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  1. Speaking as one who's been there: Y'all are gonna hurt a lot! (And you'll have a blast!) Good luck! (And don't forget the number 1 rule of mountaineering: Don't let the summit overrule wisdom. If you are alive, you have the option to try again...) Randy (Thunder-4) and I are alive, but we did not make the summit. I'm sure that Don (Zatyko) Steven (devhead) and obviously Patrick (Polar Bear) did make the summit. Randy made it to 12K and I made it half way up the switchbacks to 13K. We're both clean and shaven and looking at a nice meal, while the rest are still trying to make it down... Holly Altitude Sickness!!!! Congratulations to all of you !!! I lectured at Breckenridge a couple of years ago and had difficulty getting up the stairs with my luggage! It was a real shock after growing up at 7000 ft and hitting several of the higher peaks in Colorado while in school there. Sorry I missed it . . . How about posting pictures when you all get home. Cheers, Jeff
  2. Congrats Harmon !!! (Whew! Wouldn't want to be on "The List") Jeff / drexotic
  3. I'm a bit short on time but interested. I have CS2
  4. Congratulations to acstovie for hitting 200 caches at Bus Stop - Trail Head
  5. Great job on the video you two! It was a lot of fun watching the mob appear and disappear! Jeff
  6. Wow . . . Lots of BIG NUMBERS! Congratulations all! Jeff
  7. All these years I thought we'd end up in China. So much for those cartoons we watched when we were kids... Yeah . . . I was really disappointed that the other side would not be in some little Mandarin village!
  8. Supposedly 42 minutes to fall through the hole!
  9. Have you seen this? Ever think about digging a hole through the earth? Cheers! Jeff
  10. Can't wait . . . But this time I'm not going to buy any raffle tickets! Jeff
  11. There are several trekking poles on sale at REI's outlet store. Jeff
  12. Dave, So very sorry to hear about your father. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out. My father died 3 years ago last Saturday. Jeff
  13. As you said in your posting on "This Just In," I think there were a lot of us that were lurking along with these lessons. I got a late start and time is often my greatest limiting factor, so I wasn't submitting my work for review. I did learn and very much enjoyed them all the same. So . . . Next lesson on LAB? Jeff
  14. Yeah...but what if it is a bull? Large animal Veterinary Medicine 101
  15. We may.....I'm in the middle of our kitchen remodel. Sould be hanging cabinets tomarrow. I told the wife, When this is over I'm going on some kinda bender. When's the next desert trip? I'd be up for that as well (just need to find the time). Jeff
  16. Duncan! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
  17. Anyone planning to celebrate Festivus (for the rest of us) this year? I may make the pilgrimage to Happy Festivus just for the occasion. Jeff
  18. Wazza'matter ya'll . . . . cat got your tongue? I can't remember a time with so little traffic on the San Diego Boards. Jeff
  19. A few months ago I was pulled over and ticketed for not having a front licence plate (just a fix-it ticket). The officer was quite interested in how well my Valentine-1 radar detector worked but made no comment about it being stuck to my windshield! Guess it was just my lucky day. Jeff
  20. What I love about the San Diego Caching Community is that we respect each other and do what we can to help each other out. I could have easily been the person asking for someone to check on a cache if they were in the area. I'm not surprised to see that the negative posts on this thread come from outside of San Diego County. This is a time of year where we would like to think that people are a bit kinder and more thoughtful of their fellow man. So lets give up that self righteous attitude. If you have nothing positive to add to a thread just hold your tongue. I for one am excited to have a new (seventh grade) Geocacher and I bet that someone will get out to Campo to move his bug along soon. Merry Christmas! Jeff / drexotic
  21. Flagman's Favorite Fishing Hole had 17-18. There is only an 18 left now. I picked up cards from the Silk Road. Thanks, Jeff
  22. I've been looking for information on the plane crash that left the engine and fuselage at Jet Engine. During my search I found this page that lists Crash Sites by Latitude and Longitude. I wondered if any of you more computer literate folks might be able to turn these into a Google Earth KML file. I can grab the coordinates with GPS Coordinate Grabber but I have no idea what to do from there. Anyone? Jeff
  23. Here's an interesting email I got this morning . . . . In a message dated 10/22/2006 4:08:56 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, fat-stud2@hotmail.com writes: All those prizes that you won. It was all rigged just like the bush election, bush sucks. politel, the geocaching event was awesome but your attitude dragged it down for some people.
  24. I'll be there mid afternoon and I'd love to go! Jeff
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