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  1. Wait until you do the other two in the series...
  2. A bit of both for us as well. Most of the time we'd find (or know about) an awesome spot, place the cache and then write up the info that goes with it. We have placed some spur of the moment caches, but generally don't do that (although I keep a micro in the car - just in case!) We have also placed two caches and then pulled them out before publishing them - they just didn't feel right. But we always have a list of 12 or so in planning! These are nasties so they tend to stay in planning a looong time. Too long.
  3. Well! Nevermind the trip, and a HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to you and the non-geocacher. That's great news. Well done.
  4. Now TV&M are not just hotshot geocachers, but also South Coast celebrities!
  5. Hey, just SMS the coordinates to the rest of us as well!
  6. Hmmm... part of me agrees with Discombob and part of me doesn't. I think different style caches (multi vs starightforward vs devilishly difficult) could be interesting in a single area.
  7. Well... ... if you go to www.geocacher.co.za you can order another one! ;P
  8. bear&fox


    Thanks so much. This two hundred has been great fun, and we are looking forward to the next 200 plus change. Great to hear cownchicken clocking up the big 400. That magic 500 number is not too far away now! We wish you great finds and breathtaking scenery for your upcoming tour. Also good to see GlobalRat sniffing some caches in the Cape (and clocking another milestone). And an early congratulations to GS&Dogs who made their 200 this weekend. Well done! On a slightly different note: well done and thanks to all those cachers placing so many new caches! We have been to some fantastic finds lately and I get this warm fuzzy feeling when I log on and see not just one or two new caches after a weekend, but three (plus). That's really great. B&F
  9. And Bob can become known as Disco Vespaxvespa, vespax, vespa. Hey, makes no difference to us in CT, we call you A... anyway!
  10. We take our two four-legged companions if the cache area permits it. We have been trying, with no luck, to teach them to sniff out Tupperware and SWAG. I also always carry an assortment of trail maps in my daypack. Strange I know, but I carry my GPS and a small collection of SWAG to work with me every day. The things we geocachers get up to!
  11. ... hence the non-fossil-fueled boat (I assume!)
  12. GPSBabel will also convert just about any format to WPT file(s).
  13. Your GPSr will take a little while to get a good satellite lock. Also be aware that rock surfaces, tree cover and buildings will heavily influence the reception of your unit. If you find yourself in areas where the reception may be affected, then you can always 'project' the cache position - look at the direction and distance of the cache from several directions. And hey, welcome to the hobby!
  14. Yeah good to meet you too (as Goofster says, however briefly!) Glad to see you had a safe round trip. We'll see you down here again for your first anniversary cache trip, when you can seek out another 50-odd caches. B&F
  15. bear&fox


    That's true - well done John-Gill and SH9 on your first major milestone. You'll be at a hundred before you know it!
  16. bear&fox


    General? Naw! I think TV&M need a more appropriate title. Something to go with the leather jackets, bandannas and mugglebusters! They look all friendly and homely when you meet them (and they are, really they are!), but underneath the calming smiles and chocolate sauce diversion lies... erm... where was I? Oh! Yes! There lies a deeper rumbling of two mean and muscled geocachers that stop for nothing! It's just them, their iron Garmin and the road... And we are very proud of them!
  17. bear&fox


    Hmmm... an eight ton muggle is pretty bad! Of course Bob will reason that these elemuggles, at least, do not ask for your GPSr and passport! We had something far smaller paying close attention when seeking Frodo's Journey. 90% of the hike up the mountain was in dense cloud, so visibility was down to around 50 feet. A raptor fo sorts - probably a buzzard - starting dive bombing Fox (who was retrieving the cache). I was watching from some distance away. I nitially I could only hear the buzzard but could later see it as it flew a wider arc (presumably building up a bit of speed for the next intimidatory dive!) Then a second buzzard appeared and memories of Alfred Hitchcock's fine films came to light (in an otherwise dim and windy world). Somehow it was all a very satisfying experience. Especially is retrospect!
  18. bear&fox


    Fantastic! Well doen TV&M and a hearty happy 38th to Mickey! Hope you have a wonderful long weekend.
  19. Excellent plan! Could even have three or four different categories if the response is good enough.
  20. WOW! That is incredible. What a journey.
  21. Hi Team Myth, We only use geocaching.com in South Africa (there may be a few Waymarks too). You would probably pass through Johannesburg on your way to Witrivier) - here you should be able to collect a few caches as well. As the Huskies suggested, try to get into contact with Fish Eagle - they will know the area fairly well and should be able to give you some detailed information. Enjoy your trip! bear&fox
  22. Did somebody say boat? Roll on! Sounds good already!
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