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  1. I had some contact with them recently, via groudspeak emailing, regarding my "blooming" embarassing DNF. I see they last logged in 27th January, but they were responding to email before that. They did send me a friend request which I accepted, would this help regarding contacting them? I have no idea what 'functionality' a Groundspeak friend adds, could you maybe shed some light on this?

    Slightly off topic, check the western cape geocachers FB page regarding a floating target for your potato cannon :ph34r:

  2. Thanks for taking this on Capedoc, you're a brave man indeed. TMNP can be quite irrational at times and will flex their bureaucratic muscles when given the opportunity. "Wealthy" seems to have hit a few nerves :-) so perhaps change that to educated. I think you have covered all the important aspects but I would stress the CITO more i.e. we are actually beneficial to TMNP as we pick up some of the litter left behind by the cretins.

    Let me know if I can help you with this in any way.

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