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  1. grodan, I wish I had some Earth Turtles left It's been almost a year since those went up for sale, I'm sorry. I will send you a list of everything I have tonight and maybe you can find something you like I do believe the new version of Earth Turtles will be peeking their heads out in April some time Thanks for your offer grodan.... tsun Do so, I´m sure I´ll find something nice to trade for. What finish would you like on the Moose 1, 2 or 3? grodan from Sweden
  2. and the new Swedish Moose Geocoin if anyone is willing to trade with me smile.gif I´ll be glad to trade a Moosecoin with you, tsunrisebey! What could match that? A green earth turtle maybe? No you say what you are willing to trade it for. grodan
  3. Today I got my Sunshine Mission. A nice yellow envelope contenting an Airborne Chapter MAGC Geocoin and a Cream Pie GeoJellie!!! Many thanks for the beautiful coins. I don´t know how to upload pictures here, but I will put pictures in my gallery. grodan
  4. Hello! Could trades be done with a GeoJellie for another coin or is it more common to trade Jellies for Jellies? I´m also wondering if you coincollectors/traders out there are interested in trade coins for a personal owndesigned coin? Or if you think those are to boring with another cacheteams name on it? Dumb questions maybe but I´m all new to both this cointhing and this forum so I`m just curious. grodan from grodan & fiabus, Sweden
  5. 1. Participating - Yes 2. Received Name - Yes 3. Mission Complete - Yes! 4. Mission Arrived! - YES Thank you very much Bluecherry for bringing sunshine to me. It came in the mail today. A Airborne Chapter MAGC Geocoin and a Cream Pie GeoJellie!!! Many thanks for the beautiful coins. I don´t know how to upload pictures here, but I will put pictures in my gallery. grodan
  6. Froggie, we're just going to have to get together one day! Our baby is 2 on May 23 and Hanna turned 8 this past December . I need an excuse to get down to your part of the country one day. As soon as the finances ease some, we're going to have to get down there! Naomi You are so welcome. We even have our own cache right outside our window so you might aswell get some caching done. If there is any time left after discovering our coins, don´t you dare come all the way here without the collection. Just kidding, you are welcome anyway. grodan
  7. If you need more names maybe you could add our children. Johanna and Simon. She is 5 and he is 1 (26/3) They don´t have own cachenames but Simon was 11 days when he took his first cache and 18 days when he attended his first event. We have a lot fun caching. grodan
  8. I want to spoil them. All those beautiful coins out there ought to be worth it. Hopefully I´ll get my Sunshine soon too. grodan
  9. Glad to hear that you liked it! Since this was my first mission I was a bit curious if it even should make it "over there" but it did and I´m happy for that. Sunshine and hugs to you! grodan
  10. I keep finding coins i desire. One of those Do unto others-coins would be a nice coin for me. And one of those shaped as a coffecup, and the dorkfish seahorses and aquariums coin, and actually all coins shaped as animals are of interest for me. Or shaped as food or beverages. Hmm, I guess I like most coins. grodan new to this cointrading thing
  11. Fun idea, sign me up. I can release them in Gothenburg, westcoast of Sweden. grodan & fiabus is our username even if i post here as grodan
  12. Thanks to Toojin & Bart for helping me upload a picture of our cat with a TB. grodan
  13. That will do just fine, email has been sent. Thank you again. grodan
  14. I have desided to collect animalcoins and food/beverage coins. Either if they are shaped as animals or food or if its in the picture. I would love to have one of those Forest Preservescoin shaped as jamjars. And a koalacoin, how cute! And a rainforest jewel. And a lot of others that I dont know of yet. Of course any coins will fit in my collection but I will only buy from those categories. grodan that is Swedish for frog
  15. Email sent - Yes Name Received - Yes Mission Completed - Yes Mission arrived - waiting My mission is going overseas so it may take a while to get there. grodan
  16. Email sent - Yes Name Received - Yes Mission Completed - All packed up and laying at my door to be mailed tuesday. Mission arrived - not yet My mission is going overseas so it may take a while to get there. grodan
  17. 1. Participating -yes 2. Received Name -yes, have to do some research 3. Mission Sent - as soon as I get hold of a card beautiful enough, hopefully monday 4. Arrived Looking forward to receive a beautiful coin full of sunshine. I have just started to collect these thingies and had to narrow it down a bit. I only buy coins with animals or food/beverages related coins or icons, but any coin will surely fit into my collection. Just that I can´t afford to buy all the ones that I want. Hopefully my sunshinecard/coin/letter will lighten up someones day. As I said before, I´m new to this so I hope the card and its content will be ok. grodan
  18. Thanks Naomi! for bringing me into this world of sunshine. I´ve received an adress and have choosed a coin. Will have to buy a card though since I wasn´t happy enough with the ones I had at home . There were not enough sunshine on them. This is all new to me so I hope I can get it right. And I´ll be waiting for the mail. grodan from Sweden
  19. Hi! There should be warning about getting into this cointhing. Warning about caching aswell, totally addicted, but again, there are worse things to get hooked on. It´s amazeing how many beautiful coins and icons there are! Hopefully you can understand my reading, it was many years since school so I may aswell ask to be excused right away for any bad spellings. We do have a cat, I don´t know how to link to a picture but there are pictures of her in our gallery. grodan
  20. Hello from Sweden. What beautiful coins. How to get one or two or more? I like cats and we have one at home. grodan from grodan & fiabus Sweden
  21. I have sent them an email. Now I´ll just have to wait. grodan & fiabus
  22. I´ve been in contact with the cacheowner and he was kind enough to check the loggbook for me, thats where I got the name. grodan & fiabus
  23. Hello! We are in search of our TB Green Ghost, TBKATC, he was last seen in I-76 Travel Bug Hotel. There is a log that cache buddies has picked him up but we can´t find them on GC.com. Would you please help us find him again. If you have any information about the TB feel free to send us a mail. grodan & fiabus grodanfiabus@hotmail.com
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