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  1. They generally have a tracking number - this you enter in the same text field (online) as you would with a TB. So click Seek Travel Bug, drop the number in the search field and hit Enter!
  2. Hmmm... I'd also like ot head for Antarctica, but $25 000 won't get you too far. So my vote will be Europe (Germany has many caches) - buy and old bike and tour the country... (sigh)
  3. I came extremely close to stepping on a puffadder (similar to rattlesnake) on Saturday whislt heading up a hill for Trappieskop. I was mere inches away from stepping on the snake when I saw it (this is one species that does NOT sail away when they feel vibrations. Luckily I managed to hold my balance and avoid an unpleasant trip down the mountain! The snake was about the girth of a man's wrist - probably wouldn't kill (just), but would spoil your geocache outing! Bear
  4. The yellow Sportrak does not have mapping capability - no base maps, no added maps, nothing. Period. You have all the basic functionality of the Garmin eTrex Yellow, but no maps at all. It does however, have a worldwide database of cities loaded - but that would only be the coordinates. This, of course, would not prevent you from using mapping software on a PC and transferring the waypoints, tracks or routes to the GPS receiver.
  5. I had one of those - nothing wrong with that at all. It would probably be useful to stick with Magellan as you would be totally familiar with the workings of the unit.
  6. I am with briansnat on this: I also use the belt clip that comes with the GPS 60. Mine snaps onto the backpack's shoulder strap - this way I can just twist the unit and see the numbers and dials. When I am within the last couple of meters, I unclip and hold it in my hand. I want to add a cross-strap on my backpack's shoulder strap that will allow me to mount the GPS a fraction higher - thereby gaining slightly better satellite exposure (what difference can 5 centimeters make!) Cheers
  7. Hi Oatway, Oh, you are going to enjoy thus journey a whole lot. I am also still new at the geocaching game and learn something ever day. Also have a look at the Garmin GPS 60 series - it's a newer range (than the Etrex) and comes standard with USB support. GSAK is great, and you can download the demo version to see if you like it (slight restricted use) - a real bargain at $20 anyway! Have fun. Lots of adventures ahead. Bear
  8. It's happened to me as well - it could be a case of humid air - most homes are very humid - when you changed the batteries. If you then place the unit in cold air the moisture forms on the inside of the casing. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it starts affecting performance. I think most units have a 'breather' - a small hole which will allow air to exchange, but too small for water to enter. You may want to ask the dealer about this, as it could be blocked.
  9. I do not entirely agree with Renegade Knight: connectivity to a PC is not always a must. If you are happy to type in all the info using the interface buttons, then fine. But it's nice to have! Another is external power - will you be using your unit in a car for many hours at a stretch, perhaps during long cross-country drives - in this case external power is a benefit too. A mapping unit is great (possibly a used unit for under $100), but not at all necessary. Color screen are also nice, but more difficult to read in sunlight. Some basic units will only allow you to save one route - if you need/want more, buy a more advanced unit. The Garmin Etrex Yellow is a fantastic unit (even if it does not have WAAS), and more than capable of finding caches. If I were you I'd list exactly what you want out of your GPSr, then go find it: PC connectivity? External power? WAAS? Mapping? Multiple routes? Also look at battery run-times, and subtract a third of what the manufacturer claims. Bear
  10. If you do not know what these caches were called, you can also search for the coordinates. The Hide or Seek Cache page is pretty thorough, and will leave you with many search options. Lots of other info once you have reached the cache's page too - such as adding it to your "watchlist" (something to bookmark), or searching for nearby caches. Welcome to geocaching. Much fun to be had here! Bear
  11. Hi Casas, It was a pleasure showing you (a fraction of) the sites. A pity your stay was so short, and that the weather didn't play the game though! Hopefully next time you'll have time for some of the caches requiring a hike. Some good ones there. Thanks also for the geocoins, as it will be nice to see something other than TBs circulating in the caches. To the South Africans, I can strongly recommend showing a visitor the sites: not only will you be of great assistance to visitors, but will also learn much about caching in another country. Keep well, Bear + Fox
  12. I too prefer True North - makes sense for me, as I work off paper maps. Does your unit prompt for the variation - I'd think it's programmed into the unit?
  13. Peter Scholtz's Melkbosstrand (GCMPAT) as well as Cape Town City Multi (GC9AC) needs to be replaced or archived. Both seems to have been out of action for quite some time now.
  14. I am surprised I haven't (yet) had a WAAS lock then - my old Magellan unit managed a WAAS lock within about 2 minutes. No luck from the GPS 60 yet. Haven't had much of a chance to play yet, so I will give it a good run this weekend. I like the one reviewer's comment that holding the GPS 60 feels a potato!
  15. ImpalaBob, are you referring to the area just to the left of the Lat/Long? I have 'Location', then +/- x m. I do have WAAS enabled. Thanks for the tip on WAAS sat numbers. Neo Geo, thanks for the links. Bear
  16. Hello Cachers, Picked up my GPS 60 just last night. Looking good, but I have a couple of questions: 1) Where do I see the EPE (Estimated Position Error)? 2) Is there an indication that I have a WAAS lock? Thanks in advance. If anyone wants to add any further comments or questions pertaining to the GPS 60 unit (not 60C/CS) then feel free to post in this thread - most GPS 60 cover the map-enabled units. Happy hunting, Bear
  17. Nice one TV&M. Well done. Roll on 300.
  18. Use this thread to list your favourite geocaches. Please also provide a link to the cache page. I haven't been to too many cache sites, but so far I rate these: Best location: Eagle's Nest - GCJ0WQ Most fun: Hedge your Bets - GCPG3J
  19. Thank you for the suggestions - these will do the trick.
  20. Good day, Can anyone point me in the right direcdtion to find freeware software that allows one to convert Lat/Long to UTM (and vice versa)? Cheers, Bernard
  21. Hi Casas, I have sent you a PM.
  22. Ah, thanks for that Jamie.
  23. Good day cachers, I have spotted some information icons on some cache pages. These are small square (with rounded corners) black and white icons that tells geocachers about the terrain, hours, whether dogs are allowed etc. If they are visibly they appear just below the 'log your visit' and 'add to watchlist' etc buttons. See this page for an example. How does one access these when you create a cache - I have gone through the motions, but never did see an option for this? Cheers, Bear
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