bottom? It's about 10x faster that way.
  16. You do understand the differences between these two challenges, right?* those inherent in geocaching - for instance, finding the actual cache * those made up that have nothing to do with geocaching besides (ab)using the website to list them Big deal. How long were virtuals/moving/locationless/etc around?
  17. Find a large hollow tree trunk or old well. I still want to place something that size, but don't have a container.
  18. If there's a location you think might be problematic, leave the empty cache container there with a dollar bill or quarter for a while before actually placing it. If it's gone, you don't have to go through the disappointment of placing an entire cache, listing it, and archiving it. I did this on my cache that's literally one foot away from Muggles' view in a well-used park, and it turned out to be a great spot. On the other hand, I just placed a new cache in an out-of-the-way underused unlisted forest preserve with camouflague to match the surroundings, and it was muggled (contents thrown about) within a week. Go figure.
  19. right-click on it, and select Copy Image Location.
  20. I think drag'n drop works too.
  21. That's an awful lot of information about the site's inner workings than you shouldn't be letting the user see.
  22. Have you already downloaded (or tried to download) another geocaching.loc file? The [1] means that IE is saving the new file and renaming it to avoid replacing an existing file. Maybe clearing your temporary internet files/cache will help.
  23. Think about it for a second. How does your copy of Google Earth know who you are?
  24. If I remember correctly, there are check boxes on the left of the PQ page and a delete button at the bottom of the column.
  25. Do you have any sort of security suite or adblocking software that might be blocking them?
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