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  1. It's just not practical on the server side, and would need to be implemented by Invision Power Boards (makers of the forum software), not Groundspeak. Using Firefox 2.0 or 1.5 with Spellbound will do it, though.
  2. alexrudd

    New Site Bugs

    After playing around with it a bit, I'm almost certain that there are three (minor) things that need to be fixed. (1) the log counter includes archived logs and (2) it starts at 0, not 1 but only for Enable and Change coordinates logs. (3) each image has two ALT="text" attributes, and the cell data isn't aligned center (told you these were minor things!) For a day or two now I've been wondering how the GM script was able to count logs without clicking "Display all logs."
  3. I can duplicate exactly. Never had a problem like this with any other archived caches' .gpx files.
  4. The "goodies" are just desktop wallpapers and such. Adding widescreen images would not affect website issues in the least.
  5. States are pretty arbitrary boundary lines. How about for $1 you can up your PQ to 5,000 results?
  6. Hey, cool we appreciate knowing what's going on. Could you by any chance make this information (the slowest queries) public, so we can know what drains the system and try to avoid those actions? For instance, if loading a cache page were the bottleneck, there's a greasemonkey script that adds a log link to the cache search page to bypass it. It would be helpful to know what to avoid and work around.
  7. Java and JavaScript are completely different. Make sure JavaScript is enabled Tools > Options > Content > Enable Javascript [x] (another Linux user, yay!)
  8. Removed? It's not causing you any harm, and it does benefit the rest of us. Why remove it??
  9. Sometimes the map is wrong, so it's a built-in way to regenerate it.
  10. Ask IE7 developers, then. The problem isn't with Groundspeak, it's with your browser.
  11. It *could*, although I'm not sure of the technical details. I've seen a GM script do it, which means it technically possible for gc.com to do it in it's Gmap script.
  12. For all those who have called the Sort by last GPX date a great workaround: If you use the "have been updated in the past 7 days" option to prevent useless PQ generation, this doesn't work. Am I just not supposed to use that option, and have my PQ's return all caches, even if they haven't been updated?
  13. Everything on your computer is data. Thus, all current caches are illegal. How about this? No cache which requires data with an executable flag (+x) to be downloaded from the cache page may be approved. The underlying cause is stupid operating system design on the part of a large monopoly.
  14. You can edit them out again, right? HTMLTidy is annoying, but preventing link spam is a hard beast to handle.
  15. I did a 10 day road trip last summer - ran 5 PQs for along the route and loaded the 960 caches I liked into my GPS and PDA - off I went. Found 74 along the way - great trip, never accessed the Internet the whole time!! (had 8 DNFs too) - ran into one that turned out to have been archived after the trip started - oh well. 2 hours of planning for 10 days of fun!! Data got wiped off my home HD as soon as I ran my next PQ about 2 weeks later. Were you trying to make a point?? Yes. They were examples that were intended to demonstrate the fact that offline databases can be useful in some situations to some people. You posted an anecdote as evidence that my question was invalid. Why don't I tell you a nice story too? Anecdotes don't prove anything. Again, I ask since it was missed before. Perhaps rewording helps. How would an extra option (unticked by default) called "include archived caches (description not included)" on PQ pages hurt anyone? It's already been demonstrated that it would help some people. The only possible problem I can see is that perhaps archived caches are moved out of the active cache database, and would require some technical work behind the scenes. That's just speculation on my part; if it's true why doesn't Groundspeak acknowledge it?
  16. StarBrand, what if, say, I'm going on a road trip and won't have access to the internet? Or, what if the geocaching.com website is down again?
  17. How damaging would it be to have a simple checkbox for PQ's, off by default? [ ] Include recently archived caches (will not contain description) This solves ALL the problems mentioned.
  18. There's no way to view a profile without logging in; that link is the best method.
  19. alexrudd

    Stat Box

    If you can figure out the super-secret code, there are a few other options available (for regional groups) http://img.geocaching.com/stats/img.aspx?t...a63693&bg=3
  20. Sorting by choice will annoy 50% of recepients. Sorting by distance will annoy the other 50% User-defined choice == GOOD.
  21. Interesting. The webserver is IIS? No wonder it has so many problems.
  22. Get IE to comply with international web standards, then.
  23. Set up automatic forwarding with your email program.
  24. Please make them different by at least 00 00.001, to avoid confusion for software processing your caches down the road. Other than that, go ahead.
  25. nice Is is legal to use free USPS materials for anything other than actual mailings?
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