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  1. quote:Originally posted by Og's outfit: quote:Our car has broken down about two miles up the road. Do you have a phone we might use?" Rocky Horror Picture Show!! dadgum-it Janet OG Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?) How easy was that, and I'm surprised it hasn't been used. Makes me wonder about you though. george Wanna go for a ride?
  2. This should be easy for a certain crowd. "Our car has broken down about two miles up the road. Do you have a phone we might use?" george Wanna go for a ride?
  3. Getting in late on this thread but I don't think this one has been used. "Everyone wants money, that's why it's called money." george Wanna go for a ride?
  4. Well, I have 2. Ivy (not the poison kind) and tall grass. Especially tall dead grass that looks the same no matter where you look. george Wanna go for a ride?
  5. New avatar? That's his old one. george Wanna go for a ride?
  6. Bikes, road, mountain or other. It's all about the bikes. george Wanna go for a ride?
  7. What's that noise? george Wanna go for a ride?
  8. Post this on the Western regional forum. george Wanna go for a ride?
  9. quote:Originally posted by Woodsters Outdoors: quote:Originally posted by JoGPS:That’s right just posting on every topic in the forums that’s about all!!! Oh no, Woodsters is posting again! What is he thinking? Doesn't he know you can't post that many times? Ack! Geocaching will come to an end! He can't possibly learn anything if he keeps posting! You're welcome to post all you want. And you'll earn the reputation you deserve. A talker not a doer. It's like the guys I ride bikes with. I ride with guys of all levels of fitness and skill. The guy who talks the most is the most out of shape and can only ride beginner level trails. You can image what happens when he gives his opinion on how I ride. He's welcome to make it but and it's valued accordingly. Someone in you position has more to learn than to teach. george Wanna go for a ride?
  10. quote:Originally posted by Woodsters Outdoors:Bloen, this all somewhat of what I was describing on the distant caches on the thread I got bashed on. Brian You know what, I read most of that original thread and I had no idea that this was your situation. Your posts were so long and there were so many of them that the point was lost. Brevity is the key to communication. george Wanna go for a ride?
  11. quote:Originally posted by Kanto:_______________________________________________ Still, there are those who cannot...perhaps if those house-bound people receive newspapers or magazines, there can be Caches or Virtualcaches hidden in those publications...? Everyone in the world can't do everything. If you want to hunt for something in a magazine then do a word search. But they don't need to count as a geocache find. Early in geocaching.com the idea of what a geocache was evloved and certain types of caches developed. Some have lasted and some have been determined not to fit. If it is to be listed on www.geocaching.com then it has to reach a certain basic level of a cache. A container, a log, and a set of coords. Virtuals are discouraged, and last I heard, locationless were on hold. www.geocaching.com is NOT the old place you can list a cache. There are other websites. Submit the idea there OR start your own. george Wanna go for a ride?
  12. quote:Originally posted by Woodsters Outdoors: Guess we all need to go to Nashville for a couple days and rack up some finds. Brian Are you up to 20 finds yet? Try clearing out your local area before you start dreaming of big time marathon hunting. george Wanna go for a ride?
  13. quote:Originally posted by Marky:We went up and it wasn't the mad house that everyone makes it out to be. It felt more like an impromptu geo event. That's why mary and I went for it. We figured out chances were very slim but we knew we'd see all the gang there. If it wasn't so hot we would have stuck around longer to chat more. george Wanna go for a ride?
  14. We knew our chances were very slim. We tried anyway. The one funny part was that our maps never showed a connection to montebello road so we didn't actually know which way to get to the cache area. So we called "inphone" and asked for directions to the winery near the cache. They told us how to get to the road that turned onto the road. Man that's some road. But both the maps we had showed a break in the road. Oh, while hiking to the cache I got to within 1ft of a rattle snake. I was busy looking at the gps and not at the trail. I walked right by the thing while mary screamed. george Wanna go for a ride?
  15. We were 14th, a couple after Kablooey, but there was no log book so I don't know who got the FTF. george Wanna go for a ride?
  16. Micky D's wireless... http://www.mcdwireless.com/locations/MCDw_loc_SF.html Have any of the bay folk tried McWireless yet? george Wanna go for a ride?
  17. quote:Originally posted by Marky:Maybe they are on vacation. --Marky "All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr" That reminds me, I see his daughter in summer school once in a while. Saw her this morning but didn't think to tell her to go look. george Wanna go for a ride?
  18. quote:Originally posted by Green Achers: I hope someone gets them and has a great time! We would have love to have scooped 'em up but already have other plans. Several of my friends said they wanted them but I pointed out they were intended for Geocachers. Lend your friends the gps, or at least, load the waypoints for them and tell them to go get them. I just don't want the tickets to go to waste. Call Tono up, I don't think he reads the forum. george Wanna go for a ride?
  19. So where is the magellan treasure chest? george Wanna go for a ride?
  20. quote:Originally posted by General Bracket:Hmmm... Doesn't jive with http://www.azgeocaching.com/team_stats.php?srt=wt&pn=0&pp=$&sd=d list (look under "Web Total" for hides + finds). Granted this is only for finds in Arizona, but some of the folks on this list ought to be on the Leaderboard (as near as I can tell) and aren't. Team Wyle"E" for example. _I didn't research it so there may be an explanation._ Looks like the numbers are a little more accurate on the Arizona site too. Nice site. george Wanna go for a ride?
  21. Diogenes the Cynic, didn't have a gps but he did have a lantern.... don't think he found what he was looking for. george Wanna go for a ride?
  22. You know, this whole nude thing doesn't bother me. Nakedness and sex are different things. But I didn't see the pics so I don't know how bad there were. But how offensive can an old naked guy be. He wasn't in centerfold pose was he? george Wanna go for a ride?
  23. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=79163 Took off the puzzle since the FTF prize are for Saturday so if you want 4 tickets to Countryfest 2003. They're sitting there for you. GA got the FTF but he left the ticket since he couldnt' use them george Wanna go for a ride?
  24. I've done a lot of geocacing by bike. Wherever I'm planning to ride that weekend I check out the area for caches and just load them up into the gps. george Wanna go for a ride?
  25. http://www.fresnobee.com/lifestyle/story/7084135p-8017153c.html george Wanna go for a ride?
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