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  1. I was wondering what the oldest cache in the Geocaching books is-thats still up and running.
  2. I got mine at GPSdiscount.com and paid $347.00 when they first came out...that's a GREAT site....totally happy with the service.
  3. I totally agree also.. I've been a cacher for 3 years this Feb. and I'm about to hit 1000 finds, 100 hidden and 100 TB's found and I love it the same as my first hide and find...I still rember the first cache I found and what I traded for.
  4. HELLO!!!!Oklahoma City....I'm GeoVamp and most of our cache team are coming your way for the weekend for some caching, shopping and just sometime away.The name of our team is the TigerBat Cache Team and 6 of our 7 members will be coming for a visit: Msdark, MissQuilty, Texas Tiger, Dragon Slayer, MuffinMan and GeoVamp. If any of you would like to meet and have dinner with us..PLEASE email me and send you my cell and we will work it out.
  5. This boots are my favorite I feel real safe in them and totally water proof and feel real good. Each to his or her own. RedHead® 16" Ultra Snake Boots for Men
  6. Well after 786 finds and 80 or so hids I"m a Noob...some I like better than most...but I still love caching....!
  7. I had the same result myself with the same problem...Garmin ROCKS!!!!
  8. I got a neck strap that belongs to a Rhino and it came with a new knob..plus the neck strap is real made well also and it work like it was made for the 60c....PLUS this if you use Locktite you will never be able to un screw the knob and if it breaks thats bad.
  9. I got mine a month ago and I paid $429.37 from GPS Discount, I paid for the GPS and a car mount and $25.00 FEDEX next day and I got a free T-shirt all for $429.37.......this GPS is wellllll worth it LOVE IT>>>LOVE IT
  10. I paid the $25.00 fee for next day FedEX I ordered it at 1:00pm and FedEx showed at 8:30am.....the email FedEx sentsaid "BETWEEN 6:30 and 10:30" I got up at 6:30 and waited. NOW that's service!!!!
  11. I have a Ledgend that I have had for 2 years and it always did me well.Over the last 6 months the glue that holds on the button strip slowly leaked out. When I got my GPS MAPS 60c I sent it into Garmin and as far as I can tell it's total new unit but it's not mine. Everything is fixed and there are no marks on the front so cooollll. Garmin has the best service I have ever see, the world would be a great place if all service was this good.
  12. I'm with Cruzin my first was a Legend also and I got a GPSMAP 60c but my Legend is my first love. I'll a devoted Garmin fan and will always be so.
  13. OH!!!!and the Goecaching mode is the BOMB!!!!!step back I'm too happy about this GPSR you might get sticky
  14. I got my GPS MAPS 60c on Feb,6th and I have used it alot and I must say I love it way more than I should. I act like it's a kid of mine and I show it off as often as I can. Do any of you feel the same or do I need help.....
  15. Running a little behind on my up dates but there aldone 50 came in over te holidays and I also got a new grand bady to play with sorry about the back up. Also I voided a entry from a cacher in New Jersey if you don't see your name please re-send it...18 month grandson hit the ESC key
  16. THanks for all the new logs I have been gone for the Holidays will up date ASAP
  17. If any of you would like to add to..I have a web site with this info listed by state/city. I would to see it really bust out. I love to read where your names come from, so look it up and get on THE LIST The is updated in the morning and night, post willn't show up right away~sorry
  18. I update my site in the morning and at night so you won't see it right away so put me in your favorites and visit when you can...so far I'v posted : 22 states and 43 cities and a city in England...so keep'em coming
  19. sorry I had 31 replies to deal with I'm supried I didn't make anymore mistakes....THANKS for the heads up ...will repair
  20. Updated site sorry about delay server was down, I hope for no more delays....THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE REPLYS....keep them coming
  21. I have been working on this addition to my web site GeoVamp.com it's a data base where I collect info on : what state and city my fellow cachers live in and where you'll got your caching name and why you love caching. It all for fun and I did it for fun~ I really enjoy the way other cachers come up with there names. So please feel free to send me your info and read about others...PLEASE HELP ME GET THIS UP AND GOING. Thanks GeoVamp from Irving , Texas The Cache Box...Put your name on the List
  22. There are so many cache here in Dallas that are great,but the cache you shouldn't miss is my monthly breakfast I throw for you crazy cachers. This month it's in Irving. We would love to meet you. "Fun is Fun, Done is Done"-Stephen King
  23. I would like to see all of the parks made in to caches, there are so many there is no way for me to do them myself,I have a web site in the making to honor these parks,so please help "Fun is Fun, Done is Done"-Stephen King
  24. I have 2 virtual caches one in New Orleans and in Dallas they are based around the Richard & Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Parks,there are 16 more of these parks nation wide. I get a lot of really great and also sad e-mails for these caches, from cachers who have been touched by cancer in there lives. I belive that the rest of the parks need to be made in to caches to help get the word out. This is a noble thing we can do with our hobbie, agood use for a GPSR. Below are the links to my to caches and the home page of the Richard & Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Park. Richard & Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Park Survivors Park: Dallas Survivors Park:New Orleans "Fun is Fun, Done is Done"-Stephen King
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