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  1. I have to wait for Thursday - it's Australia Day! Gonna do my bit to bring a little bit of the "old country" to El Cajon.
  2. Yours truely and Murphy. Murphy is the good looking one. In addition to owning his own cache Murphy is also his own Travel Bug. Pic taken prior to Santa bringin him some geodoggie swag.
  3. There's a Geo Event further north tomorrow GCRC2D I have a Tb in the Pennsylvania Geocahcers race. There are 8 pages of travel bugs at this event, but only 13 for the race. Anyone local know any of the people attending....I figure the further lead I can get whilst still in California, the more space I have for it to get whittled down the closer they get towards Pennsylvania.
  4. The family that caches together... Ladies and Gentleman, would you please be upstanding for the newest San Diego geocacher.....Tiffette#2. So Murphy and I are putting our geoswag on this morning when Tiff's second daughter comes out. Whipped out the second Garmin Rhino before she could change her mind and bundled her out the door. Hit the Santee area today where she scored her first unassisted find. Was at home tonight showing her how to log when she wrote something I didn't understand. On Belay "Ahh honey, what's IRBT." "I Rock Big Time."
  5. Inquiry: I'm Austrlaian by birth but work has made me an expat in California. Any objections if I order a few?
  6. Inquiry: being a little homesick, I have a San Diego geocoin I'd like to trade for either an Qld or Australian geocoin.
  7. Then lock in a TB for me....I'll get it to the Post Office tomorrow.
  8. Hmmm, I live on the west coast, almost at the most SW point of mainland USA. Rather then send my TB by mail tp PA, to have it sent back here, maybe I should volunteer to release all the TB's to start the race? There are a lot of cachers in San Diego and most of them would go after these bugs and get them moving. My offer is there should you wish to pick it up.
  9. Link to to a story recently slashdotted re GPS use for tsunami's. Apologies for cross posting. Link to Story
  10. Dang...form the pictures it looks like Boomer is an old Boomerang....and from my home town. Rest assure I DID NOT see him at the Geo Rock-tober Fest....I would have grabbed him for sure if I had.
  11. The HD has been pulled, it's in limbo at the moment. The only storyboard for the new project was on that HD. The boss suggested that a company that can recover the data, but it's at a cost. After getting mucked up the tune of $7000 on immigration, the HD is down the list at the moment until I financially recover.
  12. My score: I departed Australia Feb 11. My property departed Australia April 24th. My property arrived San Diego August 30. Three days before arrival the US consignor calls to say that they already have a list of misisng boxes. Property arrives. Missing: 7 out of 61 packing boxes. Damaged: PC HD (that really hurt) 3 other boxes damaged. Insurance notified September 3 with invoices and repair costs. Insurance finalised Dec 16th. Go figure.
  13. Congrats to QDMan reaching 400. His last 100 came up in quicktime.
  14. Looking for an opinion please... I visited a cache this morning where 3 TB's are reported to be in captivity for over a year. Got to the cache and verified the TB were AWOl. Sent an email to the owners through the GC website and posted a note on the cache that the TB's were missing. Did I miss anything?
  15. Here here. Was planning to propose it but I see that proposals not being accepted.
  16. Not sure I understand the question. I deliberately go after caches that have TB's or geocoins in them. Someitmes I'm sucessful, sometimes I'm not. As for having my own personal Geocoin, I would probably pay for costing of about US$100 on my own and then over that I'd be looking for purchases.
  17. Frequent visitor to NZ from AU there a few spots he should see. Auckland Harbour - without a doubt. Wings over Wanaka festival - only every 4 years though. South West Cape - one of the 5 great sailing benchmarks of the ocean yachtsman.
  18. Thank you Chuy - she called me at work to say she read the forum, then checked the link reverifiying that it was indeed the thread she read. I suspect she's up to somethign else involving Xmas though....a mysterious entry has appeared on her Visa Card that I'm not allowed to ask anything about.
  19. Intrusion request: Tiff is nagging me about a either a virtual or a reverse cache where you have to log a site used in a Hollywood movie. Did about a 20 minute search and DNF on locating the name of it. Anyone have it? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hmmm, ok my fellow Queenslanders and other members of the land down under. I'm trying to set up a USA - AU stargate portal for TB operating through Brisbane into San Diego. In the interim, those of you who wanna put some miles up feel free to email me for a mailing address.
  21. Back in Australia I did a stint in the University observatory whilst the Professor was away at a conference. My speciality was radio astronomy. You p;anning on subdividing the category or just include all observatories? Off the top of my head, I can think of about a dozen "real" telescopic observatories, some public, a couple of military and some public - and not just some guy with a scope in his back yard. Although one guy who lived near me had a decent scope, wrote a novice book and I think has discovered a comet. I'd support the category, but think you may need a little more definition in order to exclude Joe Citizen who has a Walmart $39 special.
  22. My green card. It ain't a coin, but the search was at least 5 stars.
  23. Many thanks Passing Wind - got home today and had double reason to celebrate. Got my Geocoins AND had my final interview - got my Green Card today.
  24. Ray and Rose wooden traveller tag, recently picked up from Proctor Valley Monster Cache. Available for trade, contact via email.
  25. Inquiry: Is the roadway asphalted there, or just a dirt track? Need to know before I wash the car this afternoon.
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