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  1. To end this statistic pushing stuff it might be a good idea to finally introduce a "boost my statistics"-button. Press it once, and your profile shows 1,000,000 logs more than before from now on (for caches and for trackables...) - then the boosters are happy, because they can log all challenge caches that require stuff. And everyone else is happy, because you can see who did that. Finally the game would be back to what it really is about: getting outside, having fun.
  2. I actually worked hard for one of those - it was very hot (>100°F) that day in 2009 (hot for this location and for me - being used to more temperate zone climate. In Nevada you would probably laugh). And we drove to the first cache plaque that day as well.
  3. Sorry, I don't have a bridge, but I do have trees. More hints? Think more PNW, but not WA.
  4. Yes, please. +1 Coin from 2009 Edit: and nevadanick discoverd one of them "at the 12-12-12 event in Palm Desert, Calif."
  5. If you need hints, let me know.
  6. This is what I found in an older post and I believe is true as well:
  7. I only have one trackable with an uploaded picture. When I go to its page (logged in), there is the section "Gallery Images related to...". Below there is the name of my image and an "Edit" link right next to it. Clicking it (the Edit, not the picture's name) I get to a page where I have a red trash with "Delete Image" next to it. I won't try it, because I want the picture to stay - that's why I can't tell you what happens. But it looks like I can really delete it from the gallery. Did I miss this as a recommendation for this problem? Tell me if it works.
  8. My 5 cents as a non-collector (I do have some coins, but just those that I relate to in any way): I recently read a lot of old stuff in this forum. In the "old ages" (like before 2007) most people made just their own personal geocoin - they designed stuff that was special for them and/or showed what they are about as a geocacher. It also worked for location based and event coins, and the coin clubs tried to create coins about geocaching - people identify with all this. Like in late 2006/2007 some people started making coins that weren't personal anymore, but they were kind of commercial. Designs got more and more exorbitant and a lot of coins came in more than 4 varieties (of metals/colors). Coin collectors started complaining about more and more coins that even didn't have anything to do with geocaching anymore. People didn't want to spend more than $10 for a coin that was produced in too big quantities. The collecting value of a lot of coins went down, because there were just too many of them. This was the start of basically everyone stopping to try to own every coin, because they had to select for monetary reason - and a lot of people decided to stick to personal coins and to avoid pricy, mediocre designed and dull (= topic failing to relate). At the same time they still have a long wish list of good quality coins they really want to have... (my guess is that by 2008 there were more than 1500 different produced coin designs in existence with an average of 2-3 editions each - and that's about a quarter of what we have today - it's hard to think of anything that nobody thought of before). To make a long story short: The geocoin community here doesn't seem to like coins that are made for a mass market as the main purpose. The mass market (people who buy coins for relatives as a Christmas gift and don't know what they buy...) doesn't usually happen here. This seems to be your problem: You don't want to make your own personal coin - if you did, you'd know what it would be about. So you want to make a coin for others. And the question is: Why? (of course everbody thinks about how to make the coin attractive for others, because you want people to like them. But that's step 2 - the question of how to design it)
  9. I put the coin in front of me to be able to make it as bad as it is: It's the side with the tracking code (not shown, of course), the other side you would probably consider the front, but it shows a blossom with 8 leaves, and I thought that would not be distinctive enough.
  10. Walpurgis event 2006 or/and 2007 ? Edit: might be 2014 and 2015 as well...
  11. Link: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1347376 1) Versions the owner of that coin says 3 trackable editions (see OP of this thread), and a non-trackable Black Nickel exist. 2) Spelling I don't speak Dutch, but these are my observations: The trackables seem to say "Gele Bussie" - where the 'i' could have been meant as a 'j', as it procedes a spec lower then the other letters (or is this my imagination?). And it has a double-'s'. The sample pictures in this thread (copper and BN) only have one 's' and an obvious 'j'. I guess this is the correct spelling (http://www.woxikon.de/dut/busje.php) - that means, the coin and the Groundspeak name are both wrong. So the question is what names a coin: is it what the coin says - or what the correct spelling is? Problem: There are two spellings on different coins. Solution, because I would go (sadly) for the spelling on the coin: the non-trackable (sample) coins are named "Het Gele Busje". The trackable coins are named "Het Gele Bussie" (or "Het Gele Busje Spelling Error Coin"?) 3) Maybe 2) is exactly what pingo wanted to say. But E&Cplus3 wasn't wrong at all saying "looks like..." - nobody said "looks the same..."
  12. I just searched the internet for this coin, and google gave me this thread with your question, and this: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=111486&view=findpost&p=3500501 Additionally, at the not always accurate thread http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=216048&view=findpost&p=3857450 I found this: Listing a total of 9 different versions you can find here: http://www.geocaching.com/track/search.aspx?tx=561a93b3-be90-4699-a13c-ebc6da36e9e4&o=1&uid=ffc45a03-5718-45e5-8104-297081eb084b - but no pictures.
  13. Wouldn't hurt to ask the guys at Groundspeak whether they can do it for you. As a member without an office at headquarters: no.
  14. I think Pup Patrol was referencing the other trackable you left behind, not the one you can't identify. oh gotcha, yeah I didn't write down the tracking number on that one, so I can't discover it, but i did email the owner, and just let them know that it's still in there. You don't need to mail the owner. You can just write a note at the trackable's page. For a note you don't need the code. About the coin: does it say trackable or not? Sometimes there are sample coins in caches that say "trackable" on them, but the code is bogus, either XXXXXX or something like 003873 (that seems to be kind of a identification number at the mint used for samples). Some say SHARKZ for landsharkz and so on. But then it's not a real code. Another otion is that the code has a spelling mistake... If you upload a picture, maybe someone can identify the coin.
  15. I guess people wanted to know (2.5 years ago) why you started this thread then. Both? If my research is correct, there were one trackable RE in Antique Bronze and two non-trackable limited editions in silver and gold, Source. The mentioned forum contests took place in this thread Pictures of both sides were posted in this forum here
  16. could be one of these: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=6175395 the icon matches. (7743.gif) There is another entry in the (not)"All Geocoins" list at geocaching.com named "NC 150 Civil War GeoTrail Geocoin" (7744.gif), but I couldn't find any activated coins for this better match of the coin's name. And I found this recent event: http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5EDK5_echoes-of-the-last-battle-nc-150-coin-event, hosted by Tatortott. But $20 for 100 coins looks like a good deal.
  17. I think the oldest Earthcache related Coin is the one from the Definitve Geocoin Series.
  18. I won't bid, because I can't afford to pay you an honest offer. And I don't dare to be the one with the highest ridiculous offer. A lot of nice coins you have in your list. Maybe people are interested in this additional information: - are those 5 copper coins of yours trackable or not? - and if so, what icon they have? Assuming you got 250 tracking codes as most people did, that's 150+50+50. What about those 5 then? - which of the 7 existing metals are the two trainset coins? All of those were numbered I think and sold mostly (at least the LE) as complete sets. If they have the same #, what happened to the other two...?)
  19. as long as it doesn't say "trackable at geocaching.com" on it, it's usually not trackable there (but exceptions occur).
  20. 50% of those coins with pictures show the same one... my guess is still three versions as noted in my previous post: 1) silver soft enamel in #9 you can clearly see the black soft enamel in the ring of the revers (sign side). 2) gold hard enamel as stated 3) silver hard enamel in #323 and in #165 I can't see soft enamel in the ring. Looks like (imitation) hard enamel. Same difference in enamel at chrisgun's two pictures of the fronts at cointracking.com... I just checked again. Please check the enamel in the inner of the horse. And chrisgun uses the term "AE" - so I think this third version does exist (because the difference in the pictures). There are only very few of them, or they are not trackable. But why those pitcures #323 an #165 then?
  21. Ok, some information I could find: Most detailed descriptive information seems to be here: http://coord.info/TB247XY. "The Rt 66 series was created by 9key." -> so you may email 9key to get answers. "There are 55 error gold coins where the background of the reverse is in an orangish color." -> I can't confirm the number 55. http://coord.info/TB247T9 : says "This is a set of two coins, the first (orange background) was a LE in that it was an incorrect color. The second coin (gold background) is the version that was released for traveling. These coins have the same tracking number....2 for the price of 1! " -> same tracking code as you suggested. And then I found this picture here: http://coord.info/TB247RT -> is that the mint error or a too bright picture of the gold? About a possible AE: Here you can find three activated coins with pictures: (1) http://coord.info/TB247MH (antique silver) (2) http://coord.info/TB247WR (gold) (3) http://coord.info/TB247YW (antique silver) -> HG as a prefix means probably that hogwildstuff minted them. Sadly, they are out of business today and they left hardly any online information behind. but my main point about those pictures is this: The TB-numbers of those three coins are ascending, usually (after 2006) same editions have consecutive TB-codes. If you can detect a difference between the silver coin (1) and the other silver (3), let me know. The gold coins like (2) have numbers between the other two - maybe that means those silver ones are different versions. But any comparison is useless if these pictures don't show the actual coins but are reposted from somewhere else. Maybe the second coin is gold and just has the wrong picture of a silver one. At last: chrisgun at cointracking.com posted these pictures: http://cointracking.com/photos/chrisgun_trade_txs_rt66_ae_Front100.jpg (named "AE" -> looks like hard enamel) http://cointracking.com/photos/chrisgun_trade_texas_rt66_slv1_Front100.jpg (appears to be soft enamel) The gold ones look like hard enamel. Please let us know if you can find any more answers.
  22. does for you "as a reward" equal "for free" ? I guess some events take place at historical sites and offer event coins (showing the site) for free that you often only can purchase there as a reward for visiting.
  23. I wonder about the results to this question. Did you contact the minter as suggested? But I'm a little bit confused and curious about your explanations: It appears, that on 2014-03-01 (three days before this thread opened) you discovered a coin named Cachosphere Geocoin (black) - but you didn't mention it here as a version, neither in your "aware" list nor in your "indication" list. I don't understand this. Since you saw this "black" version: Does "black" refer to black nickel or to black enamel on gold? cointracking.com lists a LE Black Nickel, the picture shows yellow enamel. It appears that you also discovered a V2 coin named "Cachosphere Geocoin (bronze)" (owned by the same person as the black one). But the V2 coin is advertized by geocoinstore as being Satin Gold. If it is bronze instead of satin gold, you knew about yet another version already, but didn't mention it either. Next to that I got the impression from pictures (google search) that there are two shades of gold on the blue enamel V2 coins. Maybe a remint with slightly different metal processing? And I saw somewhere else an image of black enamel on gold, but it might have been just a darkish picture of a V2 coin. I didn't find any hints referring to other editions. What were your indications? But maybe you already have answers to share. Thanks.
  24. I was just starting thinking.... there already is an adoption option - could be inherited. I'd prefer a gc.com-feature, if I don't have to delete tons of identical mails that way. Plus: external tools may collect your entered codes and don't prevent you from logging wrong ones (of course, can only happen if a coin owner enters a wrong code into that external site) I don't see the good in this feature - because it's so easy to produce big amounts of virtual logs (including wrong ones because of typos/guesses). Should be removed by project-gc as soon as there's an easier way to log an owner's collection to prevent misuse that is obviously happening a lot.
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