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  1. Well, yes and no. Yes because it is physically possible - you can plug a GPS receiver (via USB) into your laptop, which will then enable you to navigate (assuming you have applicable software) using just your laptop and GPS receiver. But no as a a laptop is bulky, fragile and the batteries don't last very long. Forget the laptop, buy a proper GPSr (GPS receiver - in this case meaning something standalone and handheld) unit rather. Most Garmin mapping units will interface with your laptop if you load Garmin's nRoute, then your GPSr will function as a reciver and you can use the full functionality of the laptop as the graphical inteface. The laptop will then have the same functions as the GPSr by itself, but it's just a larger screen and more information is visible at a given time. So if you find it all confusing then take the shortcut and just buy a normal GPS unit.
  2. Fish Eagle is probably the person to contact - he has many of those! Find his profile here. If you're still stuck then contact me directly as I have one of the original South African geocoins. I will gladly send a photograph of it. B
  3. Don't change a thing. The cache difficulty rating promises frustration or fun (which of the two depends on how strong your morning coffee was). If anything I think most found the second clue's co-ords a little off, and boy there are many spots for a little critter to hide! I think the area is perfectly safe during the day. Great cache. Make 'em work! Bear
  4. Excellent. Thanks Vespax.
  5. Instant track downloads!
  6. Sounds good! Some of us cannot get HSDPA signal at home... so hope it's not an open (note)book event!
  7. Why not? Dispatched an e-mail to TeamTGF...
  8. I have also been reluctant to say anything about the issue. I have bitten my tongue many times in the previous thread. What got me this time is the blatant evidence in close proximity of a major tourist attraction. And that their socalled security is unable to discover these simple breaches. South Africa generates more foreign income from tourism than it does from mining activities. Biting the hand that feeds it? For sure. What I would like to know is how much worse this will get before somebody up there - anybody - admits that this is not just a silly perception but a major threat. We simply steer clear of many of these hiking routes now. As is the case for many others. So much for the natural splendour our country has to offer.
  9. It's been covered before, so apologies for opening up the can of worms again. G (from GS&Dogs) and I (Bear) walked up to replace the Proteas and Podocarpii cache yesterday. We parted with many pieces of silver at the gate and strolled across the lawns to the cache site. When I read the reports that the cache had disappeared I was puzzled: it's far enough from the usual prying eyes and seems a safe enough hide. Also most of the folks that frequent the area will hopefully leave the container as found of discovered by mistake, right? Wrong. The cache was covered by numerous stones. And every one of these stones had been re-fashioned into a ring around a fireplace. The flat area next to the large rock is now a bed. It has been used recently. To leave the brand-new cache here would mean having it re-muggled within days or, worse, placing a geocacher at risk. So we went searching for a safer location. As luck would have it we found a super spot just meters away from the relative safety of a massive lawn and a busy pathway. But this site too shows signs of habitation. These are no picnic sites, but the overnight hovels of what I can only suspect are the characters that attack the hikers. To say I was dejected is an understatement. The media gives us the impression that the powers that be are doing their best to capture these criminals. Really? On a short stroll I found two overnighting spots. One of them RIGHT next to the 'tame' part of Kirstenbosch. On the way out I learned that they no longer have security patrols. And the entry fee is going up. Now that I find disappointing.
  10. What about FTRAIOTI (First To Read About It On The Internet)? That must be good for bragging rights, right? Or, um, FTLIITM (First To Log In In The Morning)? Enough! I am just giving people ideas... While we're on the subject, the bit that really gets to me are those who post questions like "What's the best geocaching camera?" ... or GPS or walking stick or daypack.
  11. ... okay. Have figured out how to change the view to see 50 listed, but no luck with getting the page numbers to work.
  12. I have the same problem. I have never seen more than Page 1's content when viewing somebody else's bookmarks. It really is annoying. Can someone else's bookmarks be changed so that I can see more listings at one time? Cheers.
  13. Hey Goofster, can't you wrangle a few litres of petrol for a prize?
  14. I am afraid Goofster is quite right. Read all about this disgrace here. And I am told that despite the claims that this is a first, there have been many other attacks in the area. It is also believed that the criminals have become more violent.
  15. bear&fox


    Here is one quite remarkable feat to achieve: to have found all the geocaches on the Cape Peninsula (just ask QFC!). By none other than cownchicken. We think it's an enormous echievement and something to be very proud of. Well done you two, that's one seriously tough act to follow! B&F
  16. Hey Larks, sorry to miss out. Hope to see you next time you're down in the land of mountains.
  17. Haven't the foggiest what we'd be doing on Saturday yet, but your plan sounds good. We may well see you.
  18. Agree with CNC. See you behind a mug of steaming joe and a hot breakfast. Although I have to admit the TVM chocolate sauce does present a significant amount of pull.
  19. Sounds pretty good! Will most likely see you lot there. But I am going to resist making any comments about passing TBs around. ;-) B&F
  20. bear&fox

    Many Thanks

    Glad you enjoyed your caching at the bottom-left corner of Africa! And thanks for the challenge you left for us.
  21. Funny story about the Paddle Cache... GS&Company spent a small fortune purchasing kayaks. Just to find the cache (well, not really, but it sounds more dramatic). And as it turns out the cache has been washed off! Unbelievable what the sea can do. I will try to replace it soon - this time armed with industrial hardware! B&F
  22. Nice plan Vespax! Cleaning up Robben Island - WOW, that's quite a great idea for the CITO!
  23. Grawp, I think the point everyone is trying to make is that it'd be nice if people could have a higher hide to find ratio (10 PLUS %) - at least until it becomes questionable to maintain a large number of caches. So good on you to plant so many. Now will you please come live in Cape Town!
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