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  1. Also see that Oceans247 has agreed to take on "training". Thanks for that. It would be sad to see such a classic waste away from lack of someone minding the cache. Thanks to Cownchicken for giving John-Gill the heads up

  2. Final feedback before I put this subject to bed and move on. Have been grappling with the problem for about a week now and in my opinion, while Garmin maps is probably a superior product, OSM is a great FREE alternative. I remarked about the background colours in an earlier post but this problem is easily solved if one installs OSM into Mapsource and then loads it onto one's GPS.


    The address search remains an issue so if you are planning a trip make sure that you create all the waypoints you need within Mapsource and pre load them as waypoints before you go. If you get stuck out there and need to find an address, ask someone to send you their co-ordinates rather than their street address because the search function for street addresses doesn't work. An interesting alternative is to ask them if they are near a post office or hospital or something and then do a POI search which works quite well.


    Thanks for all your help and advice guys. Much appreciated

  3. Pope John Paul II was born yesterday in 1920. He was best is remembered for:

    1) His forgiveness of his would be assassin in 1981

    2) His successful efforts to end communism, as well as for building bridges with peoples of other faiths


    He also issued an apology. What was it for? No details necessary

  4. Some feedback about OSM.


    I used it on my trip to Montagu this weekend and it worked very well for a free mapping service.

    Some points that I noted

    1) The reason why it can't do street address searches is that the Oregon asks you for the province that you want to go to. If you enter any of the provinces it can't find it and gives you an error message and goes back to the Province search option,therefore you can never get to the street address menu. I find this a little annoying because it means I can never look for an address on the fly. I have to either use the map to find the place and then create a waypoint to navigate to which is tedious and assumes I know where the address I'm looking for is already, or I have to use Mapsource to find the place, create a waypoint and then download the waypoint to the GPS.


    2) The background colour is a kind of muddy brown which isn't really great


    3) The map doesn't seem to have any basic topology information which I remember the old Garmin maps did.


    On the other hand, the maps are FREE and that's a great saving. I'm not sure I can justify paying a R1000 just for the small points above.


    Carbon Hunter. I'm glad you made your comment. I feel better now as about those maps. I'm pretty sure my maps weren't hacked. I'm sure that they came with the GPS. These Garmin laddies are shysters.

  5. My apologies for confusing the issue regarding the caches owned by John-Gill. I have been minding the "Training" cache for the last 6 months or so but it's in need of some maintenance as it has some TB's in that aren't. The TB's need to be listed as missing but I can't do it as only J-G has access rights. I regard "Training" as another one of J-G's classics and wouldn't mind adopting it if nobody else is interested. I'm not sure how to go about it though, hence my enquiry

  6. AAAAH!!! now we're talking. Thanks andy. Your link took me right where I want to go. am busy downloading the entire country right now. thanks for your help guys. wouldn't have got this far without your advice, and, I've learnt a lot at the same time. :lol:

  7. Ok. so now I have my new Garmin straght out the box. Works great except for one problem.

    The street maps that was on the old unit won't work on this unit. Message "can't unlock maps" appears and I just get the base map.


    When I phone Garmin they tell me that because they don't have any records of the maps being registered on their website and therefore, they can't transfer the licence. In other words they suspect that the maps were hacked and therefore illegal. It could be. I don't know as I bought the unit 2nd hand. Anyway, now I don't have street maps and to buy new ones is another R1000. Drat :mad: . I want to explore the free alternative like Open source mapping (OSM). does anybody have any experience with this or can anybody suggest another alternative?

  8. Mr Panda video of that cache is way cool. The C/O must have spent a lot of time and thought planning it. The one thing that struck me was that he used a tap. If a thirsty muggle walks by and tries to have a drink of water? Its game over

  9. Hi Andy

    Amen to the Beta advice. Its the beta software that Gr8Scot is linked to that I installed so I am watching that forum. The software was wonderfully stable for about 2 months before it died so I'm flummoxed. anyway 'nuff said.


    I also enquired about the street maps software but that software also wasn't registered on the website so I'm really baffled. again I repeat that I bought it 2nd hand so I don't have any history behind it. I did do a check to see if it was stolen and nothing came from my checks so I thought I was good to go. however..... :(

  10. I have accepted their offer. There's nothing else I can do as if I don't then I'm stuck with my thumb up my b*m anyway. At least I'll start clean with a brand new OR with all its warranties. There is a small issue of the Garmin Maps that might not work on this Garmin. That'll cost me another R1000 unless I explore the Open street maps, (which I will). Still, it sticks in the craw that I have to pay when their software collapses.


    The other thing is, I did install the beta version of software that was talked about in this forum. Could that maybe have been a factor do you think?



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