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  1. I have done a couple of caches that have been what I consider to be too close to children's play areas. One was part of a Multi and after several complaints of its position - was relocated.


    The other is the cache itself and although its 30 feet or so from the play area I did get several strange looks from parents as I passed by.


    Sadly we live in strange times and keeping clear of such areas would be a sensible idea until attitudes change (unlikely)



  2. I recently had someone find one of my caches as their first cache. I went to their profile to enable me to send an email of welcome and discovered that they had in fact been a member since September 2005 :huh:


    What on earth have they been doing for nearly two years ;)


    amd is this a record ? :(

  3. Well, as my only cache so far is a multi micro, I'm looking outside waiting for the lynch mob to arrive. :laughing:


    The cache is a multi, as I think the walk around the park is the important bit, rather than the cache at the end. The cache is a micro as a larger cache in the same sort of area last year was muggled. It's had very positive logs so far.


    I've found plenty of caches with a bigger box that have been full of rubbish. A bigger box doesn't necessarily make a better cache. I concede that micros don't allow the placement of TBs and most geocoins, which is why I only plan to use them when really necessary.


    I guess it all depends on your focus and as I've stated on here already - everyone seems to have a different focus. For some people a cache is all about the walk/area/view, for others it's the swappable items, some the trackables, some the hunt and the more fiendishly difficult and small the better. It's all about variety.


    I agree with what you say and as said before we all play the game our own way and you cannot please everyone all the time.


    p.s lynch mob called off :anitongue:

  4. I agree with the comment about using a container that will fit the location. Several times I have come across micros and only 10 feet away is a perfectly good hide for a small box.


    It does not always apply to micros either. I have found small boxes in large tree root hides that would support a larger box. :laughing:


    and (while I'm on a rant :lol: ) - micros should not be used as multi finals - its not fair after all the hard work getting there.

    In my early days I had a micro as a multi final but was never happy about it - did a bit more searching around this year and made it a regular. (sorru moved off original thread - sort of)


    Micros - urban yes - countryside no :anitongue: IMHO

  5. Just yesterday, I bought a pack of seventy 25x50mm stickers in my local Woolies for a hugely expensive 75p.


    If you have some knowledge of Microsoft Word or equivalent you can fairly easily set up a page of stickers that you can print on an ordinary home printer. You don't really need expensive label printing software or special labels.



    If you go here on the Avery site you can download a free version of their own label printing software. Its setup for all their own labels. easy peasy :rolleyes::P

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