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  1. Here's the itinerary for Bike Quest 2009 (Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and bicycle) May 22 11:30am Depart Baton Rouge Louisiana (via automobile) May 22 2:45pm Depart Hammond Louisiana (via train) May 23 9:00am Arrive Chicago Illinois (via train) May 23 3:15pm Depart Chicago Illinois (via train) May 23 10:11pm Arrive Kansas City Missouri (via train) May 24 Kansas City Missouri to Harisonville Missouri (via bicycle roads) /with a few block ride into Kansas May 25 Harrisonville to Clinton (via bicycle roads) May 26 Clinton to Pilot Grove (via bicycle Katy Trail) May 27 Pilot Grove to Hartsburg (via bicycle Katy Trail) May 28 Hartsburg to Marthasville (via bicycle Katy Trail) May 29 Marthasville to St Charles (via bicycle Katy Trail) May 30 Sight seeing in St Louis May 31 Morning St Charles to St. Louis Airport (via bicycle roads) May 31 Afternoon St. Louis Missouri to Baton Rouge Louisiana (via plane)layover in Mamphis May 31 Evening Baton Rouge airport to home (via automobile)
  2. Tell Amtrak that. There is a line that goes across MO but they don't have checked baggage service so to get me and my gear to KC I have to go through Chicago
  3. In about a month I will be taking A bike trip in Missouri and will have a 6 hour layover in Chicago on the Train ride for Louisiana to Kansas City. I would like to see the Sears tower and eat a Chicago Pizza an do some caches in the area. If anyone would like to meet me at the station or has any suggestions of where to eat near the station reply to this post.
  4. Next month I will be ridding on the Katy Trail. I will take the train from Louisiana to Kansas City then ride from KC to the Katy Trail and Ride the entire Katy Trail and fly back from St Louis. I the next few day I will have a detailed itinerary in few days. I would like some input from cyclist in the Kansas City Area.
  5. I will skip class tonight to be there. I can't miss this one, the chataverseries are always cool. * I will have GeoDining prizes to give out tonight. * run on sentence and made up word
  6. fish 'n' chip shops? I am most definitely interested in fish and chip shops. By the way it is just me so far on the bike trip.... so far Keep in mind the website is for everyone not just me so the more restaurants of all types you post the better it will be.
  7. If you go to the website there is a form you can fill out I want the name the coords a description and other info When you go to the website click on add restaurant there will be a link that explains every thing on the form. As far as the kind of restaurant I want listed prety much any type except large chain restaurants like Mc donalds I like Pubs cafes and other small restaurants but I will except any kind of restaurant from a small hog dog stand to a fine dinning fancy restaurant. I especialy like places with a local flair.
  8. I have a website that is a listing of restaurants with GPS coordinates I've had the site for some time now but have recently made a lot of changes to make it much better so If you havn't seen it in a while check it out. If you have never seen it check it out. Geodining.com currently I have no listings in the UK I am trying to make this a site for international travelers and I am in need of restaurants from other countries. Sence I my self am planning on traveling to the UK for a bicycle/geocaching trip in the summer of 2008, I thaught this would be a good place to start.
  9. Geodining now has a new photo feature where you can add photos to a restaurant listing. For more information on how it works click here For an example of what it look like click here
  10. Geodining.com is now proud to have a GPX file available of all restaurnts on the site. The file is not detailed it only has the most basic info for you GPS. In the future a detaild large files will be available. When the site reaches 500 restaurants you will also be able to download customized GPX files so keep the restaurants comming. To download the GPX file go to the Find a restaurant Page and download it from there.
  11. A good rule of thumb is if it can only hold a logbook then it is a micro If it holds less than 10 items it's a small
  12. Going up the Country Geodining.com's first Road Trip I am planning a road trip for the summer of 2007 where I will travel along US hwy 61 From New Orleans La. all the way to Thunder Bay Ontario Canada. I will then drive to International Falls and head south via Us hwy 71 to Krotz Springs La. near Opelousas. Some of the cities I will pass through include New Orleans LA., Baton Rouge La.,Natchez MS., Vicksburg MS., Mephis TN., St Louis MO., Davenport IO., Dubuque IO., La Crosse WI., Red Wing MN., St. Paul MN., Duluth MN., from here US 61 become MN 61 after crossing into Canada it become Ontario 61 Then onto Thunder Bay From there I will take Canada 11 to Fort Frances and cross back into the US at International Falls MN., and start my trip back on US 71 passing through these cities Wilmar MN., Darwin MN. (a side trip to see the twine ball), a bounch of small towns in IO, St. Joseph MO., Kansas City MO., Harrison MO., Bentonville AR., Rogers AR., Springdale AR., Fayetteville AR., Fort Smith AR.(I may take a short side trip to OK here), Texarkana AR./TX., Shrevport LA., Bossier City LA., Alexandria LA., end at Krotz Springs. If you know any good places along the way to eat just post them to the site. More details will be given later on. I will also be caching along the way so If you know of some good ones prety close to US hwy 61,71 or Canada 11 let me know
  13. Gpx files will be comming. initialy I will just have a link to download all restaurts as gpx after I get over 500 restaurants on the site you will be able to download a specifc search as GPX file. Then you can load the file into Watcher, GSAK, or your favorite geocahing utility.
  14. I know it dosn't have distance and search along rout features yet but I'm working on it hopfuly search within a distence from zipcode or city will be up by the end of the year. In fact I have sevral feature I'm planning but it will be a while before I get them all online. I work on this site in my spare time and I don't have much of that.
  15. I have a website that is a listing of restaurants with GPS coordinates I've had the site for some time now but have recently made a lot of changes to make it much better so If you havn't seen it in a while check it out. If you have never seen it check it out. Geodining.com
  16. there not accepitng new categories yet ther still in the prosess of moving locationless to Waymarking so swiming holes was probably already a locationless.
  17. what about moving a sub category to another category or splitting up a subcategory into more subcategories after sevral waymarks have been added. will the mameger of the category be responsible for the new subcategories. or will a maneger be able to split a category into subcategories himself.
  18. i can see adds as many waymarks to a category you started as you like. but not logging each visit to a waymark.
  19. so under event you could have sporting events festivals framers markets etc
  20. There is a place to filter by popularity and a place to vote on poularity but the category page dose not show the curent popularity of the category.
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