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  1. Yes, I agree. Look at the logs to make sure the TB is not MIA. We went to a cache last week and not only was the YJTB gone, the entire container was missing. We logged a DNF and sure enough, the owner checked on the cache and it was MIA. If you happen to find a WJTB and put it in a local cache, it doesn't mean a local cacher will find it. Many people drive several miles to find one....including me
  2. We placed a WJTB in an area Aug. 28, and nobody has picked it up. There are now two WJTBs in this area. Sometimes you have to drive out of your way find one. We would go get the other one, but have already been to this cache and want to give others a chance to find it. Keep looking, they are out there.
  3. We had a TB called Quaterback sneak, the mascot survived but the tags disappeared in the first cache we placed it in. Nobody had logged in the cache since us. It makes me mad but like everyone says once you put it in a cache expect to never see it again.
  4. I would like to buy one or trade one of my personal coins for one.
  5. I should have my personal coin by the end of September or first of Oct. It is in production now. I would love to trade.
  6. I bought a Palm Zire 31 which is much cheaper than the Tungsten. It cost about $130 at the Palm One Store on-line. It came with free stuff like a memory card and headphones because it can also be used as an mp3 player. It is probably overkill, but I like it. I downloaded free versions of spinner and plucker for geocaching and so far I have had no problems, but since I'm new at this others may have better ideas.
  7. It looks like it might have worked.
  8. I agree with you there, but the note that caught my attention was for this TB. Jeep TB
  9. Has anyone been in touch with the TB police? Since we were watching a jeep that they posted a note for we received an e-mail. Check it out. What do you think? Profile for TB Police
  10. We love football!! Our favorite NFL team is the Tennessee Titans. Go Titans!!! We go to a few games a season, but I don't know which ones for this year yet. We just released a TB who's goal was to go to anyplace that had anything to do with football. I can't wait until the regular season starts.
  11. Ordered two and sent payment through paypal. Finally found that paypal link. Nice coin!!
  12. Perfection!! I received my two coins yesterday in the mail. They are truly outstanding. Makes me wish I had spent the extra dough on ours. Thanks for this re"marc"able coin, Silvermarc.
  13. Almost everyone has seen people FISHING!!!! Why would a biohazard waste and sewage dump be such a popular fishing place. I'm not sure I believe everything, but it sure as heck was an entertaining piece of reading. I laughed my head off. TFTL (Thanks for the Logs)!!
  14. I am in the process of making a geocoin and would love to trade for yours, don't have the "official design" yet. If things go as planned it should be done by the end of September.
  15. Would love to have 2 bronze, 2 silver please.
  16. Received our coins today!! They are awesome. That was some super fast shipping Sissy!! Thank you so much for your hard work!!
  17. Amen! We were being sarcastic in our last post. That is the point we are trying to get across.
  18. Don't worry, they'll surface at the next event.
  19. That is an awesome idea! I think this would make it easier for everyone, not just new cachers!!
  20. The kentuckygirls will take two. Will pay thru paypal. Nice coin! We have just started work on ours and can't wait to get it.
  21. I paid through paypal and responded thru e-mail. Thanks for all your hard work!!
  22. We would take two!! Doesn't matter if its trackable or not.
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