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  1. I would Email the ones that logged the find, asking them if they truly meant to log a "found it" Give them the opportunity to change it since it's obvious the cache is not there. If they fail to reply or change it I'd delete the find for them.



    Does it annoy anyone else when you a cache is clearly gone and you log a DNF and then subsequent cachers admit they didn't find it but claim a find anyway? Am I missing something here? I thought you had to actually find it and sign the log to claim a find.

    This is an example:

    An example

  2. 13+ years (and counting) with the USAF here.


    I've been a F-15 Avionics Tech for years, but I transferred over to the F-22A a few years back.


    I'm currently at Langley AFB in Virginia.. Been stationed in Colorado and the UK as well.

  3. I have a request. Not too sure how this one would fly but here goes.... I know that I go caching often enough to run across a cache that needs mainenance that does not belong to me. I often carry an array of replacement bits n pieces that I happily give up to repair the cache with. When I get home to log my find, I sometimes notice that the cache has the "Needs Maintenance" attribute tagged to it. Is there a way for someone, whom does not own the cache to be able to clear it? If not, can that be a new feature?





  4. First off, Sorry if this is a repeated topic. I looked and could not finde anything close.


    Now on to the question:

    Is there a way that a cache owner to look and see who is "watching" their caches ot Travel Bugs? I have a few and would sometimes like to know who else has their eyes on them. The same thing goes form my TB's


    Hope someone can answer this one. Thanks!

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