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  1. I seen the box on the new map,the main thing is not all caches on the new map,I noticed when working a route out that caches i know to be there where not showing, also much easier to work out route with smiley faces so that you don't revisit any ones already done,quite easy to do now getting older lol. ean
  2. Lo there, could someone please tell me whats going on with the maps? At the minute no smiley face's, or hide found caches, tried new map but noticed some of the caches are not on there yet. Ean
  3. Your answer was brill thank you for your help.The main concern I had, would we end up with to many caches out there, for those of us who dont like getting wet and muddy to find. Ian
  4. Thank for you reply and letting me know. What was it you weren't sure what i meant.
  5. They get pulled if they go inactive and not looked after so up to you.
  6. Hi there, I'm just about to put my first cache's out,and I am wondering, should I put a time period on them ? some people have lots of caches out, which is fine, as long as they have time to look after them. If we keep putting more and more out, will it soon be shake a tree and see how many fall out (lol) awaiting your reply and thoughts on this, thanks. The big bulldog (IAN) P.S. I'm a newbie to geocaching and sorry if I'm going over old ground. :
  7. I dislike people who moan, and people who have to many caches out and don't look after them
  8. The only bad cache is one not looked after by the owner.
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