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  1. I think points should be awarded for each region visited as defined by geocaching.com. So if a country is broken down into provinces/states/whatever on the website, there should be points for each of those. d-bob, can you share your spreadsheet on google spreadsheets?
  2. If you see bad spelling, perhaps point it out to the cache-owner. If they get offended, add a snotty log comment
  3. I must admit I always wondered why the guy reviewing our caches was on the other side of the world. So good news that it's gone local. But thanks for your years of service Erik, and well done on your choice. Good luck, Fish Eagle.
  4. Having named and shamed CacheSyndicate for hanging onto my camera travel bug, I have just noticed that they are hanging on to a second TB which coincidentally I was the last person to have before they took it. The TB was released by a school in the USA as an educational tool for a geography class. Great idea until some idiot takes it and does nothing with it.
  5. Well it's not at Skyline Path either so we've just had to buy a new one. Thanks everyone.
  6. Update: Went back to Noordhoek View and it's not there. So maybe we left it at Skyline Path. Anyone heading that way?
  7. Did Noordhoek View today and we accidentally left a dog leash lying near the cache. If anyone is planning to head there (and I highly recommend that you do - it's a great cache!) please see if you can find it and bring it down. Drop me an email and I'll arrange to pick it up. Thanks!
  8. I am possibly in the worst position that one can be. On 2 April 2006 I started a camera TB in my Carrell's Ledge cache. CacheSyndicate grabbed it, allegedly on that same day (although I think that was a logging error) and promised to take it up the Garden Route. CacheSyndicate have a total of 8 finds to their name and last visited the website on 8 August 2006. Despite numerous emails asking them to get the camera moving, they have done nothing. They did originally respond to an email, but subsequently have not even had the decency to do that. The poor camera has therefore travelled zero km!
  9. Also happy to help out with site admin.
  10. How about The Blue Peter for breakfast?
  11. A suggestion: how about a feature on the site whereby you can enter co-ordinates, or pick a cache or use your home co-ords, and it will bring up a list of cache's with travel bugs in them in order of proximity. Or something along those lines. Sometimes if you're planning a trip, you might want to help some travel bugs along, so it'd be useful to be able to search out where some nearby one's are. I see it's possible to do a pocket query for this, but it migt be useful to add to the site.
  12. Maybe I am being dumb, but I can't for the life of me figure how to upload pics to the galleries (e.g. travel bugs, caches). Any help would be appreciated. // DOH! Just figured it out. click on the "Upload Image" link. Knew I was being dumb
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