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    coin keeper

    TBs are moved along, just not the coins. I'm thinking he just isn't aware, I'll just have to 'cacher up' and try to approach nicely....
  2. After surfing this topic I googled 'wooden nickels' and came across a site that prints them up. I ordered 100 wood coins for about $50. When I got them they turned out to be pretty nice. If they have any misprints they toss those in as well for no charge so I ended up with 112.
  3. Rckhnd

    coin keeper

    There is a cacher in my local area who seems to be a nice person even though I never met them. I'm not the most PC person in the world and am afraid of coming off wrong, so I hesitate to approach them on this issue, but they seem to be collecting coins instead of passing them around. Sometimes I look at my TB history just to see how far they have moved after I find them. What I have found is that when this person has been to a cache, they openly say that they have retrieved a coin, but that's it, no movement. They were a FTF on one of my caches that I placed somebody's coin in and it is missing. - nobody else has ever been there. Same thing with other coins I have moved along that they picked up, the trail stops with their log entry and the coin remains in cache inventory never to be heard from again. I'm thinking that this person just doesn't get it, or doesn't know how to log coins. My dilemma is how to broach the subject without triggering a flame up, like I said, I can come off wrong to some people. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and how they handled it. These aren't my coins, but I will be hesitant to place them in caches this player has not found yet. Maybe GC.com could come up with a 'Dear Cacher' column and send an anonymous 'gentle reminder' for those of us who don't want to get into a confrontation??
  4. Not ready to run after it yet, maybe tonight, I sometimes compete with another local for the FTF and you can get notified on your phone if they beat you to it. Caches that are watched get email notifications sent with any log or note for that cache.
  5. Most people on here are going to tell you not to leave buisness cards because they will just end up becoming a soggy mess in the cache. My business cards are stamped aluminum. Stamped aluminum? Cool! Where to get one for those that are interested.... Like me??? I trade for any calling card by another cacher. I have quite a collection. Here is mine: That's cool! I would grab your stamped logo and attach it to my swag bag. Definitely tradeable.
  6. When the cache gets archived, I'll pull my favorites for use somewhere else.
  7. 'Why are you watching my cache if you haven't found it yet?? are you stalking me??' 'Why are you watching my cache when you already found it?' The list could go on and on. I like to watch caches that I dnf, then when I see another found it, I go back and look again when I can. The PMO audit was started way back when there were 'cache pirates' who would go and collect caches. If the same person kept showing up on caches that were muggled, well... Like a previous poster said though, the audit was fun at first, but I ignore it now. The only reason I make some caches PMO is because I have found (in my short tenure) public caches with cigarette butts, bottle tops and once even found some porn (glad my kid wasn't on that find). ....I digress... Seeing who is watching your cache isn't really mission critical to the game, seeing how many are watching is a tool that might say the cache is too hard to find, missing, or a really interesting one.
  8. Wow. That video needs to be pinned to the home page of GC.com. I've been to that cache after the marker was placed, kinda like the holy grail of caches.
  9. Yeppers! My boy found a 'cool coin!' and really wanted it.
  10. I can't speak for later model phones, but the gps in the iPhone 3GS has given me a Margin Of Accuracy anywhere from 155' to 1.5miles. The MOA for my Garmin is +/- 30'. I use the two together and it's good.
  11. I am mistaken, there is the trimble outdoors app for the iPhone which might be neat, I'll have to check it out. later... Nope, the trimble does not supply all the cache info that a PQ would.
  12. I use an old iPhone 3GS with my mac using iTunes for the interface. I have yet to find a decent geocaching app for a mac that doesn't gum up and lose info. I even deleted Mac cashing app because it made the job more complicated. I'm not sure I understand your mac/phone compatibility question as there is no link on GC for iphones anyway. I recently learned how to generate and download pocket queries for the iPhone (which downloads best in a wifi area), which I will take with me for cache information purposes. Sure beats making txt files for my kindle! Other than that I also take my Garmin etrex venture hc which is mac happy and lets me download all the waypoints I want directly through the USB cable. You can spend a ton of money on GPSs that accept pocket queries, but I'm satisfied using my iPhone for info and logging while in the field, and using my GPS to find the caches. You can also pick up a car charger for the iPhone for travelling...
  13. AWESOME Thank You!! That did it, run once and delete was the problem. Well, NOW it would seem to me that Pocket Queries take on a whole new value, having info when I have no signal. That and a GPS and I'm good to go! Thanks again!
  14. I have an iPhone 3GS with current updates, and the Geocaching app v4.6.0 The app keeps telling me that I have not set up any pq's yet and to do so on the website. Well, I have but I can't figure out how to get the list on the phone. What am I doing wrong? I have created the pq and downloaded it in a zip file as well as a .loc file, but I'm at a loss here. My garmin is not pq compatible, so I was hoping to use both gps and phone on a road trip.
  15. You are so friggin AWESOME!! Thanks for putting the fun back into caching for me! I'm pretty rural and it's nice to have satellite imagery over all to let me know where in relation to marshlands, timber cuts, not to mention being able to see dirt roads...
  16. Well shoot. LOC and GPX files won't let me download more than the first page on the preview window even when I click on 'check all', so I can't choose a route. MacCaching I ended up deleting because it would only show four or five caches and their map view is stuck on a 2 inch square. Seemed to work better yesterday when it showed me a larger map. This is starting to take the fun out of caching when I spend hours trying to plot a route. money money money, I know........ just venting.
  17. Trying to deal with the new maps issue by downloading ,LOC files. When I generate a query that has more than one page of caches (more than 20 caches), even though I click on 'check all' I only get the front 20 caches. I don't know if this is a Mac issue, and I had to delete MacCaching as it is only showing four or five of the caches in the LOC file. When I went through the 'preview results' page of my query, I went through all 7 pages on my preview checking all. When I got back to page one, the checked boxes were empty. If I'm limited to twenty caches per LOC file, it would be nice if I could choose what 20 to get, say, on a route rather than a circular distance.
  18. Create a Pocket Query, save it to your computer and import it into Google Earth. How you do that on a mac I don't know - but thats what you do And if you don't want to burn a PQ, you can download .loc files from the search page and import these into Google Earth. Gotcha!! I found MacCaching for Macs, it was able to take the LOC file and has the satellite/hybrid feature. It's a bit clunky, but these rural caches on logging roads just don't always show up IF you can get the aerial pics to load. I'll try to open with Google Earth next. Thanks for the input, it really helped!
  19. So if your going to do it a cache at a time why don't you just click the google map link to the left of the lower map on the cache page? Seems simpler to me than the Google Earth thing. And if your determined to use Google Earth, why are you going to all the work of transposing coordinates? The coordinates listed on the cache page work just fine in Google Earth. So how does one transfer a group of caches on to google earth maps? I have a Mac and that GSAK stuff is Windows only.
  20. Yep, I might go the same route, but my membership just renewed, so I'm here for another year unless the mapping improves
  21. These new maps bite! Can't scroll around with the aerial maps Aerial pics don't always load no road names, no hybrid Can't even find the dirt roads I need to travel to get to some of these caches. Groundspeak should try to strike a deal with google. I'd go $20 for a premium, or make satellite imagery for premium only, or both!
  22. YUCK!! Where's my satellite imagery?? The aerial map is too grey and takes forever to load!
  23. AFAIK they are permitted. We have a local pair with a large number of them as the bases for mystery caches. I have one. I use <a href=" url for the Youtube link here ">YouTube Link</a>. No spaces between the " marks. YOU ROCK!!!! Totally Awesome! Thank You!!
  24. I've searched the forums and couldn't find an answer to this. I just placed a new cache in an area with fish ladders, rock slides, etc. and thought it would be good to provide a link to a youtube video that would be entertaining and maybe encourage people to visit the location. If it is possible, how do I embed a link to youtube in my short cache description?
  25. Now that I look again, it even says, "Brand: Groundspeak" on the auction page. But where do I see that they are sanctioned by Groundspeak? I believe Groundspeak has a page of authorized dealers. Not all may be listed. I applied for such a thing myself, but they wanted a higher percentage than I would make, so I dropped it. Maybe sanctioned is the wrong word. To sell the logo, trade mark, signal, etc., you need to submit your books on a monthly basis as well as sign an impressive agreement.
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