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  1. I get that on road trips. Have you tried 'Discard Current Search'? When I do that, the GPS tracks me to my current position.
  2. And they're not supposed to access the page? I should have been clearer. I was referring to the ownership page where you can change preferences and such. Neither the tracking nor reference code lets a user change the preferences. Only the owner of the bug can do that. I stand corrected. Thx for the clarification!
  3. And they're not supposed to access the page? I should have been clearer. I was referring to the ownership page where you can change preferences and such.
  4. It should already have the code engraved or stamped on the coin. You have an activation code and a TB or coin code. If there is already a code on the coin, don't add another or anybody else who gets it will have access to the coins page.
  5. Looks the same to me. Just takes half my lunchbreak to load up, log in, load up again.
  6. I'm not sure what the point of calling someone a cheeseball is. Obviously some cachers enjoy doing these powertrail. Perhaps they see it a challenge to find 900 caches in 24 hours. It's certainly not easy to do even with powertrails. But it is possible. Other geocachers might enjoy finding a single cache that requires an overnight backpacking trip and extreme mountaineering abilities. I think everyone is trying for find ways of enjoying geocaching that fit their personalities. Some are finding challenges that test their particular abilities and preferences. 900 in 24 hours? That's 1 cache every 96 seconds for 24 consecutive hours, traveling a total distance of 90 miles. Considering that doesn't take into account actually finding the cache or signing it... or the biggest factor, sleeping. If you cut just 4 hours out for sleep, that brings you down to 80 seconds per cache. When you consider each find in and of itself is little more than a stamp, sticker, or a drop on the ground, it degrades the actual find to next to nothing. So, what exactly was memorable about find number 623 out of a 900 cache run? I fail to see any positive contribution to the game of geocaching itself. Negative publicity in the public eye by cachers creating hazards and damage along a strip of highway? When the focus is no longer about the find, but the meaningless number on a website, yes we see it as cheesy. Congrats to all those who love them. Who knows... maybe these people would be just as happy running around in circles at the mall in the morning stamping pieces of paper strategically placed every 528 feet away. Hey...... good idea!
  7. I was on a road trip. Outside the hotel was a paved path for joggers and cyclists that ran along a creek. This was one of those power trails where there was a cache every 528 feet, so I thought I'd go grab a few. Good thing I was wearing my geocaching.com tee shirt because while I was poking around in the bushes an officer on a bicycle entered the trail near where I was searching. He looked over his shoulder and saw me poking around and did a quick u-turn to check me out. When he slowed I stood up. He saw my shirt logo and my GPS, he smiled, picked up speed and 'moved along'. This officer obviously must have known something about this power trail. Now I am convinced though, to always wear my caching shirt when invading high muggle density areas. In my home turf though, I wear camo and just tell muggles that I'm looking for the skunk I just shot!
  8. Rckhnd


    Yes, it does sort of. It's not like you're doing anything illegal, but the whole point of hiding caches so well is so that non-players ("muggles") don't stumble across them by accident and remove or vandalize them. It happens all the time...most of the general public don't even know what Geocaching is, much less that there are caches hidden right under their noses where they work and play. If they spot you replacing the cache to its hiding spot, they'll be curious. MOST will just ignore you, some will be curious and ask what you're doing, some others will be curious, wait till you leave, and go investigate what's you just hid under that park bench. Then there are the ones who will check out the container and then get some stupid perverted entertainment from stealing it, or throwing it away, or putting nasty stuff in it, or just breaking it into little pieces. There are even some idiots who sign up for GC.com so they can locate the caches in their area just for the purpose of vandalizing them. So, in order to protect the cache, we try not to let others see where the hiding place is. Agreed. If I was a muggle and saw somebody hide something, I would wait until they left then check it out. My curiosity would get to me. If I found a sheet in it explaining geocaching then I'm sure I would have replaced it carefully and gone to check out the website. However, in the past I worked in housing and would often find hobo camps and stashes on the property. I was obliged to always gather it up and trash it due to resident's concerns.
  9. Your theory doesn't hold up to my experience. Peanut butter jars are arguably the single most common cache container in my area (Minnesota. We have raccoons) . I have found thousands of them and I can only think of maybe two of them that have been damaged by animals when I found them. [Edited to add: Oops! I didn't check the date on the thread I was responding to.] A quick blast of spray paint to the interior of a clean PB jar takes care of any residual smell. Every time I open it all I can smell is paint. I'll be hiding it soon now that I know my dogs who are peanut butter freaks won't have anything to do with it. I'd love to show the camo attached to it, but I'm not ready to give that away...
  10. Don't wear cologne, perfume or deodorant. Especially don't wear bright blue because that is their favorite flower.
  11. no kidding, especially since the hides in the video are in the belly Now, this is the sort of thread I can really get behind! I think youre full of it. This thread is going to be the butt of a lot of jokes...
  12. since you brought that up.... I was on a road trip and thought 'I bet there's a cache over there'. Broke out the iPhone app and sure enough, there was. My next challenge will be to look and see if I can identify an area AND find a cache without any info or GPS at all!
  13. Let it go. So many caches, so little time. Let the CO have their issues and just go back to having fun.
  14. I had to focus on larger caches at first. I was having a hard time finding my second cache as it was a micro and I had no idea of all the ways these could be hidden.
  15. Yup! Being a big guy and poking around in the bushes has it's drawbacks. I've taken to wearing my Geocaching.com tee shirt when caching in muggle areas now. Yesterday a bicycle cop entered the path where I was hunting for caches. He looked over his shoulder at me and spun around. Must have had some experience with cachers because he smiled when he got closer and just kept going. If I feel out of place, I will pointedly look at my GPS and continue.
  16. Still being kinda new to geocaching, I don't understand the problem with virtuals. I got my first one yesterday - The Fish Catcher- and I thought it was pretty neat. It has been there since 2002..... What was wrong with virtuals? It's better than dancing on a freeway waiting for the traffic cam to snap a pic.
  17. I like to leave an unactivated geocoin or TB if it's larger than a microcache. Others have left t-shirts, gift certs to starbucks.... I saw one where somebody left money.
  18. If I take your meaning right, I agree. I once removed a bunch of hand drawn porn from a public cache and noticed it had a high number of watchers, so I posted nothing about it in my log.
  19. I don't doubt that there are very serious cachers who are freebies. The odds of a Premium member being a serious cacher goes up. I have hidden three caches, two are PMO, one is not. Making a PMO cache that I've spent some time and money on helps to protect my investment (but that doesn't guarantee it) from the cache robbers who hunt for coins and keep them or the cache. I've found more problems with public caches than I have with PMO caches such as trash put in, TBs missing, muggled etc.. Others may disagree, but this is what I have experienced in my short tenure as a geocacher. I don't see it as a snob thing, I see it as a longevity thing. How many visits my cache gets doesn't matter as much to me as the quality of the find once they get there.
  20. I sent out a really nice Mt, Whitney geocoin that only made it from Oregon to Illinois. It was picked up by a new cacher who hasn't cached since. It's been almost a month. I might need to write it off. These are the chances we take. I have another TB that I've attached to my Cache Bag. I log it as 'visited' to every cache I find. It's kinda neat to have a personal that you keep and are able to see the map of your travels. Some people buy coins and take them to meets for trading like baseball cards. You don't need to leave a coin to take one. just take it and try to move it on in a reasonable amount of time. I'm preparing to make a 5x5 hide and will put in a new unactivated coin for the FTF. TBs and Geocoins are for whatever strikes your fancy, but original intent is to send them out into the wild and see how far they go.
  21. Firefox started working for me again as well, but I still have to restart the browser in 32 bit mode.
  22. Rckhnd


    On the home page under ''Play', click on Trackables. Scroll down to where it says to log a trackable and enter the numbers and letters on the geogem.
  23. Firefox recently upgraded and no longer recognizes Garmin. Maybe your browser has done something similar. Try using another browser and see if that works.
  24. I accidentally discovered my iPhone 3GS has that built in. After taking some pics and looking at them, I found a location tab of some sort that popped open a map with blue spots everywhere I took a pic. When I tap the spot, the pics for that location pop up. I suppose if I dug deeper I could produce the coordinates for them since it shows on the map. Still on the fence with the iPhone, but starting to like it more.
  25. How do you downgrade Firefox? Wouldn't you lose a lot of info and settings? If I could figure out how, I would install another copy if possible of 3.6 to use for caching.... if I could figure out how.
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