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  1. If you're only doing it for bookmarks, Foxmarks is even slicker.
  2. If I squint and tilt my head sideways at the map, the blue splotches appear to read: I *love* being an involuntary beta tester!
  3. Argh, please don't - the last thing we need is a giant influx of MySpace drones!
  4. I can't claim credit for noticing it, but this is easily reproducible. If zoomed out a decent amount in a cache-dense area, all the clusters are at the bottom of the map and the middle/top are empty. Also, if you twitch the map a little bit (just enough to trigger a refresh), all the clusters jump around.
  5. You can do that with a note, and don't have to bother recording the tracking #.
  6. Hey, thanks! Knowing what's going on is appreciated.
  7. You want to add quotes around the sever name, too. A quick and easy way to make it more standards-complaint (and avoid trouble if the server or photo name contains a space)
  8. You got those mixed up. He wants to exclude those that ARE NOT winter friendly ()
  9. ... or post the same message 4 times and stare at three awful messages. Spell-check on the server side is hardly feasible; just get a spellcheck add-on for your browser.
  10. This is getting old. If you're quoting something, those ellipses sure are convenient for removing the parts that don't agree with what you're saying. Increasing "territory" != increasing PQ's if they become more efficient.
  11. I'm nearly positive that Groundspeak already does this. No, there is no distinction between the live server and the public test server.
  12. Using these calculations, the value of having a one-day-old copy of the entire database of active caches is about $60/month. Allowing information to be up to a week old drops that to under $10/month. Since the big worry is supposedly someone duplicating the whole database, why has nobody done it yet? Obviously nobody wants to, because the value of the database is being able to add logs to it. This explanation is tiresome to see repeated over and over again. What, exactly, is wrong with the possibility that some people might get more bang for their buck?
  13. I think the default is much better left as is, for the majority of cachers who don't create listings before placing the cache. Perhaps someone could make a GM script to uncheck the box for you.
  14. This has been brought up for years, to appear sometime in the future as an enhancement.
  15. You're right: certain listings are retracted and appear as if they are never published. However, I would guess this is less that .1% of all caches. In the past year within a 50-mile radius 2 caches in my area have been retracted. I don't think problems with sensitive areas are a problem at all in the grand scheme of things, but I guess GS has to have some sort of policy to point to. I don't see the ability to actively find (i.e. not stumble across) archived listings a problem in that regard, and would also like to see it return.
  16. Anyone else going to the events in Madagascar or the Sahara? Maybe we can trade wallpapers there.
  17. The only feasible way such a script could work is if it had a database of all the archived caches in the world. It would have to intercept calls to the map and check for archived caches in the area, then inject them into the map. That's about as close to impossible as you can get, despite being theoretically possible. Prime Suspect was able to make the scripts you have because they usually only involve adding links to known locations, such as a cache page. They can't query the GC database.
  18. Same here. We seem to be a rare bunch, though. Nothing GC.com does will change that.
  19. Try using WINE for GSAK on GNU/Linux.
  20. Argh, I just tried to use this today and realized it was no longer there. There's no sense in removing something until its replacement is operational, unless the removal is intended to be permanent.
  21. (FX, WinXP) It appears to me that the images for found/not found load properly, but then there is an overlay with the cache type that does not.
  22. No offense to your fine state, but that comment just about made my day.
  23. I see it too, but I get a second, ridiculously long, error message before the cbAjax one. It starts "an error occured while applying the new output," and doesn't have any indication of ending before the Second Coming. Ubuntu Linux 7.04, running FX
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