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  1. We were the first to find so we didn't know there was a better way...but yes I did ruin a pair of chestwaders...but it was soooo worth it!
  2. As the FTF geodiver and I used chestwaders ..which I threw away after the find because they were complete destroyed. Have fun
  3. Indeed I did teach at Graham Elementary the first year it opened over 20 years ago! NWCrew...can't wait to hear from you! Mr. Malone
  4. idajo2 and GeoDiver you're the best!
  5. It's still not too late to join us tomorrow. 8:00 - 4:00 in the Washington State Trade and Convention Center. Stop by any time.
  6. See you on Friday Morning...Bring a friend!
  7. Any others interested this year? Team Misguided? Alanon? Bueller? Bueller? Did I mention you get a free t-shirt?
  8. Might be able to help out but not sure if I have enough experience. Scubasonic Love to have you...would you like to work with the famous GeoDiver on Thursday?
  9. Excellent Let's do Thursday!
  10. The NCCE Conference is in Seattle this year. The geocaching booth has been a huge success for 5 years now. 3,000 teachers will attend this year's conference @ the Washington State Convention Center We needed experienced geocachers to teach the teachers how to geocache...It's a ton a fun! We have 3 shifts: Thursday, March 4 8:00 - 12:00 12:00 - 4:00 Friday, March 5 8:00 - 12:00 Would you like to help?
  11. The results are in! 3,000 more people know about geocaching and Groundspeak. 300 actually attempted our course in Freeway Park 1 winner of the nuvi 750, Clay Roonsaville of Grants Pass, OR Next conference: back to Portland, Theme: Navigating the New World of Technology...Pirates!, Feb 17 -20 2009 Fractal, PDXMarathonman...you guys ready for the fun?
  12. No need to bring anything...but you can bring any geocaching items you'd like to show off. I'll be at the geocaching booth on the 4th floor of the convention center...follow the signs to the NCCE conference registration...(it's around the corner from were it was 3 years ago weightman). I'll be there at 7 am. GeoDiver! can't wait to see you again! The bad news is the coordinates are lousy. It is hard to get a good signal next to the Union buildings! I finished all preparations today...We're ready to roll. Thursday will be our busiest day. Glenn
  13. I'm here in Downtown Seattle, Red Lion on 5th. No bike needed...it's a very short distance. I caught and fixed the "On"e error. We expect 3,000 teachers on Thursday! This is gonna be a blast!
  14. HunkOf God will be there all day on Thursday
  15. Here's a sneek peek at the coordinates: 1) 47 36.646 122 19.861 2) 47 36.571 122 19.853 or 47 36.554 122 19.878 3) 47 36.610 122 19.835 4) 47 36.631 122 19.820 5) 47 36.683 122 19.826 Each Cache will represent one of the coffee companies (ie Starbucks, Tullys etc.) Nothing is a the coords now.
  16. Check out this link for a progress report on preparations.
  17. Things are shaping up! The equipment is ready...The course is set...Conference registration is at an all-time high...now we need a couple more volunteers...any takers... 4 hour shifts...either 8 - 12 or 12- 4 Wed or Thursday or 8 - 12 on Friday.
  18. I"ll be there! Come on over to the westside MtnGoat! Playtime is donating 50 GPS units.
  19. WOW! Spokane cachers are fantastic! This was our best cache course yet! Check out our pictures!
  20. Any Spokane Cachers Ready to get involved? I have a confirmation from Shauna Maggs at Groundspeak... They're ready to support this conference again this year! Thanks Shauna!
  21. Cachers have volunteered in Seattle, Portland, and even San Diego! Now we're headed to Spokane! Check out the planning wiki for details and email mail if you can help! Ask Weighman, Fractal, pdxmarathonaman and you can even ask the Podcacher what they think of this event! Don't miss the fun in Spokane.
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