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  1. And what is it if it happens like 100 times?! Annoying, I'd say... Anyway, glad to see it's not just me... and btw, happy 2012 everyone!
  2. Depending on the date, I'd definitely consider attending! Last time I've been to Ireland was before I started geocaching, and checking the map nowadays I get a glimpse of what I missed out on, so I'd say the country itself, the chance to go caching and the chance of attending an event on the Emerald Isle would be three very good reasons to go back to Ireland! Especially since I haven't been to County Cork yet! Greetings from Germany! ~*SisqoKid*~
  3. Yep, I did... I think I went out to find three or four caches before I bought my own GPS unit, but all of those were at places I knew, so with that knowledge and the help of Google maps it wasn't too difficult finding them. Haven't done it this way anymore since I got my GPS though. ~*SisqoKid*~
  4. *LOL* Let's just hope he didn't hit it when he was relieving himself...
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