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  1. "The callback on abJax has failed due to a server side exception"


    The first few times I tried to get information for a cache, I got this error and then the map locked up. After a few refreshes, it appears to be working again. Not sure how long it will last.



    EDIT: Just noticed the new trackables tab. Cool!

  2. For the time being you can find archived caches on the old Geocaching.com maps but I understand those will go away someday soon./quote]Oh, great. Where did you hear this? I hope you're wrong, although thanks for passing it along. :(
  3. Ok negative Nelly. The idea was that once they were actively used we would incorporate it into the GPX files.
    That doesn't make much sense, uh, Positive Pete. (?) If you want them to be actively used, put them in the GPX files. Otherwise neither will happen any time soon.
  4. I didn't even notice until this forum thread. (1) PM (2)Adblock+


    From the screenshots, it looks like you completely overdid it for non-PM. Ads that are that annoying (half the page == annoying) will just turn people away. I think one line (without whitespace, dividers, or that by Google line) after the second or third listing would be best.


    I realize the ads for people not logged in are not the most profitable, but they were done well. I dislike ads but those are not intrusive at all.

  5. Is this something that would work in any platform? For example if I were using Ubuntu Linux would I be able to use this to communicate with a supported GPSr?


    This would be a question for Garmin since they are the ones that programed the plugin. As for an educated guess I would say yes. The plugin is written in java and as long as your browser supports it then it shouldn't matter the operating system.

    That would be incorrect. The plugin isn't written in Java; if it were it would be a Java applet not a custom plugin. It doesn't work on Linux.

  6. I just checked and I'm getting the same problem. Using the results for a search on "coin" and it's 80-90% correct. For example, sorting by reverse name gives Z, X, T, V, U... I can't figure out what's common among the 20% that are out of order either.

  7. There's always been a smidge of whitespace at the top. How much are you seeing?



    Subjectively, about an inch. From a Google cache, it used to be a little less. I didn't really realize it was there before, but now's as good a time as any to "fix" it. I think maybe 1/3 -1/2 of what is there now would be great.


    Also, (mentioned on GSAK forums) when you follow a link to an archived link while not logged in you get a server error.


    Lastly, there's no reason to show "I plan to attend" text if I'm not planning on attending anything.



    I like tweaking the site like this. ;)


    EDIT: It seems that 2/3 of my comments have been changed already. Awesome job - there aren't very many places around that have a few hour turnaround!


    Here's another one: how about removing the excess <p></p> tags when there is no hint to display?

  8. Wow - I just refreshed one of the pages and noticed the changes. Apparently everything was changed at exactly 12:30 today, and I was on in a 10 second window to see it.


    The maps expand properly and the size is back to an icon.


    This is finally starting to shape up, but there's still whitespace at the top of the page.

  9. While out there on a cache hunt, geocahcers collect litter along the trails and properly dispose of it.


    Found on the description of a CITO Event (when not logged in)

  10. augmenting some of the queries between google and a squid caching server.
    Hey, that's actually a good idea buried in your "suicide note." Google has bandwidth to spare, and it's not hitting geocaching.com servers.
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