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  1. I've got permission to place two caches in a local woodland! There aren't any caches in the woodland yet.


    I don't have the two sites decided yet, so just want some tips on choosing the sites.


    The woodlands were championed by a local man who campaigned for disabled access, so the site has beautiful wheelchair suitable paths and frequent benches. I'd like to make one cache very accessible - I'm thinking waist height, not far off the path. Is this a good idea?


    For the other one, I'm thinking usual hiding hole in a tree, further off the path, with the aim of a more hidden hide.


    Does that sound okay, or should I be aiming for something else?


    I'm in the UK if that is relevant :-)

  2. Fewer people are likely to visit a cache that appears to be in need of maintenance.


    The "NM" attribute often indicates that a cache might be missing, the log is full or missing, or the cache is a mess. Some people who dislike NM caches will read the logs, see that all is well, and search for it. Others won't read the logs or will perform a Pocket Query search that filters out NM caches.

  3. I have noticed that some caches have the "needs maintenance" attribute still listed on the cache page. I know that after repairing the cache the owner needs to submit an owners maintenance log to remove the attribute from the cache page. My question is why. What will happen (or not happen) if the owner doesn't complete the owners log and the attribute stays on the page?



  4. Any way to create a list on Geocaching.com of Travel bugs and Coins without having the site e-mail you every time one shows some activity? I would like to keep track of some of the ones I have moved along but I find myself deleting e-mails almost every day.



  5. Ok, I got it figured out. After you get the pocket query and unzip it, you have to put the GPX files in the GPX folder that is in the GARMIN folder on the gps. Sure would be nice if Garmin actually took the time to tell people that nice little tidbit.

  6. I have found a few caches that I have logged as found but for some reason it doesn't show up on google maps as found (smiley face) As I find more and more caches it is getting harder and harder to keep track of all of them. Any suggestions?

  7. I visited a cache today and swapped out some items. When I returned home I noticed that I took a card (about the size of a business card) which has a cache number and date. Is this something important?

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