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  1. Bug bit me? I don't know.. it was alright. I was out camping and I'm so tech dependent, playing with an old gps was the only tech interaction I had.


    I need to find a cache where I can drop a travel but.... Tag is too small for that. I still have some traveling to do this summer so I'll hit a few here and there when I'm in a new area.


    If you know of a good local one to find that will take a travel bug then I'm open for suggestions.



  2. Well, I found a few this last week along the northern coast. It'll take me a few to log them and it looks like I have to find one more.


    I picked up a bug and I have to find a good spot for it.


    It's instructions are to head east, I'll find a local one in the next few days and send it on its way.



  3. Guess what, I'm going to find a few caches this week.




    CLUNCK - Can someone help me get up from the floor?!! :D


    Welcome back George! Perhaps you'd be interested in CVC Tag!!! (seeing how it's your cache ^_^ ) Gee it's good to see old friends coming back around. :)


    I don't know if I'm "back", the wife and kids and I are going camping up the coast this week. From Bodega Bay up toward Fort Brag. So I downloaded a bunch of cache cords and since I can look up caches on my cell phone I'm going to hit a few if there are some in the area.


    I had to dust off my old GPS.. I don't even have a cable to upload the cords so I have to it all by hand. I hope I remember how to use the thing.


    I don't expect to find too many but I'll have the coast, some cords, my gps and time.


    Hell, I don't even know anyone in here any more.


    I wondered about the TAG cache..... lol. It's been a long time.


    And look, you're almost to 1000 caches.


    Well, I'm off to bed and I'll be up early to get going.



  4. Toga toga toga !!! GCB0EB


    And at NY NY, Sin City gets exciting every 2 minutes. GC8F7F


    And a drive through Red Rocks to the west of town, sure is purdy. Some caches are car close.


    Good to hear from you George and Mary.

    Caches on the strip should be fun. I hope I have net access in my room. I saved the pages on my HD.



  5. Hey, we're pretty much out of the loop geocaching wise but I'm going to Vegas for spring break. Any quick and easy caches that are located in semi interesting spots that I should look for. Near the strip or the old part of Vegas (Fremont St.)


    Nothing complicated, no long hikes, tricky is good, creative is good, touristy or historicall is very very good. I'm not sure if I could find a cache unless I tripped over it.


    Not to many, maybe 5 or 6.


    Did you take a big trip down there last year Marky?



  6. Geocaching is a rapidly evolving sport/game/hobby/obsession (take your pick). I am a bit perplexed, fascinated, and maybe saddened to see how people who were so involved have suddenly just dropped out of sight or at least become nearly inactive.

    Some people know why I cut back. But I've recently loaded the gps unit with the closest 400 caches, but my PDA died, so I don't have the descriptions. If I'm in the area of a cache. I'll give it a shot.


    I discovered geocaching a little before I found out I had throat cancer. I was very active in cycling, but the summer I went though radiation therapy, I couldn't ride much, but I could geocache. Geocaching kind of filled that empty space that not being able to bike left. After the cancer was gone, I still geocached a lot and enjoyed it, but my biking suffered.


    It was never a conscious decision to almost stop geocaching.. it kind of just happened. Some of the main factors that brought this an were,

    Renewal of my love of bikes and being involved in the local scene, loss of cache stats, drive distance to caches and personality conflicts with locals and I was probablly just a little burned out.


    I'm around. You can keep up with me at http://www.trogspace.com if you're really interested.



  7. Hey stranger! Funny to see you in this thread. :D Wow, you actually found a cache or two!? I was wondering if the nice weather would entice you to get back out there. You really should check out Watermark if you haven't yet. There are rave reviews from the finders. I need to make time to do that one. :blink:



    I'm not rushing out at the moment to find a bunch of caches. But I do have the gps loaded and if I find myself in the area I'm not disinterested in giving a cache or two a shot. It's still all about the bike at the moment, but spring break is in a couple of weeks and we're going to monterey for 4 days. You never know.


    The numbers do help get me out the door, but right now the numbers I'm interested in is my weight (getting it down) and the miles on the bike (getting them up.)



  8. It's part of the game. It's the hunt. Someone said that if it's hard to find parking they should post the coords. Well, what should we do if it's hard to find the cache itself? Do your homework, look at some maps. So you you had to give up on a few hunts.. welcome to geocaching.




    "No one goes to The Valley of the Dead. That's why it's called The Valley of the Dead."

  9. quote:
    Originally posted by Woof!:

    Originally posted by bthomas:

    Giants fans: If someone is going to PacBell Park in the next week or so, I'm holding a travel bug that has PacBell as a mission component. Just lemme know by e-mail, and he can do a scripted and well executed hand off.


    Geoevent at the ballgame?




    I too have a TB that wants to go to a giants game. I've talked to the owner who says its ok to take all the time I need to get it there, but I would obviously like to complete the goal sooner than later.


    So, if your going to the game and want to take a few pics with the little guy...lemme know.


    Happy Halloween


    "No one goes to The Valley of the Dead. That's why it's called The Valley of the Dead."

  10. Mary and I are going to SF this weekend for the big bike race, the race is Sunday so we might actually go spend some time geocaching on Saturday. I may try for Forman's Webcam at the wax museum. The hotel we're staying at has network access in the rooms and it's just down the street.




    "No one goes to The Valley of the Dead. That's why it's called The Valley of the Dead."

  11. quote:
    Originally posted by bthomas:

    There's a 4 or 5 that I did at 14,000 ft elevation... but one month before it was posted as a cache. Guess I might re-do it in a few weeks.


    Where are you caching at 14k?




    "No one goes to The Valley of the Dead. That's why it's called The Valley of the Dead."

  12. Speaking of going to Mammoth....


    I'm out in the middle of nowhere reading though back logs of a cache I just found, and who's name should I see? Bthomas.




    "No one goes to The Valley of the Dead. That's why it's called The Valley of the Dead."

  13. quote:
    Originally posted by KennyHannahJacob:

    You're limiting yourself to the bay area - think further afield. How about this cute little 5/5 cache just waiting for a FTF




    I just went for a FTF on a 5/5. I wasn't FTF, and it's not really a 5/5.




    My PQ showed it as unfound when I left for Mammoth in early Aug.




    "No one goes to The Valley of the Dead. That's why it's called The Valley of the Dead."

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