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  1. No, the bolts that are attaching his feet to the ceiling.
  2. Dang it! I just threw away a whole bunch of those this weekend! I considered using them to place microcaches but I figured people might be grossed out by them... Hmmm...maybe they are still in my trash can... If they weren't bad enough before, now they definitely will be... I found a 12-pack of camo Easter eggs at Walmart, they seem to repel water pretty well. I'm not going to use them unless they pass more rigorous testing, though.
  3. Put it in a fire, leave it and come back later. It should be nice and darkened. Smells bad too.
  4. Use GSAK and the expanded Google Earth macro. It shows different icons for each type, difficulty, terrain...
  5. Why not change the "bar graph" icon to 4 different icons for micro, small, regular, and large? A film canister, tupperware, the current "traditional" one, and a 50-gallon bucket.
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