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  1. Probably quite new. It has the 2009 version garmin maps on it. But heres the thing. I bought it 2nd hand so all warranty details are long gone and not recoverable :rolleyes:


    I did do a troll and there are exactly the same cases giving the same message. But they all lead up the same street. Back to Garmin to be rebuilt and thats when the warranty kicks in so no recourse there. I'm between a rock and a hard place because I love that Oregon but I'm resentful of buying a new one when I feel a software problem is not my fault.


    What if it happens again a day after my warranty expires? Are they just going to throw the old one away? Surely not. That means the Oregan has become a consumable. When it stops working, throw it away and buy a new one. I can't believe that!!!

  2. Good morning Damhuisclan, Paddawan, Carbon Hunter and Tomtwogates. don't you gentleman have anything else to do besides lurking around the forums? Have a good day :lol:



  3. Just heard from Garmin.

    They can't rebuild the software so they have offered me a new 550 at the price of R1024. I'm a bit peeved because its a software failure so its not my fault that it collapsed <_<

  4. Lucky guess. I knew it wasn't the afrikaans girl so it had to be her. off the topic of tennis and into sheep.

    There was a man named Shepard that did two spectacular things. 1 in the 60's and one in the 70's in similar vein.

    three questions

    1) In what line of work was he?

    2) What did he do in the 60's that was so spectacular?

    3) What did he do in the 70's that was so spectacular that wasn't the same but in a similar vein.


    Only three correct answers will do for this one.

  5. Oops. In my excitement to answer i forgot that I have to have a question ready to ask so I'm a bit unprepared for this. seeing as it's my first time I'll weigh in with an easy one. A few questions back, the band eVoid was discussed. It invoked a lot of memories as I went to school with their brother and used to hang around outside the catholic halls on a Friday night listening to their music. In truth they weren't all that good in the start up years as they were more of a grunge band in those early days. Their music improved tremendously after we left school. Enough parephenalia


    What South African town did the Windrich brothers (eVoid) start their musical career in?

  6. Hi Gr8Scot


    I so tried that but alas, it didn't work. I have the latest beta software on. (ver 5, I think). I phoned Garmin yesterday and they don't give away any secrets. "Bring it in" they say.


    I have found a Garmin repair place in Capricorn Park which I'll take it to sometime this afternoon. He says maybe two weeks to repair. Its a seems to be slow process to rebuild the software! :( No geocaching for me this weekend it seems

  7. Hi there

    Yesterday I copied some images and the auto archived and current routes from the GPS and then deleted them from the GPS.

    This morning on start up, a message "System Software missing" appears and the GPS freezes. I can't connect to it via the PC to do anything. Can anybody help?

  8. Try Allens Instruments. 021 797 1266. I've just ordered one and he is hoping to get it to me by Monday. I originally ordered it last week and upon inquiry this morning they tell me that the suppliers in JHB lost the order, thats why I was a bit unhappy.


    However, to be fair, I have to say that I have ordered parts from them before and they delivered without delay. The price that I was quoted: R91. I can't remember if that was exVAT or not. Tell him that Edward Kinsey referred you.



  9. Does anybody know where one can get accessories for the Oregon 550 in the Cape Town area? I'm looking for a bicycle mount and I thought it would be quite simple to find one. I did find a supplier but he disappointed me so I'm trying to locate another source. Any web searches turn up plenty of suppliers but all over seas based. Any advice would be appreciated.



  10. Huh. Its seems everyone has gone to sleep today. I'm the only one around and lurking amongst the posts. Good morning to all that bothers to read this post

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