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  1. I think that any vendor who wants to do pre-sales should be credit worthy. After all, they are being given a large "loan" with no information about their past payment history. (Except for this vendor, who has done this before).
  2. I've got to get a few of these. My boyfriend and I were both born in the year of the dragon!
  3. Maybe Bryan should leave another voicemail....
  4. Those are awesome! I'm not into wrestling, but have a friend who is. I already sent him a link!
  5. Wow! I knew I was blessed when I got a gold when these started arriving in the mail. I just loved it! Checked my mail today and I got another envelope to me, from me...this time it contained a silver one! Thank you so much Mystery Giver! You rock!
  6. I have to say, that was all AtlantaGal. I was prepared to bail her out of jail! LOL She was also instrumental in getting me a coin that was on my coin bucket list...a Moun10Bike! She really has a heart of gold!
  7. For those finishing now, and want a coin to commemorate the accomplishment, Landsharkz has recently minted a coin for this. 81 Grid Champion Coin While I am proud to have the original, this coin should help those finishing now have something to commemorate the challenge.
  8. I made that trip in October. Some of the caches that I enjoyed were: Ambush in Gibbsland (GC11H0Z) - This is the location where Bonnie and Clyde met their end. It is a little off the beaten path, but well worth it. Also, there is an Ambush Museum in Gibbsland. If you are there during museum hours, it is well worth the stop. The cache outside the museum is GC11G32. Also, in Meridian, MS there is a virt called "The Last Camp of the Gypsy King" (GC91AE) that I enjoyed. Also in Meridian, they have a gorgeous carousel. There is a cache right outside the building that houses it: GC1CD71 On the way back, you might qualify for this challenge: GC32MNB - You need to have 10 states. It is really a good cache in a scenic area. Happy Travels! And if you are caching while in Arlington, River Legacy Park is a wonderful place to cache.
  9. Thank you Mystery Sender! I got one today too, and I'm just so happy! This coin is just one of the cutest coins, and I love the quirky sense of humor behind it!
  10. When considering buying a pre-sale, I generally look at what the seller has done in the past, and with this coin to decide if I'm willing to take the risk. Here is my pre-sale criteria: 1. Seller's reputation. Have they done pre-sales before? Where there problems? Generally, if the answer to the last question is yes, I will wait until the coin is in stock to buy it, if it is one I have to have. 2. Is the seller showing you art work, mint art or samples? If the seller is only showing you their art work, they might not have even contacted a minting company yet. If they are showing you mint art, then they at least have that and and cost estimate. If they have samples then they have made at least a $200 investment in the project. Generally, if they aren't showing me samples, they have nothing invested in the coin. 3. Do they give you an expected date of shipment? I know problems can arise, but they really should have some idea when the coins will ship. n They should also give you a revised ship date when problems arise. 4. Do they sell in the forum and then disappear? I know many vendors have email lists, but if they are going to sell here, they should also update here. These coin may well be on their way from China, but every time there has been a pre-sale issue, it has started like this. They always start with mint delays. Then people have a hard time contacting the vendor. At least Jim has in the past lived up to his commitment, but last time it was about 6 months, and much drama. I wish him the best of luck, but since this coin didn't fit any of my above criteria, I didn't buy it. You are right about "taint" on coins. I don't own a tranquility coins, and wouldn't have one if it was given to me. Every time I see one, I just roll my eyes.
  11. The last time I had a cache questioned by the reviewer (about 2 weeks ago), he disabled it (it was not published), and I had to re-enable it by checking the the "Enable Cache Listing" box on the edit page. It was approved shortly after that. I'm not sure if I had to do that, but it did get approved.
  12. And they are beautiful. We also picked a couple up at GCF!
  13. I would possibly support a .2 mile, but not a mile. The reason is because of the Trail to Insanity caches in Denton, TX. This is a great trail along an arm of the Trinity River with some of the best caches in the area. If interested, you can see for yourselft. They are hidden by OMR419. I did those last weekend, and they were awesome!!! I don't want to see an increase in distance, but mainly because if someone hides a micro in the parking lot of a park, then I would have to go further to hide a real, regular sized cache. And I don't want to see the distance decreased either. I think it is just fine the way it is!
  14. I love the coin, and would love to have one. It is so cute! But if I was going to do an event in my area, it would be to commemorate finding a cache on that day. I would probably have many people at the event who haven't filled their calendar yet. So that coin really wouldn't fit.
  15. The pre-sale happened August 6th. I did not know at the time he didn't even have an approved blueprint from the mint when he took the money. I believe the deadline has passed for a refund from paypal. Isn't it 45 days (?) and we are almost at 90. I like Jim, but I would never give money to someone with his history.
  16. I found #79 in with my coins! I love it!!!
  17. All actions have consequences. While you don't want to discuss log quality, your suggestion would greatly impact log quality. If I am in a foreign country, and required to log in a language that I don't understand, you will get "TFTC" from me. I will not be telling you that your log needs replacement, or that the container is cracked, or even the fun story of my find because I don't know how to. If I only found one cache, it might not be a problem, but I have probably found at minimum 20 a day. Odds are that only a few will be yours. So why don't you translate the one or two logs you get, instead of asking me to translate all the logs I'm going to do while I'm on my vacation? I am a cache owner too. I read the logs on my caches. Quite frankly, if I got a log in a foreign language, I would just translate it. Try to understand it the best I could and move on. I don't think my caching license will be revoked if I miss a detail in a log. In the six years I've been caching the only logs I've ever had to delete where DNFs logged as find, and duplicate finds. And in either case, the world would not have stopped turning if I misunderstood those logs and left them there.
  18. I can't believe this idea has any support at all. I'm American, and I get logs from fellow Americans, that I don't understand. This idea is only going to promote blank logs or C&P logs. If I was caching in a foreign country and I was told that I had to log in that language, (I know, my language would be acceptable) you would not get much info from me beyond a simple "Thank You".
  19. Hedge Hopper and I are leaving for the event tomorrow. We each have personal coins for trading! See ya'll there!
  20. When I started caching six years ago, I didn't take up this hobby to find boxes in the woods (or bison tubes in cedar trees!) I started caching so it could take me to cool new places. Places I wouldn't have known about without a cache to lead me there. There are so many of these places that just won't support a container. National parks are just one example. To me, caching isn't about the container, it is about the location. I'm so happy that I can finally show off some neat locations that I've been unable to hide a container at. I am also looking forward to looking up challenges to find new places and new experiences! Thank you Groundspeak!
  21. Hedge Hopper and I received ours in the mails today. I believe we got #2 & #3? They are gorgeous! I think these are the best yet!
  22. I would still love to get some for myself!
  23. Thanks Nikos, I understand the concept, but to be honest... I haven't been keeping up with the forum, so I don't know whats been done anymore. The 3D photo thing was designed for cards. I know someone did a mood thing.. think it was HWS or CA. I put ASIA and OCEANIA on the front because the Americas were on the first. I had already discussed (to my BFF) doing Europe and Africa on Tranq III. ~J They used a hologram on the GW coin from CA. Quite frankly, I hated that. I thought it looked like something you would get out of a Cracker Jack box.
  24. I just think that after all the years Jim announced this one in order to offend Paula (the original designer of the Tranquility Geocoin) the final outcome is quite a disappointment. That's just my opinion and not an attack. Your opinion that you don't like the coin is not an attack, it is your opinion. Telling him that he has no talent is personal, and kinda mean.
  25. I didn't think personal attacks like this were allowed?
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