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  1. I'm also watching this one. When the cache was first published I ran down to the site without looking closely at the clue. arrived at the listed co-ords and an hour later and a red face I returned home none the wiser. I'm like Trev I don't have any idea what the puzzle is, never mind solving the darn thing. Have been colluding with Fynbos phil as well and he is just as "puzzled" as I am. Team Zenboom has had their ears burning for quite a while now
  2. edkin


    Well done Kasimani. May there be many more finds in your geocaching adventure
  3. It seems like this forum has gone dead. Pity. I was enjoying it. Maybe we can move on with another question???
  4. Hi Bremar Josrut I notice that there are several Blackberry applications for geocaching. Can anybody recommend one in particular?
  5. I have the older 60cs which is similar to the 62s. I managed to obtain a 2nd hand Oregon that Kasimani found for me on gumtree. The oregon's touch screen is a dream to work with compared to the 60cs which in my view is clunky. I used to give the 60cs to my daughter to hold and follow the red arrow while I used the more expensive oregon. Then she discovered the oregon...... Now I'm relegated to the 60cs and I gnash my teeth, but one can't argue with a 4 year old little girl when she has her mind made up
  6. edkin


    Hi Blootoef Welcome to the forum and to geocaching. Are there many caches out your way?
  7. How I envy this merry band of adventurers going out there to seek their destiny while I sit stoking the home fires. Alas I wish you all well. Slay those evil beasts and come back triumphant so that I too can take inspiration from your tales of dark adventure so that when my time comes to assemble my own fellowship I shall carry the wisdom of my forbears. Good luck
  8. Ditto. Well done Wazat. You've stumped us all. Obviously no gardeners in this group. Give us the answer and another question. See if you can make it two stumps in a row.
  9. how about a tree or bush that grows upside down?
  10. edkin


    Ok. That explains a lot. Hope to see your name on a lot more caches out there. Regards ed
  11. edkin


    Thats right. well done on the FTF's Hopefully we'll see you around the Cape Town area sometime. One of the reasons that I remember you is because of the uniqeness of your user name. Any history behind it that you'd like to share or is it personal?
  12. edkin


    You would have indeed. I was in the George area over Easter. I stayed with D person and yster-man and we did some finds and I helped them hide "geneva common" and "View over paradise" or something like that. I think you nabbed the FTF on the latter didn't you?
  13. edkin


    Welcome 7GRYPH7 If I remember correctly you are active in the George area. I've seen your logs of a few hides of some friends of mine that have caches in the area
  14. Rotsip is normally quite good with his responses. If you haven't heard by Thursday send him an email with a polite inquiry
  15. The pilot of the 747 that flew over Ellis park before the 1995 rugby world cup final?
  16. Some kind of sporting team....soccer, rugby, cricket?
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