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  1. I can maybe/probably get Friday off, but I'll have to leave by noon (Dentist appt. @ 1:00)...will that help?


    Allanon 8 - 12 on Friday


    Yep that helps a lot!

  2. Wed 3/16  8 - 5  GO West, WeightMan, GEM's

    Thu 3/17 geoducky(9 - 3),  8 - 5 GO West, WeightMan

    Fri 3/18  geoducky(9 - 3),  8 - 3 GO West, MarcusArelius, Team Misguided


    Updated Schedule.


    We have room for more coaches.


    Did I metion Free Stuff?

  3. ONLY 5 DAYS until the first pitch.


    Wed 3/16 8 - 5 GO West, WeightMan, Team Misguided

    Thu 3/17 8 - 5 geoducky(9-3), GO West, WeightMan, Team Misguided

    Fri 3/18 8 -3 geoducky(9-3), GO West, MarcusArelius, Team Misguided


    Updated...can anyone else help?


    Are these times correct for everyone?


    Go West is putting together a nice spreadsheet schedule.


    All volunteers get a geocaching goodie, and free admission into the Tech Vendor area plus a free geocaching NCCE Cache to place after the conference.

  4. Wed 3/16 8 - 5 GO West, willcall, WeightMan, Team Misguided

    Thu 3/17 8 - 5 geoducky(9-3), GO West, WeightMan, Team Misguided

    Fri 3/18 8 -3 geoducky(9-3), GO West, MarcusArelius, Team Misguided


    Does this look accurate...can we add your name?

    You will get a geocaching prize for you help!

  5. Playtime (Geoteaming) is now getting into the action!


    Hydee from Groundspeak checked in with me today as well!


    This is gonna be a blast!


    It's not to late ot volunteer.

  6. I met with Anne Allen from NCCE today and we're making the final preparations.


    We are closer to securing the new Garmin 60 for the raffle.


    Anne would like the electronic copy of the documents that Go West has put together. I gave her the hard copies of the Map, one page coordinates and a sample of the individual cache page that Go West is working on.


    Anne is working on the baseball cards for the caches. She will also take care of printing the handouts. Anne is also checking on a liability form.


    Go West was also working on a checkout system for the loaner GPSrs. This would include a form to sign taht would say something like.

    In the event the GPSr is lost, stolen, or damaged while in my care; I will replace it.

    We may want to consider keeping a Visa card instead of a Drivers License.


    weightman and Go West are working on building the cache containers for the event.


    Playtime Inc is considering participation.


    We'll be meeting at the convention center @ 8 am on Wednesday Morning 3/16..to lay out hte course and load the cordinates into the GPSr's.


    We still need more volunteers and more GPSrs. And we're still looking for donations. All volunteers will have FREE access to an impressive collection of Technology vendors & get a FREE Geocaching Tattoo



  7. d00ac3c8-4de3-42d5-bb5a-f05f6256b40a.jpg


    Here's a look at a possible handout. The Red Dots may make it too easy...even for beginners...What do you think?


    This would accompany a handout that Go West is working on that would give coordinates and clues.

  8. WeightMan GO West and I met at the Freepark Cache today and accomplished the following:


    I) GO & WM now have 4 tupperware containers each that they will be adding camo, Geocaching sheet & stickers, and NCCE label.


    II) We collected the following data...


    1. 47 36.624 122 19.761

    Ninth & University, Between Bench & Rhody, Under Leaves, Top of Steps


    2. 47 36.600 122 19.811

    Between Chainlink Fence & Cement Planter, Across from Rest Rooms


    3. 47 36.667 122 19.832

    Under George Washinton, George OffSet Cache, George will be directly between you and Two Union, 13 paces back to the middle of Sidewalk, 9 paces NE to the wall, Under Leaves and Ivy.


    4. 47 36.580 122 19.887

    Base of 10 foot wall, Top of steps leading to Park Place, Hidden in Ivy.


    5. 47 36.773 122 19.806

    Hubbell, Terry & Pike corner, Green arrows pointing away from it to Freeway Park & Convention Place, Access from Sidewalk, Sailing Ship Mast near, Bottom of steps on the path to Convention Center from Pike.


    6. 47 36.693 122 19.834

    Under light post, Pathway to Pike Street.


    7. 47 36.657 122 19.859

    Fast Lane Nook, Alcove/Nook over I-5 North Fast Lane, Under Westernmost 9 Lights


    8. 47 36.593 122 19.961

    Two Union Square, NW Corner of Upper level Terrace, Under Granite Lip.


    III) GO West was willing to be creative with the above info and create a one page handout with coords and clues.


    IV) Does anyone want to help make a cool map with this info?


    V) Does anyone know how to generate a GPX file (or other) that could be downloaded or shared with conference participants?


    VI) Other ideas?

  9. Tomorrow is NOT mandatory for participating in our conference event.


    If you can't make it tomorrow, we'll still need your help at the event.

    Watch this thread for updates.


    I'll be there (@ Freeway Park) with the tupperware containers @ 10:30.


    I haven't heard from Groundspeak...making the assumption that they must not be interested in this type of publicity, but am still hopeful for a response.

  10. Anne & I scoped out the area yesterday...It's gonna be a blast!


    Here's the first draft of a plan (Before I had a chance to read the latest posted great ideas)


    1) No existing caches will be used or compromised during the conference. However, we may use the local web cams, but not the caches. High Five and Freeway are the closest caches and are both in good shape.


    2) We will place 8 Tupperware size caches in Freeway park (Closed @ Dusk) and other safe park like areas on Pine. Each cache will contain NCCE Collector "All Stars" Cards.


    3) Participants will receive a map, GPSr, & Cache list with hints (teams may be formed).


    4) Volunteer Geocachers "Coaches" will man the "Dug Out" where instructions, GPSr "Spring" training, handouts and GPSr are given with instructions to be discreet.


    5) We'll set up and start on Wednesday @ 8 am


    6) Coaches will man the booth on this Possible Schedule:


    Wed 3/16 8 - 5 GO West, willcall, WeightMan, Team Misguided

    Thu 3/17 8 - 5 geoducky(9-3), GO West, WeightMan, Team Misguided

    Fri 3/18 8 -3 geoducky(9-3), GO West, MarcusArelius, Team Misguided


    7) Prize Drawing @ Final Keynote Friday @ 4:00 (must be present)


    8) Each team will visit as many caches as possible during their stay in Seattle.


    2 Caches = Single

    4 Caches = Double

    6 Caches = Triple

    8 Caches = Home Run


    The more you find the more chances you have to win.


    9) Individual players on teams that find all 8 caches will have one entry into a special drawing for our best prize (hopefully a donated GPSr).


    10) All teams that "hit a Single" find at least 2 caches will be entered into a team drawing to win T- Shirts for their whole team.


    11) Coaches will check on and replenish caches throughout each day.


    12) Anne is going to make the "All Star" cards to be place in the caches.


    13) Glenn is going to purchase 12 tupperware containers (extras for muggled caches).


    14) Glenn will find 8 locations to acquire coordinates; caches will be placed by Coaches on Wednesday AM.


    15) Glenn will make a map/Satellite photo of the area with caches shown. (jdmcox.com ?)


    16) Glenn will make a cache list handout with hints.


    17) Glenn will contact Garmin & Groundspeak to determine their interest in this opportunity.


    18) Coaches will have access to a computer to download coordinates to the loaner GPSr when possible.


    19) 1 Loaner GPSr will be given per team by the "Coaches" in exchange for a Driver's License as collateral.


    20) Anne will secure access to 100 GPSr.


    21) Coaches, Pitchers and Catchers will report to training early to go over all of the above and to divide and refine the tasks above....Look for more info on this meeting soon.


    What did I forget?

  11. The NCCE Conference (Northwest Council for Computer Education) is being held in Seattle (March 16 - 19), @ the Washington State Convention Center this year. It is the premier educational technology conference in the Northwest and annually hosts 3,500 educators from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Canada and beyond.


    This year they have asked me (Yesterday) to coordinate a geocaching activity that has yet to be created and has been described to fit the baseball theme like this:


    Peanuts, Popcorn, and Geocaching

    Now is your chance to win your very own GPS device. Participate in the NCCE World Series by locating and collecting four of seven baseball cards hidden throughout downtown Seattle. Once you’ve collected four or more cards, stop by the Dugout to register for the drawing.


    Here's What I Know:

    This will be FUN

    This will introduce 1,000's to our hobby

    I can get 90 - 100 GPS units through our State ESD's

    Reception near the Convention Center is tricky at best

    Hiding tupperware in this area will be a challenge

    I'll need help from my Geocaching Friends

    The activity will only be open to conference participants

    (It's not too late to sign up)

    I'm sending 70 educators from my district :D


    Here's Why I Post:

    Would you be interesting in volunteering at a "Geocaching Table" through out the conference (March 16 - 19), everyone takes a shift, to hand out GPS units and give teachers a quick overview on how to use them and get them started on their adventure?


    Would you have any connections to Garmin that they may see a benefit in supporting this type of activity?


    Would Groundspeak be interested in being involved?


    What ideas would you have for me that might make this a fun and doable event?


    This sound like it's right down Seth!'s alley :D




  12. Slow poke Pepper left a SuperGenius coin in the cache also, it's not a M10B but it's a coin none the less





    I think Pepper was chewing on a Zuchinni when we took this pic. There were coins flying everywhere.

  13. 9da3a7d2-e836-48dd-a38e-7017f64342de.jpg


    These items are currently available at the cache:


    Moun10Bike Geocoin

    Boeing Coin

    (3) Washington Geocoins


    MountainMule Wooden Coin

    Hiking Stick Travel Bug (take the card from the cache too, the Stick is hidden near the cache)


    Check out the logs and the pics at the Buck's Crossing website.

  14. Only a few gunshots on our way out. The posse of 8+2 lived to tell the tale.

    Big congrats to GEM's on 1000 and Pepper with 2200th finds today!

    Stories will soon follow!


    ...and pics. <_<


    Thanks to Kfam, evergreenhiker!, Pepper, MountainMule & Beth, Moun10Bike, & runhills & Chester for joining Katie and I for a wonderful day! This truly was a memorable caching trip!

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