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  1. This could also be a place to initiate coin trades. If you have a coin that you see I don't...I'd be interested.
  2. New thread started on Coin Collecting.
  3. New thread started to check out coin collections.
  4. Starting this thread to admire the many coins and signature items available through geocaching. My wife is unimpressed with my private collection of trinkets. Many duplicates exist in this photo. Let's see yours.
  5. That was me ...Cool Shop99er! Look forward to seeing you wear it at hte next event! Did you get one for Mrs. Shop too? my number # 0061
  6. Picked up my coins @ 5 in Tacoma...Thanks Lucyandricky! Got to see Shopper and saw Geodiver there as well!
  7. No new news Ronnie is still at large. I have been considering making a revisit to this location soon..It looks the Good Stuff & runhills and I are the only visitors.
  8. GEM's

    Got Coin?

    Great cache...be sure to try this one on the way in... Just me, my dog & God Have fun!
  9. GEM's

    "real Deal"

    Guillemot Cove Cache was one of my first of many DNF. I never made it back but it is one of my favorites! My prayers are with the family and friends.
  10. Is that the tip of my WWJD square just below the little guys foot on the Pepper side of the quilt? Great work Pepper! & nice work Shauna and Jon too
  11. Hey PA Are you taking orders?
  12. Under Golden Pine WOW I thought I'd try to grab a special Art by Fire 9-11 gllass ball so we left Graham at 5:00am arrived at 6:30 to find literally 1000's of people walking the beach searching for balls that had been planted last night. However, out of the entire crowd only one person had found one ball at 4:30 am...she said that she saw a few people leaving with glass balls at that time and that 100's of people had been in that park all night long. The park is geothrashed and the one cache in the park was found often by the searchers. Did any of you find a glass ball?
  13. Rick is Da MAn in Pierce County!
  14. Just completed a day of GeoTeaming activities with Jo Fjellman of Playtime and it was fantastic! Playtime now has a course established at Pt. Defiance and it is awesome! If you're looking for a great team building activity with your organization...this is it! Tell them GEM's sent you!
  15. Cool I'm looking for a Kentucky COin...Let's Trade
  16. We had our hands on it the dark..I found it later after a hint from Moun10Bike.
  17. First things first...GEM's is looking for a Kentucky Geocoin....I'll even pay for it...or Trade.
  18. It's official KFAm hit 500 @ our event today...congrats to the whole Fam Dan, Judy, & Ginger
  19. Congrats to Ruck from Port Orchard the proud new owner of a Moun10Bike Geocoin! Congrats to KFam from Spanaway for hitting the 500 mark at our event! Congrats to DadWrap from Hawaii for traveling the furthest for our event Others in attendance: Geoflea Team Noltex KFam GrnXnHam Kitelady Misguided One 73Jeep GeoDiver Johnny Quest NBJPoppa Mer1 OhJoy! Wildwillys Bad Shark G.O.Girl GeoGrammy MarcoPollo Rinobuddies MountainMule Ruck DadWrap InnKeepers Synapse...Seems like I'm missing someone? I had a great time..thanks to all who came!
  20. Yes I have a new Canadian Geocoin...handed too me by the supplier. Do you want to trade?
  21. KFam has been working hard and is set to hit 500 at our Event Cache in Graham tomorrow @ 9:00....and he may Win a Moun10Bike Coin! Come on out to Graham to find out and cheer him on!
  22. I'd like to trade a Canadian Geocoin for a Kentucky Geocoin...Any takers?
  23. The same CameraThyme mentioned in Chapter 15 "Geocaching Events" part 4 "Welcome to the Geocaching Community" on page 241 in the "Complete Idiots Guide to Geocaching"?
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