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  1. I am surrounded by ISQ caches and one of your newest members is one of my geocaching partners whom I talked into geacaching. Unfortunately I have not found a coin of yours. Are they still being put out?


    The ISQ caches have been fun! I think I have done 8 so far!


    Hope to find one!


    oh yes they are still being put out, but there are only a few out at any given time. yesterday one was found in a ISQ in Brown County

  2. Hello everybody! Another Hoosier checking in! Just started geocaching this past Monday. I logged 21 finds in my first three outings! I am using a new Garmin eTrex Legend. I got a co-worker hooked on it so now I have someone to go with! I also took Dad with me all day Saturday for Father's Day. We found 12 together. I bet he buys a GPSr soon!


    Welcome to INDIANA GEOCACHING, Mark. I see you are keeping stats on your geo-activity. So far 38% of your finds are ISQ's!!


    Sorry about the Garmin thing, but that just makes it more challenging!




    I have to disagree... most garmins are easier to use than the magellans... they just don't have that great of mapping features... but i'll take my little yellow etrex over an explorist anyday..

    The only magellan i'd like to have is that big one that Tennison has...


    Besides... Magellans are always like 30 feet off.

  3. Thanks to 501 Gang for placing the first (I think) ISQ caches in St. Joseph County. I went out and found both today. So add me to that famous ISQ finders list!


    PS: Do I beat Torry since I have 2 finds??


    No I'm afraid not... Torry accidentally found a second ISQ a few months ago. I'm Sure Zorry is Jealous now...

  4. Looks like Abby has her own account now. Patrick, did you have anything to do with this?!!? :shocked:



    In that first picture I posted above, where Chris is giving instructions, look closely. Does anyone else notice that BuddaMan is the only one NOT paying attention? LOL!


    Silly buddaman... if you have to go potty in the park, you do it off trail, not in front of everyone ;)

  5. Most likely I will not be attending the spring picnic.... mostly because i'm paying my arch nemesis to use a laser to burn a hole in my brain tomorrow afternoon...


    I'm probably way off, but is this a reference to LASIK? I had that surgery six years ago and it turned my 20/400 vision into nearly eagle eyes. It certainly helps to have great vision when one is GEOCACHING in INDIANA. :lol::laughing::ph34r:


    Well the truth of the matter is that i think i can get them replaced with cybernetic eyes that will help me decode all these near impossible puzzle caches that keep popping up for geocachers in Indiana

  6. Most likely I will not be attending the spring picnic.... mostly because i'm paying my arch nemesis to use a laser to burn a hole in my brain tomorrow afternoon...


    so after my lobotomy I might not be any good at finding caches... but then again, Doobies is pretty good and his labotomy went pretty well, and 4Dam's laser labotomy made him FTF at shelter 2... so who knows muahahah

  7. I don't watch American Idol; too busy going GEOCACHING in INDIANA. :mad::o:P I do vote in all general elections and wish that we had some form of instant run-off system. I would also tend to favour more of a parliamentary system, but that's just me.


    Crap.. I jsut glanced at this and thought you said paramilitary...

  8. Just something to think about, more people vote for American Idol than they do the President. What's wrong with this country!?!?!


    The media and it's far left stance... doesn't reflect a true porrait of the political issues facing the nation... All it wants to do is demonize Bush, Whether he deserves it or not...

  9. Who besides Geobrowns and myself are still waiting and when did you order them

    I ordered mine 12-9-05

    I am still waiting I ordered mine on Dec 6, 2005 for 5 coins.

    Not a word from Ross here yet though


    I ordered mine on Dec 6th and my payment cleared on the 9th and I still haven't recieved my 4 coins either...

  10. 1. What's a thunder Egg?

    2. When my mom told her boss abut geocaching he asked her how many geodes she had gotten... hahah Geode caching LOL

    3. Want some rocks? I pulled them out of my yard when i had to till up my yard to plant my grass... I got lots of varying sizes LOL...

  11. a98b71c0-fad4-4c33-a410-94ea7013a2ee.jpg


    Just got back from a great trip to Virgin Falls GC2A90. This cache is located about 1-1/2 hours East of Nashville, TN. The torrential downpours on Friday night made for a few harrowing stream crossings but the extra flow also made all the falls along the way fantastic. The water that flows over Virgin Falls emerges from a cave and then cascades 110' only to enter another cave and disappear. JPlus14, Kepnfit, Geode Hunters, LumberJack Tom, Smee and myself made the 12 mile round trip Saturday. What a wonderful area the Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness is. I placed this cache immediately on my favorites list. I would definitely recommend this cache to anyone that likes to hike. By the way that is Ken of Geode Hunters in the photo.




    All i can say is Wow.... that's beautiful....

  12. This is for all the cachers out there on the southside of Indianapolis ... especially Beech Grove, Southport, Homecroft, Franklin Township ... and we'll throw in Greenwood, Wanamaker, Camby and the like...


    I work for the Southside Times, a small paper out of Beech Grove, and have been asked to do a story on geocaching. If any of you are willing to have your real names and occupations and hometown mentioned publicly please send me a PM or respond here.


    Not sure how much of an article I'll get to do or when it will appear but ... you never know.



    ooh oooh oooh can i tell my story about being suspect by the police of robbing a bank? or the tire falling off the car on the way back from an event... or better yet... can i tell the story about Doobies doing the little girl dance with a 3 ft long snake stuck to his hand?

  13. Well , we gave STAR most of the day to do this, but she wouldn't, so




    Officially, GEOCACHING in INDIANA is now in season!! Break out the swim trunks and bikinis and Let's Do This Thing!! Put another hot dog on the barbie, Mate!!




    that's nice.. the first day of spring and there's snow on the ground LOL


    You deserve a big Italian GOLD MEDAL, Rupert!


    Hmmm a bagel does sound good right now...


    Actually the credit should go to Mrs. Joypa, it was her idea (and a really cool one too).


    For those of you scratching your heads it involved Joypa's birthday, a screw coin geocoin and a certian picture that was taken on the Project APE cache run.


    Let your imaginations run wild :P . Ok, not that wild :)


    Oooooh I understand now.... Well I agree @!@#!$ Geocoins Let's go caching!

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